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Mayo 1998| May 1998

30 de mayo de 1998

Apellidos: Cordova, Ramirez de Arellano, Serbia, Thibaut

En la preparacion de la genealogia de la familia Serbia (Don Francisco Serbia. n. Barcelona, España, 1750); una de las ramas es la de Don Francisco Cordova quien caso con Dona Adelle Thibaut. Una de sus hijas (hermana por parte de padre de my abuela paterna Mery Cordova) fue Dona Manuelita Cordova Thibaut, quien luego fue la madre de Don Clemente Ramirez de Arellano.

Los Serbia

Los Cordova

Cualquier informacion adicional que puedan suministrar es apreciada.

 Ramon A. Serbia

Ancestors and descendants of Don Francisco SERBIA

May 26, 1998

Surnames: Alberto, Almodovar, Colon, Gonzalez, Hernandez, Madera, Maldonado, Rivera, Rodriguez, Ruiz, Ortiz, Torres, Vega

Looking for any information and/or links to any of the following, all who either were from the Ponce, Puerto Rico area or at least lived there for a significant part of their lives:

Juan Alejo RIVERA RODRIGUEZ (abt. 1797 - aft. 1873), believed to have come from Juana Diaz to Adjuntas where he married Maria Fermina TORRES GONZALEZ in 1818. He was Adjuntas' "Alcalde Constitutional" around the mid-1830's when he re-married Eusebia TORRES MALDONADO after being widowed.   Known to have lived in Ponce late 1860's early 1870's.   His parents, from Juana Diaz also?, are believed to be Juan RIVERA (?-?) and Francisca GONZALEZ (?-?)

Gregorio RIVERA married to Anastasia RIVERA. Both known to have lived in Ponce during the late 1870's.  Perhaps came from "Barros" actual location unknowm.  Perhaps a barrio, or a former name for a pueblo (Morovis & Orocovis come to mind).   Any ideas would be appreciated!   Had two known children: Margarita Rivera (1873-1941) and Nepomuceno Rivera (1878-1923).  Family oral history says they may been from "las islas canarias," but this is unconfirmed as the above is all we have on them!!   More info available on some of their descendants.

Francisco Lope MALDONADO (1803?-aft. 1868) married Juana Bautista de Santiago (1806?-aft. 1868), both believed to be from Utuado. Known to have been in Adjuntas about 1828, in Ponce as early as 1840. Looking for link to the Utuado MALDONADOs. Progenitor of many of the Ponce MALDONADOs, though not all.   More info available on the Ponce MALDONADOs.

Francisco ALBERTO married Juana HERNANDEZ, known to have lived in Ponce about 1827.  Had at least one son Cecilio ALBERTO HERNANDEZ (1821?-1901) who is the progenitor of just  about all the "ALBERTs," a corruption of ALBERTO, in the Ponce area. Many also have had a  daughter named Ramona ALBERTO HERNANDEZ (1825?-??) who married a Casimiro RUIZ  ORTIZ.  Have lots of info on the ALBERTs, now looking for the ALBERTO ancestors.

Gervasio VEGA (1795?-aft.1846) married Nicolasa MADERA (1810?-aft.1868), lived and had children in the Ponce-Penuelas area. Both believed to be from Penuelas and may be related to the  Yauco VEGAs and MADERAs.  Nicolasa's father may have been a Marcos MADERA. More info available on Gervasio's descendants.

Maria de la Paz ALMODOVAR TORRES (1835?-1915) married Juan Jose VEGA MADERA (1825?-bef. 1901), son of the above couple, and lived in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Her father may have been a Jose ALMODOVAR COLON (1795?-aft.1860). More info available on their off-springs.

Would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone with any leads, links, ideas, or suggestions for further research on the above. Extremely interested in hearing from any "lost" primos y primas.

