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    early 1300s
    The city of Warsaw is firmly established when the dukes of Mazovia build a stronghold on the site where the Royal Castle now stands.

    Warsaw becomes the base for the dukes of Mazovia, and the city grows beyond the surrounding city walls.

    Warsaw, along with the rest of Mazovia, comes under the direct rule of the king of Kraków

    Poland and Lithuania are unified, and the Sejm makes Warsaw the seat of their debates

    Warsaw becomes the seat of royal elections, but the kigs continue to reside in Kraków

    Warsaw becomes the official capital

    The Swedes invade Poland, and the city suffers considerable damage but soon recovers

    the first contitution in Europe was signed in Warsaw

    Poland is partitioned; Warsaw falls under Prussian rule and is reduced to a provincial town

    Warsaw becomes a capital city again with the birth of the Duchy of Warsaw and continued as a capital of the Congress Kingdom of Poland

    Warsaw comes under Russian rule and remains under their rule until World War One begins

    Poland becomes an independent country once more and Warsaw is reinstated as the capital

    World War Two breaks out and Warsaw is occupied by the Nazi regime for five years

    The Ghetto Uprising occurs in April of this year

    The Warsaw Uprising lasts for 63 days, beginning on 1 August

    On 17 January, the Red Army invades Warsaw to liberate the city from German rule

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