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Mazowsze Province
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    History of the Mazowsze Province

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    Mazovia (Mazowsze in Polish) lies in the center of present-day Poland in the great central plain between the Warta and the Vistula Rivers.  The boundaries of this region reach from the former provinces of Lodz, Wroclawek and Brodnica in the west, to the Belorussian border in the east, with Warsaw in the middle.  This land was originally inhabited by two Western Slavic tribes, the Mazovians and the Kuyavians.  The Mazovians occupied the land between the Bug and Vistula Rivers.  During  the 15th and 16th centuries this tribe migrated to the forests of western Lithuania, particularly to Podlaskie, and some others settled in the Duchy of Prussia, which was the Mazurian Lakes district, located to the north of Mazovia.


    Mazovia was incorporated into Poland in the early days of the Piast rule.  It became of central importance to the Crown when two Polish kings, Wladyslaw Herman and Boleslaw Krzywousty, had their seat in Plock (1079-1138).  Mazovia became one of several rival principalities when King Krzywousty divided the country between his sons.  Kazimierz Wielki regained control over the region, though it was ruled by Mazovian dukes until the last of the line died without an heir in 1526.

    the Duchy of Mazovia is incorporated into Poland

    Warsaw becomes the capital of Poland

    During the Second Partition of Poland the western part of Mazovia is seized by Prussia

    the rest of Mazovia and the city of Warsaw is taken by Prussia

    the Duchy of Warsaw is formed and includes Mazovia

    a great deal of this area becomes known as the Congress Kingdom of Poland and is now under Russian rule until the First World War

    Poland becomes an independent country once more and Warsaw is reinstated as the capital

    World War Two breaks out and Warsaw is occupied by the Nazi regime for five years

    World War Two ends and Poland once again becomes an independent country; Warsaw province is established
    NOTE: -- this former province has very similar boundaries to those of this (Mazowieckie) province

    the province of Warsaw is divided into four smaller provinces: Ciechanow, Ostroleka, Plock, and Warsaw

    the provinces of Radom and Warsaw, along with parts of Ciechanow (most), Lomza (most), Ostroleka (most), Plock (most), Siedlce (most), and Skierniewice (small part), are combined to form the new province of Mazowsze

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