Tony Rivera Maldonado

May 26, 1998

Surnames: Del Rosario, Filare, Quiñones, Rivera, Serbia, Serviah, Zerviah

I am trying to find information about Don Francisco SERBIA.   Born in Barcelona around 1750. His son Francisco SERBIA (b. 1770 Barcelona)married Paula Filare.   They had a son, Francisco SERBIA FILARE who was born in 1795 in Barcelona. Died in 1844 in Aguas Buenas, PuertoRico.  Had married on January 21, 1822 with Sra. Maria del Rosario Quiñones daughter of Juan Quiñones  y Rosa Rivera.   Possible variations to the Serbia surname are SERVIAH and ZERVIAH

Other related surnames are:
Almoian, Alonso , Amador, Arvelo, Bernat, Burset Masferrer, Burset, Bustelo y Gutmann, Calvert Farrar, Carreras, Casparian, Castellanos, Cintron, Cleofe, Collazo, Colon, Cordova, Correa, Coulter, Crumly, De La Rosa, De Rivera, Del Olano, Di Fresco,
Diaz Delgado, Filare, Garcia, Gerana, Gonzales, Hernandez, Irizarry, Knox, Leon, Maestre, Magaz, Maria, Martinez, Maxin, McDonough, McLaughlin,  Murphy, Navas, Nebot, Oliveri, Palmer, Perazzio, Poweres, Puig, Queipo,Quiñones, Reyes, Rivera, Santiago, Serbia Cordova, Serbia, Serrano, Smith, Soroka, Tarresola, Thibaut,Vazquez, Vega.

 Ramon A. Serbia

Ancestors and descendants of Don Francisco SERBIA

May 25, 1998

Surnames: Colon, Gonzalez, Muñoz, Rivera, Santiago, Soto, Vargas

I am looking for members of both my father's side of the family as well as my mother's. My father's: Muñoz, Rivera, Colon, Vargas. They are from Coamo, Cayabo, "Olla Onda" ???, Juana Diaz, as far as I know.   My mother's: Santiago, Gonzalez, Soto. They are from Guayabal, Pastillo, Santurce

 Agnes Muñoz

May 25, 1998

Surnames: Cruz, Droz, Hernandez, Reyes, Rodrigues, Sardem, Sardim

Looking for any records of both grandfathers and paternal grandmother born in either Ponce or Yauco, middle 1800's. Diego Hernandez, b. 19 Dec 1897;  Jose Sixto Droz,
b. 6 Feb 1880;  Maria/Mary Rodrigues Sardim/Sardem, b. 24 Feb 1886. All three ended up in Hawaii.  Diego married a local girl, Jose and Maria married about 5/10 Aug 1907.   Jose's parents were Manil Droz and Nazareth Cruz, Diego had a brother, Gallo. His parents were Louis Hernandez and Reyes was his mother's name.   The first immigration ship may have been the Rio de Janeiro, from which port of exit or entry, I do not know.  The dates I do not know. They went to Hawaii because there were jobs in the sugar cane fields and maybe the pineapple fields also.

Any way of getting any information will be appreciated. I was born in Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, in 1941 just before the war. Because of the territorial status at that time, it is difficult to find information concerning the State of Hawaii, which happened in 1959.

Judy Davies

24 de mayo de 1998

Apellidos: Del Río, Franqui, Martínez, Quiñones, Ramos

Se solicitar información sobre los descendientes de Manuel De Jesús Franqui y Catalina Martínez, ambos de Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. Necesito determinar si este Manuel De Jesús Franqui es hijo de Martín Franqui Ramos, natural de Añasco, Puerto Rico. Manuel y Catalina eran los padres de José Z. Franqui Martínez (¿Mayagüez?). José Z. se caso con María Dolores Del Río Quiñones (¿San Sebastián?) y los dos procrearon a José Tomas, José Segundo (n. 1 abril 1877 - Mayagüez), y Julia (n. 27 mayo 1891 - Mayagüez).

