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This is a listing of informal groups you can be involved with or just log on to ask a question. There are lots of people out there with a wide variety of experience who can help you out. Obviously they are not going to do your work for you, but if they happen to know or have something then you will be in luck.

If you join one of the groups be sure to check the 'mail mode' - you can usually choose from a variety including you receiving every single email anyone on the group sends and some form of digest where all the emails arrive lumped together by the server.

Polgen Chat: To all who are interested in Polish Genealogy, (and want to try something a bit different to the usual E-mail, Newsgroups and WWW), you are invited to join the IRC Chat sessions at 10:00pm GMT every Saturday on RootsWeb!

Lublin (Lubelskie) Province Surname Queries Board: Here you can list the surnames you are interested in and exchange comments with other people.

Surname Helper: Searches all the GenConnect surname boards.

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Poland Border Surnames: A group where you can ask any genealogy related questions, especially if your family tree has roots in neighbouring countries. So far this is the least bigoted group I have come across.

Poland Roots: Another group dealing with genealogy


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