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Nałęczów (Naleczow) Gmina Page

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4N10. Nałęczów [Bochotnica]

The Gmina of Nałęczów (Naleczow)
The gmina has a population of 10 000 and covers an area of  63 Naleczow is partly a spa and partly an agricultural district, the 2 going well together. It is located on the Naleczow Plateau, part of the Lublin Upland. Most of the gmina was once part of the estate of Bochotnica, founded in the 14th century and owned by Mikolaj Kazimierski. In 1523 the estate became part of the Samborzecki's family property. Over time, the estate passed through the hands of the Lesniowolski's, Rostworowski's and the Galezowski's until in 1751 it was bought be Stanislaw Malachowski. The name Naleczow comes from the coat of arms of the Malachowski family. Stanislaw erected a palace and built a park in what was now Naleczow, and during work on the estate they discovered the curative effects of the local springs.
A narrow Gauge Railway leaves the main line station to head southwest.
GMINA OFFICE: Urzad Gmina, al. Lipowa 3, 24-150 Naleczow, woj. Lubelskie. Tel: (+48 81) 501 41 54
RIVERS: Wisła (Wisla), Bystra
The Polish name for the river Vistula is the Wisła (Wisla). The Polish name is used here.

A small village on the north side of minor highway 830, plus many outlying farmsteads. There is a stream on the northern side of the village. The land is open, undulating and arable.
Bochotnica Kol.
A hamlet on a track in the middle of a small area of undulating arable land. A short distance to the east and west are some small woods.
 village that is now a district of Naleczow. This is the part where most of the population of Naleczow live. The land drops away to the north into a wide and flat bottomed valley, where there is the Bystra river and a small pond.
Bronice Kol.
A scattering of farmsteads over an area of mainly open, but heavily undulating, arable land. The eastern border of the settlement are is formed by a north flowing stream.
 scattering of farmsteads over an area of mainly open, but heavily undulating, arable land. The western border of the settlement are is formed by a north flowing stream.
Charz I
A hamlet that is actually now an outlying district of Naleczow. It lies mainly on minor highway 830, in a wide, flat bottomed river valley. Just to the north is the Bystra river, and on either side of the river are meadows.
Charz II
A small village in a ribbon development along a country lane, that is really a district of Naleczow. The village is located in a valley, and parallel with the Bystra river.  The surrounding land is undulating, open and arable, with some woods in the distance.
Chruszczów (Chruszczow)
A small village that is actually a district of Naleczow. Mainly houses on either side of the road at the foot of a steep slope, with views across the wide flat bottom Bystra river valley.
Chruszczów Kol. (Chruszczow Kol.)
A scattering of  farmsteads across an area of undulating, and gullied open arable land
Cynków (Cynkow)
A hamlet at the end of a country road, in a valley with a stream running through it. The surrounding land is undulating and arable.
Czesławice (Czeslawice)
A scattering of farmsteads across a wide area of undulating, open arable land. In the west there is an orchard, beyond that a railway line, and beyond that some small lakes.
Drzewce Kol.
A small village with many outlying farmsteads on the south side of a railway. The railway consists of a main line plus a narrow gauge branch line running alongside. The land is undulating and open, with some gullies just to the south.
A scattering of farmsteads over an area of undulating, open arable land, with a small wood and a railway line on the southern border of the settlement area. At the southeastern end is a railway station, for Naleczow, with a narrow gauge branch line.
Ludwinów (Ludwinow)
A few scattered farmsteads in slightly undulating open arable land. A small wood forms the northern boundary.
Marianka Ożarowska (Marianka Ozarowska)
A hamlet on a small lane, with several outlying farmsteads. The land is slightly undulating, open and arable.
Nałęczów (Naleczow)
A small town of parks and woods surrounded by rounded, undulating hills. It is a spa town, with its fame dating back to the 1820's. Still today there are many sanatoriums here for those recovering from illness, such as from heart trouble. The name changed from Bochotnica to Naleczow at the end of the 18th century. This Bochotnica is related to the one in  Kazimierz Dolny gmina, the Polish meaning of village including all the land that goes with the settlement. 2 separate settlements have gradually evolved over the years, in separate valleys.
The water is bottled in a local factory and sold under the brand name of Naleczowianka. Boleslaw Prus, a well know Polish writer holidayed here for 20 years or so and wrote "Who visits Naleczow even once will leave the place a different, better man". Other writers have visited and worked here, including Henryk Sienkiwicz and Stefan Zeromski.. 
CHURCH 1: This is a small wooden church built in about 1907, a completely new church with no predecessor, small, but with services. A must to visit.
CHURCH 2: Parafia rzymskokatolicka św. Jana Chrzciciela, Bochotnica 3, Nałęczów, pow. Puławy, woj. Lubelskie. The Parish church, at the eastern end of the village.
Paulinów (Paulinow)
A hamlet in a small area of open, undulating land, with a minor highway just to the northwest, and surrounded by small woods and orchards.
A scattering of farmsteads across slightly undulating land, a mixture of normal arable and large areas of orchards. Minor highway 826 runs through the village, and a railway forms the southwestern border of the settlement area.
Sadurki Kol.
A hamlet where a country road runs alongside a railway line, plus many outlying farmsteads. The land is undulating, open and arable. To the northwest is a wood.
A small village to the north of minor highway 830, plus many outlying farmsteads. It is situated on the south side of a small stream. The land is undulating, open and arable.
CHURCH: no data
A scattering of farmsteads across an area of  undulating, mainly normal arable, but also with a small orchard.

Postal/Zip Codes for Naleczow Gmina
Bochotnica Kol. 
Bronice Kol. 
Chruszczów Kol. ( Chruszczow Kol. ) 
Cynków ( Cynkow ) 
Czesławice ( Czeslawice ) 
Drzewce Kol. 
Ludwinów ( Ludwinow ) 
Nałęczów ( Naleczow ) 
Paulinów ( Paulinow ) 

Map of the Gmina of Naleczow


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