José Rivera Nieves

May 23, 1998

Surnames: Devary, Dumford

I am interested in tracing the ancestors and descendants of JOSEPH DEVARY, b. 1755 in Canary Islands, died in Winchester (Clark County) Kentucky, USA. Joseph was a Spanish Soldier who came to the USA through Cuba, about 1800. He married a widow by the name of Mrs. Dumford in 1801. Joseph died about 1844-1846 in KY. Joseh Devary was apparently a devout Catholic, leaving "30 masses" to his relatives in a Last Will and Testament. Perhaps through Catholic Church, or Spanish Military, or ship log records of voyages between Canary Islands and Cuba (circa 1800) would be terrific to locate Joseph Devary's parents and ancestors, BECAUSE:

JOSEPH DEVARY is believed to be the origin of ALL Devarys in the USA (whether the name is spelled Devary or DeVary). It would be terrific to be able to trace the Devary lineage beyond Joseph. Thanks for any information/assistance.

Elaine Devary Willman
Toppenish, WA USA

May 23, 1998

Surnames: Brito, Garcia

I am trying to help a friend locate his ancestors. We are trying to find information on his grandfather Jose Brito-Garcia who was born in Santa Cruz, Tenerife around 1882 and migrated to Puerto Rico.

Please contact me if you have any information. Thank you

Jennie Brown

May 22, 1998

Surnames: Almodovar, Collzao, Kissell, Lopez, Oxholm, Oxholm Duran, Oxholm Garcia, Pacheco, Pubill,  Vivaldi

From Puerto Rico -- Yauco, Guayanilla, Arecibo, San Lorenzo. Looking for any information or guidance on the surnames above. For complete information please visit site at:

My name area of study is Yauco and Guayanilla at the moment. Don Fernando Pacheco (Teniente) and of Guayanilla Domingo Pacheco (Teniente) 1700 to 1800's.

In spanish or english. Garcias

Judith Maria Oxholm Villafañe

A Page For My Family

May 19, 1998

Surnames: Mercado, Torres

I'am looking for information regarding Mr. Sebastian Mercado Torres.   He was said to be born in Lares on May 22, 1922.   Thank You...

Roberto J. Mercado

May 18, 1898

Surnames: Duarte, Quintero, Ybarra

I am looking for information to the wives of William Stenner.

#1 Marta Ybarra, m: Jan. 2, 1834. Died in child birth of second child 1838.

#2 Andrea Duarte, m:June 25, 1839.

#3 Guadalupe Quintero, m: Feb 8, 1848. Los Angeles, CA.
had three children: Joseph, Maggie and ???

Shana Looman

14 de mayo de 1998

Apellidos: Álvarez, Andrade, Arana, Betancourt, Cambay, Cardona, Cayo, Colmenero, González, Herrera, López de Victoria, Méndez, Montenegro, Muñoz, Ortíz de la Renta, Paula, Piraldo, Quijano, Rivera, Román, Romero, Sanjurjo, Taboada, Valcourt, Villamarín

Lo siguiente fue un mensaje personal entre la Señora Armonía A. Artés Arana de Padilla y José Rivera Nieves. El mensaje esta anunciado aquí con el permiso de la Sra. Artés Arana de Padilla.  Espero que la información contenida aquí sea de interés a otros genealogistas de la comunidad puertorriqueña.

José Rivera Nieves


Esto es lo que tengo sobre la descendencia Colmenero. Proviene de datos sumistrados por el dentista Dr. José Luis Colmenero, ya fallecido, al primo de mi mamá, Felipe Arana Román. Ambos trabajaban guardando datos de la familia y este último me lo dió a mí. Puede que Felipe también haya muerto pues cuando dejé a PR en el 90 ya él se acercaba a los 100 años.

