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Kodeń (Koden) Gmina Page

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4A10. Kodeń (Koden)

The Gmina of Koden
The gmina has a population of 4700 and covers an area of 150 The gmina is located on the western side of the Bug River, which meanders through a wide valley with gently sloping sides. The gmina has a mixture of arable land, meadows and quite a lot of forestation. There are about 860 farms, each with an average area of 8.1ha. During Communist times State farms held over 4000ha, this land is still owned by the government and all but 800ha is rented out.
GMINA OFFICE: Urzad Gmina, ul. Maja 20, 21-509 Koden, woj. Lubelskie. Tel: (+48 83) 375 41 55
RIVERS: Bug, Kałamanka (Kalamanka), Grabar, Czapelka

A village on minor highway 816 in an area of slightly undulating open land, a mixture of arable and meadows. To the west there are some woods, at a distance of about 500m.
Dobromyśl (Dobromysl)
A scattering of farmsteads on slightly undulating land that is a mixture of arable and woods. Some east flowing streams cut through the settlement area.
Elżbiecin (Elzbiecin)
A scattering of farmsteads across the slightly undulating open arable land to the west of Koden. Part of the land is wooded.
Kąty (Katy)
A small village with a very small grid of roads (forming a rectangle) in an area of relatively flat open arable and meadowland, surrounded by woods and part of a forest.
Kodeń (Koden) [Some old Ruthenian sources give the name as Todeń (Toden)]
A large village on the river Bug, on minor highway 816. The surrounding land is relatively flat, open and a mixture of arable and meadowland, with the Kalamanka River flowing in from the southwest. There appears to be quite steep drop down to the river. The first mention of the village is from the 15th century, when the Sapieha family bought the water mills in the village from the Ruszczyc family. In 1511 permission was given by the crown to build a castle, and town rights were given at the same time. As a port of the Bug, corn was exported to Gdansk, but it was also subject to attacks from the Tartars, Cossacks and Swedes. The town rights were withdrawn in the latter half of the 19th century. The sw. Anna Roman Catholic parish church was built between 1629 &1636 in the late Renaissance style. In the altar there is a picture of Mary, the object of many pilgrimages, and a new front to the church was added in 1709 in the Baroque style. The Holy Spirit (Swietego Ducha) church dates from about 1540 in the Gothic style, originally an Orthodox church but now also Roman Catholic. There is a small palace from the 18th century. The foundations only of the Sapieha family castle remain. Koden
CHURCH 1: (no data).
CHURCH 2: (no data).
Kołpin (Kolpin)
A hamlet in an area of slightly undulating, open meadowland. Some meandering streams cut through the local area, generally flowing in an easterly direction towards the Bug River.
Kopytów (Kopytow)
A ribbon development village on a lane on the west side of a crossroads. At the crossroads there are 2 churches (probably one is Roman Catholic and the other either Orthodox or Uniate). The land  is slightly undulating, open in the locality of the village, and arable. To the south is a stream and then a forest, further away to the north is part of another forest.
CHURCH 1: (no data).
CHURCH 2: (no data).
Kostomłoty (Kostomloty)
A village on the edge of one of the meanders of the Bug River. The land is relatively flat open and a mixture of arable and meadow. The grid like layout of the streets indicate it once had town rights. Here there is the only Byzantine-Slavic Orthodox church in Poland from the period at the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th (although now possibly changed into a Roman Catholic church).
CHURCH: (no data)
WEBSITE: Unitarian Parish
Kożanówka (Kozanowka)
A small village on the west side of the Czapelka River. The land is relatively flat, open and arable, with meadows near the river.  Within about 1km to the east and west there are large woods.
A small village in a ribbon development along a curving country road, intersected by minor highway 816. The land is slightly undulating, open and a mixture of arable and meadow. The village borders a tight horseshoe meander of the Bug River on the southeastern side.
A small village and a surrounding scatter of farmsteads in an area of open, slightly undulating arable land. Several east flowing streams cut through the settlement area and there is a large wood to the south.
A scattering of farmsteads across some slightly undulating land that is a mixture of arable and small woods. At the southern edge of the settlement area is the east flowing Sajowka River.
A hamlet on minor highway 816, not far from the Bug River. The land between the hamlet and the river slopes steeply in some places. To the southwest is a small wood, but otherwise the land is relatively flat, open and arable.
Zabłocie (Zablocie)
A village with a small grid-like street arrangement and 2 churches. The land is slightly undulating, open and arable. On the southern side of the village there is an east flowing stream, which joins the Grabar River immediately to the east. The is a bridge to cross the stream at the eastern end of the village. One of the churches is still a functional Russian Orthodox one.
CHURCH 1: (no data).
CHURCH 2: (no data).
A scattering of farmsteads and a few houses over land around a crossroads of a country road and a lane. The land is relatively flat and a mixture of arable, meadow and woods.
A hamlet on the western bank of the Bug River. The land slopes steeply down the river, but the rest of the surrounding land is relatively flat. To the south there is a mixture of arable land and meadows, whilst to the north is a forest.

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