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Hello and welcome to our homepage!
Country life in Poland can still be a lonely, hard experience with a lack of many social amenities. Through these pages, which are still at an early stage, I hope to be able to show some of the facets of living in the Polish countryside in the past and the present.

I live in the Lubelskie province of Poland, which is on the eastern border about half way up. There are many different types of countryside and soils in the province, upland in the south and flat lowlands in the north, chalk in the east and sandy loess in the west. Many areas have been designated National Parks and other areas have protection orders of them. Farming survives in a form that in many places has not changed much in the past 100 years, an island of tradtion between the communist state farms in the west and in Belarus and Ukraine in the east.

I hope that most of the buttons on the left are self-explanatory, but just in case:

Rural Development: The background into what makes a farming community what it is today.
Modern Farm Machinery: Lots of tractors, combine harvesters etc as used today.
Old Implements: This is the machinery, buildings and other things used on a traditional farm.
Farming: The meaning of living as a farmer.
Crops: A survey, generally photographic, of farm crops.
Livestock: A survey, generally photographic, of farm livestock.
Rural Crafts: Making butter, making carts, and a lot more as well.
Food: Recipes for traditional local foods.
Fences: Different ways that are used of building a fence using traditional and modern materials
Cottages: A range of typical cottages in the Lubelskie region, old and new.
Cottage Construction: How a traditional wooden cottage is built.
Cottage Interiors: How a cottage looks on the inside.
Rural Sights: Basically everything that wouldn't fit elsewhere...

PolishFarm: We also have an egroup for people interested in farming in Poland, and any other rural activity, where you can email and chat with other people with the same interest. See below.


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