Doña Severiana Colmenero Quijano era natural de Isabela, P. R., e hija de Don Máximo Colmenero y Romero, nacido en la Isla de la Margarita en 1795. Falleció en Manatí, P. R., el 4 de febrero de 1867. Había sido desposado en Añasco , P. R. el 13 de mayo de 1823 con Doña María del Carmen Quijano y López de Victoria que había nacido en Añasco el 20 de agosto de 1803.   Era hija de Don Domingo Miguel de Quijano y Ortíz de la Renta, natural de Añasco que ingresó al Ejército el 25 de enero de 1795, fue teniente de Infantería de milicia de P. R. el 22 de agosto de 1813.   Fue casado con Doña Baltasara López de Victoria y Ortíz de la Renta, y se casaron en la Parroquia de San Antonio Abad de Añasco el 14 de julio de 1800. Fueron los padres de los desposados Don Manuel de Quixano, Sargento Mayor de Urbanos y Doña Francisca de Paula y Ortíz de la Renta -
de ella - Don Mateo López de Victoria, bautizado en San Germán el 5 de julio de 1739, alférez del Regimiento de Milicias Disciplinarias de Caballerías y Da. Antonia Ortíz de la Renta y Rivera, nacida en 1749 y que murió en Añasco el 15 de junio de 1814.

Don Mateo López de Victoria era hijo de Don Antonio López de Victoria y Da. Ana Segarra de San Germán.

Don Máximo Colmenero y Romero, que mencionamos al principio era hijo de
Don Juan Miguel Colmenero y de Da. Serafina Romero, y descendía del
General Don Juan Colmenero de Andrade, natural de Pazos, Galicia, Caballero de la Orden de Calatrava en 1612. Gobernador de Tierra Firme y Almirante de la Armada que casó en Lima, Perú, con Da. Paula Piraldo y Herrera en 1651 y dejó sucesión.

El General Don Juan de Andrade Comenero era hijo legítimo de Don Francisco de Morais
Colmenero y de Da. María de Andrade. Sus abuelos paternos eran Don Basco Colmenero de Lomba, de la casa de Gargalo? de donde eran Señores sus padres y abuelos, y Da. Isabel de Morais, natural de Vilardoso, donde era la casa y solar de sus padres.

Los abuelos maternos eran Don Gregorio Salgado Gondin, natural de Monterroso y descendiente por varón de la casa Monterroso, y Da. Aldonza Rodríguez de Villamarín, hijade Ruy Díaz de Sanjurjo y Montenegro y de Da. Teresa de Cambay Taboada, señores de Coto de Maedu, de la casa del Conde de Lemos.

Otros hermanos de Da. Severiana Colmenero, esposa de Don Antonio Evangelista Arana eran:

1. Da. Obdulia Colmenero Quijano
2. Don Jesús Gregorio Colmenero Quijano
3. Don Justino Colmenero Quijano, que casó don Da. Teodosia Álvarez
4. Don Francisco Colmenero Quijano, que casó con Da. Serapia Cayo
5. Da. Alejandra Colmenero Quijano que casó con D. Juan Lacomba
6. D. Genaro Colmenero Quijano que casó con Da. Clotilde de Reyes
7. D. Cástulo Colmenero Quijano que nació en 1840 y casó con Da. Filomena Betancourt
8. D. Aureliano Colmenero Quijano nacido en 1844
9. D. Teodosio Colmenero Quijano, nacido en 1843 en Isabela, y que casó con Da. Dolores
Rodríguez de Silva y González, en Isabela el 6 de dic. de 1877. De este matrimonio hubo un hijo:

a. Don José Colmenero Rodríguez que casó con Da. Filomena Méndez de Cardona. Tuvieron un sólo hijo llamado:

a. Dr. José Luis Colmenero y Méndez que casó con Da. Raquel Valcourt y Muñoz de Oneca.  Procrearon a:

1. Raquel Colmenero Valcourt
2. José Luis Colmenero Valcourt
3. Ana Teresa Colmenero Valcourt


En campo azul, un león rampante: de su cola cae una espada, de empuñadura de oro, metida por la boca y que le sale por detrás de la cabeza y en el jefe, cinco medias lunas de plata, con las puntas hacia abajo puestas en faja.

Como dato interesante puedo añadir que éstas son copias de las páginas 5, 6, y 7 a maquinilla que parece que por ser las relacionadas con nuestra familia, le dió el Dr. Colmenero a mi primo, las páginas del 1 al 4 también deben tener material bien importante pero no las tengo. Quizás alguno de los Colmenero Valcourt descendientes, las tengan en su haber.

