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Parczew Powiat Page

On this page are several maps of the powiat and a link table to take you to individual gmina pages, where you will find information about every city, town, village and hamlet in the powiat.
On each GMINA PAGE is a list of every city, town and village in that gmina, with information about each place, where known, and any links to other sites if available. Remember, if you found the place in the Placefinder, then the last number of the code that was listed with it is the number of the gmina. This page has been divided into gmina pages to allow WEBTV users to access them and to allow for future expansion. Click the link below to go to the required gmina.
All places are marked on the maps at the bottom of the gmina pages, while places marked in red are also marked on the map at the bottom of this page. As some browsers still can't handle Polish characters, any names with these extra characters are repeated using the nearest equivalent English characters in round brackets '( )'. Names in square brackets '[ ]' are older names for that location.
These pages will be continually updated.

Parczew (4M1)
Milanow (4M2)
Jablon (4M3)
Podedworze (4M4)
Siemien (4M5)
Debowa Kloda (4M6)
Sosnowica (4M7)

Map of District
Map of Gminy in PARCZEW Powiat

The Powiat of Parczew

Parczew is in the Lubelskie province, north of Lublin. The powiat covers an area of 953 and has a population of 39 000 people. It forms part of the old Polish-Lithuanian borderland, the northeastern part being part of Lithuania and the southwestern part being part of Poland. During the time of the partitions it was part of the Podlasie region, but when Poland regained its independence in 1918 it became part of the Lubelskie province. Since the 1950's, when provinces were repeatedly cut into smaller and smaller pieces, it became part of Bialskopodalskie and Chelmskie provinces. In 1998 it became part of the Lubelskie province once again.
Geographically it lies in the Parczew plain, part of the Polesie Lubelskie, with its northwestern corner part of the Leczna-Wlodawa Lake District. Several rivers cross the powiat, including the Piwonia, Tysmienica and the Zielawa.
OLD WOJ.: For LDS family centre and some internet resources, you need to know the so-called 'old wojewodztwo'. (actually, these 'old woj' were only in existence from 1975-1998). All gmina's (districts) were within the old Bialskopodlaskie woj., except for Sosnowice which was in Chelmskie.
POWIAT OFFICE: Starostwo Powiatowe, ul Warszawska 24, 21-200 Parczew, woj. Lubelskie. Tel:(+48 83) 354 25 50

Map of the Powiat of Parczew


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