Cortesía de Armonía A. Artés Arana de Padilla

Armonía A. Artés Arana de Padilla

May 11, 1998

Surname: Serbia

Looking for information on the Serbia family ancestors and descendants. Our site is

Ramon A. Serbia

10 de mayo de 1998

Apellidos: Guerramondragon, Izquierdo, Pacheco

Estoy buscando informacion de estos apellidos. Conozco que los Izquierdo estamos en el area sur de PR.   La gran parte de los Pacheco que yo busco se encuentran en España y los Guerramondragon no se si quedan en PR aunque se que hay en España. Izquierdo ni Guerramondragon no aparecen en ningun lado (aunque vi el escudo de los Izquierdos) y los Pachecos que busco son del area de San Juan y solo hay 4 generaciones en PR. No se por donde mas buscar ya que varios "sites" no suben y/o ya no se encuentran operando.

Cualquier ayuda sera muy agradecida.

Soledad Izquierdo

May 9, 1998

Surnames: Ambort, Fort, Hernández

I am researching the surname FORT which has its origins in Cataluña, Spain.  Members of this family emigrated to Puerto Rico during the 1870's. This surname has been found in the Dominican Republic also. My grandfather, Agustín Fort Hernández, was born in Moca, P.R. His father was a native of Reus, Tarragona, Spain. His name was Andreu Fort i Ambort and he had four sisters. Anyone with information is welcome to write me or if there is a lost Fort somewhere out there, please come forward! Thank you.

Investigo y busco miembros de la familia Fort. Mi abuelo, Agustín Fort Hernández, era natural de Moca, P.R. Su padre, Andreu Fort i Ambort, era natural de Reus, Tarragona, España. Miembros de la familia Fort emigraron a Puerto Rico durante la década de los 1870. Mi bisabuelo, Andreu, tuvo cuatro hermanas. El apellido también ha surgido en la República Dominicana. Agradecería cualquier información sobre los Fort o que apareciera un miembro perdido. Gracias.

Debbie M. Figueroa Fort

May 9, 1998

Surnames: Arbelo, Caceres, Medina, Nieves, Sanchez, Rodriguez, Ruiz

Seeking additional information on any relatives of Carlota Nieves Sanchez ( b. abt 1806 - Añasco, PR, d. 26 Feb 1906 - Camuy, PR ). The death record of Carlota identifies her as being the daughter of Isidro Nieves and Juana Sanchez of San Sebastian, Puerto Rico. Need to determine if Benito Nieves Sanchez, spouse of Blasina Ruiz Ruiz is a sibling of Carlota. Carlota married Rafael Caceres of the Canary Islands with whom she had the following children, Rafael, Candida, Delfina, Isabel and Dolores.

I also have an Isidro Nieves with the spouse identified as Juan Perez. Both are listed as being from Isabela, PR. This Isidro Nieves and Juana had the following children; Cecilio, Fernando, Maria Agustina, and Juana.

Cecilio was married to Maria Teresa Santiago Velez, with whom he had the following children; Francisco (b. 15 Feb 1890 - Camuy, PR ), Avila ( b. 22 Aug 1892 ).

Fernando married Fermina Santiago Rodriguez with who he had the following child; Juan
( b. 20 Feb 1891 - Camuy, PR )

Maria Agustina ( d. 16 Mar 1903 ) married Ramon Arbelo Medina with whom she had the following child; Juan Ramon.

Any additional information that can be provided reference these individuals would be appreciated.   Source information provided upon request.

Jose Rivera Nieves

May 9, 1998

Surnames: Garcia, Negron, Santiago, Rivera

I am interested in trying to find additional information on my Grandmother's older sister Maria Rita NEGRON RIVERA from Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico and her husband Vicente SANTIAGO GARCIA from barrio Coto Laurel in Ponce Puerto Rico. They married on October 18,1911.   Any children they may have had would have the last name SANTIAGO NEGRON. Have not found any listings in the index to baptismal records for the Catedral of Ponce for these two. Would like to know if they left Ponce and where they may have gone. Thanks

Lisette Gonzalez

May 9, 1998

Surnames: Crespo, Martinez, Del Rosario, Lopez de Victoria, Ramos

I am looking for all relatives :

My father and mother are from Añasco, Puerto Rico.   His name was Luis M. Martinez del Rosario and my mother was Engracia Crespo Ramos, Her father was Ulpiano Crespo Crespo and Her mother was Guadalupe Ramos Lopez de Victoria.  My father was orphaned at age 7 and he does not recall his parents

Jesus Martinez Crespo

May 8, 1998

Surnames: Almedina, Bonilla

I am reaserching the names ALMEDINA AND BONILLA from Aibonito and Cayey, Puerto Rico.  My Grandparents were Justiniano Bonilla and Amalia Almedina.   They had 10 kids, Catalino, Ventura, Francisca, Angelina, Matilde, Jose, Juanita, Felipe(my father), Concepcion and Lino.   If you have any info to conect our families, please feel free to email me. Thank you and God Bless.

Eddie Bonilla

May 8, 1998

Surnames: Costa, Emanuelli, Emmanuellli, Franceschi, Irizarry, Manuelli, Negroni, Olivera, Rodriguez de la Seda

I am researching the MANUELLI, EMANUELLI, ane EMMANUELLI families from Puerto Rico.  So far, I have identified four families that came to Puerto Rico from Rogliano, Corsica in the 19th  century. Agustin EMMANUELLI arrived in Puerto Rico around 1840, married Maria Monserrate IRIZARRY OLIVERA, and settled in Guayanilla. Luis EMMANUELLI NEGRONI arrived in Puerto Rico around that same time, married her cousin Ana Maria NEGRONI RODRIGUEZ DE LA SEDA, and settled in Yauco. The EMANUELLI COSTA family that migrated to Coamo around 1863, and the EMANUELLI / EMMANUELLI FRANCESCHI family that arrived around 1881 and also settled in Coamo. I have recently expanded my horizons to include any person on planet Earth with those surnames. I have also identified families in France, Italy, Brazil, Argentina,
Venezuela, and the United States. I will be very happy to share any information that I have with anyone interested. Thank you.

Eduardo Emmanuelli

May 6, 1998

Surnames: Castro, Crespo, Guilbe, Hernandez, Liboy, Matias, Montalvo, Peres, Rivera

I'm searching for further info on the following

Father: Gregorio Montalvo Matias m. Antonia Liboy (Aguadilla)

Great Grandfather: Gregorio Montalvo Peres m. Felicita Matias Rivera

Great Grandfather: Enrique Liboy m. Joaquina Guilbe

Gr. Great Grandfather: Manuel Montalvo Hernandez m. Maria Josefa Peres Crespo

Gr. Great Grandfather: Hermenegildo Matias Peres m. Plasida Rivera Castro

Magdalena Montalvo

May 5, 1998

Surnames: Pericas, Pujals, Santiago

I am researcing the Pujals surname. My father, Jose Miguel Pujals, was born on May 5, 1893 in Santo Domingo. In abt 1895 the family moved to Ponce Puerto Rico. My mother, Angelita Santiago, was born 1896 and was raised in Juana Diez, Puerto Rico. My grandparents are Jacobo Pujals and Basilia Pericas. Basilia lived at 42 Estrellia Street, Ponce after Jacobo died. She remained there until the 1920s. I would appreciate any information on my parents and grandparents.

Joe Pujals

May 4, 1998

Surnames: Acevedo, Alvarez, Cruz, Del Rio, Martinez, Morales, Rios, Santiago

I am looking for information on the ALVAREZ and ACEVEDO families of Barrio
Maleza Baja, Aguadilla. The oldest ancestors I have are Carlos ALVAREZ ( born around 1820; married to Juana CRUZ ) and Manuel ACEVEDO ( born around 1830; married to Maria Santos RAMOS ).

I am also researching the RIOS and SANTIAGO families of Barrio Caguanas, Utuado.
The oldest ancestors I have are Jose Miguel DEL RIO (born around 1820; married to Juana Maria MARTINEZ; moved to Utuado from Añasco) and Jose Severo
SANTIAGO MORALES ( born around 1870; moved to Utuado from Arecibo; married to Maria Salome RIOS MARTINEZ ).

Javier Alvarez Rios

May 4, 1998

Surnames: Berrios, Burset, Collazo, Fraxedus, Lopez, Masferrer, Rocafort, Romero,  Velez

Since December 1996, I've been researching my family Ancestry in Spain and Puerto Rico,
specifically in the towns of: Blanés, Gerona; Mataró, Barcelona; Marín, Pontevedra; Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands); Vélez Malaga (Andalucia) and Humacao & Lares.

My Genealogy Reports can be viewed on my "FamilyTreeMaker" page:

Evette A. Burset Saldana

May 4, 1998

Surnames: Cardona, Irrizarry, Ramirez, Sepulveda

I am researching the RAMIREZ, IRRIZARRY, SEPULVEDA and CARDONA names in the town of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. The information I have gathered is from LDS films of church records.

Victor S. Ramirez Morales

May 4, 1998

Surnames: Aledo, Alvira, Morales

Hitherto I have been able to trace my roots to Gregorio Aledo. He was born in the town of Briguela in Murcia, Spain circa 1800. He had a son named Jose Aledo Morales who was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1828. He served in the Spanish Armada on the steamboat Blasco de Garay and was discharge in September 5, 1867. In addition I'm researching the Quintin Solero's family. He was married to Juana Alvira in Puerto Rico. They eventually had eight children: Marcelo, Felicita, Adolfo, Providencio, Josefina, Amalia, Valentin and Juan.  Any information would be appreciated.  I am also willing to share the information that I have.

Jorge Luis Aledo

[ 98-0723A ]

3 de mayo de 1998

Apellidos: Cardona, Cuevas, Fuentes, Lisboa, Morales, Vásquez

Mi abuelo nació entre 1870 - 1875 se llamaba Juan Cardona Vásquez su padre se llamaba
Pedro Cardona, sabes algo respecto a ellos? También en los archivos de la iglesia católica
encontré el nombre de otro Pedro Cardona en San Sebastián 1772.

La esposa de Juan Cardona Vásquez se llamaba AMELIA De La Cruz Roman.

Otros apellidos de la familia son Lisboa, Cuevas, Fuentes y Morales.

Ricardo Cardona Marty

May 2, 1998

Surnames: Collazo, Landrau

I'm trying to find information on my dad. Carlos(Charles) Landrau. He was born in Coamo PR in March of 1911.   He left the island for New York at around 13 years of age.   He had a sister named Camila that was a seamstress in Los Angeles in the 1960's.   She had a son that living in New York City.   My dad died in 1978.   My grandmother's name was
Arcadia Collazo. If you have any information please let me know. Thank you.

Carolina Landrau-Penna

May 2, 1998

Surnames: Arroyo, Caraballo, Garcia, Quiñones

Looking for information about Amelia Quiñones Arroyo, daughter of Juan Francisco Quiñones Caraballo and Benita Arroyo Garcia, born in Yauco about 1875-80. I can't locate her baptism....could she have been baptized in another town???? I have searched in Yauco, Adjuntas, Lares and Ponce.

Helen Serrano

May 2, 1998

Surnames: Rivera, Serrano, Vazquez, Velez

I am searching for information pertaining to Casimiro Serrano Vazquez, born in Zaragoza, Spain about 1840. He emigrated to Puerto Rico and married Juana Rivera Velez of Camuy (?). They had a son (my great-grandfather), Bartolome Serrano Rivera, born in Lares, Puerto Rico, 24 September 1867. Casimiro left Lares after the rebellion of 1868. Where could he possibly have gone?????

Helen Serrano

2 de mayo de 1998

Apellido: Bracero

Investigo el apellido Bracero en la zona de Vega Baja-Manati, Puerto Rico. Me gustaria establecer contacto con aquellos que investigan este apellido con intencion de intercambiar informacion. Gracias!

Jose E. Sanchez



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