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Julio 1998| July 1998

July 31, 1998

Surname: Villalongo

Looking for information on any one with the Villalongo surname. The Villalongo point of origin is Loiza,Rio Grande, Canovanas, and Carolina Puerto Rico. My great-grandmother Ramonita Villalongo originated from Rio Grande.

Jose A. Villalongo, Sr.

July 31, 1998

Surname: Noble

Does anybody, know the whereabouts of the Noble's in P.R. I left Santurce, P.R., in 1952, moved to NYC.  Thanks

Angel M. Noble

July 30, 1998

Surnames: Albert, Alberto Almodovar, Colon, Gonzalez, Hernandez, Madera, Maldonado,  Ortiz, Rivera, Ruiz, Rodriguez, Torres, Vega

Looking for any information and/or links to any of the following, all Who either were from the Ponce, Puerto Rico area or at least lived there for a significant part of their lives:

Juan Alejo RIVERA RODRIGUEZ (abt. 1797 - aft. 1873), Believed to have come from Juana Diaz to Adjuntas where he married Maria Fermina TORRES GONZALEZ in 1818. He was Adjuntas' "Alcalde Constitutional" around the mid-1830's when he re-married Eusebia TORRES MALDONADO after being widowed. Known to have lived in Ponce during early 1870s. His parents, from Juana Diaz also?, are believed to be Juan RIVERA (?-?) and Francisca GONZALEZ (?-?)

Gregorio RIVERA married to Anastasia RIVERA. Both known to have lived in Ponce during the late 1870's. Perhaps came from "Barros," beleived to be the original name for present day Orocovis.  Had two known children: Margarita Rivera (1873-1941) and Juan Nepomuceno Rivera (1878-1923). Family oral history says they (Gregorio & Anastasia) may have been from "las islas canarias," but this is unconfirmed as the above is all we have on them!! More info available on some of their descendants.

Francisco Lope MALDONADO (1803-aft.1873) married Juana Bautista de Santiago (1806?-aft. 1873), both believed to be from Utuado. Known to have been in Adjuntas about 1828, and in Ponce as early as 1840. Francisco Lope's parents were Francisco de Sales Maldonado and Margarita de la Cruz fr4om Utuado. Looking for links to the other Utuado MALDONADOs.  Progenitor of many of the Ponce MALDONADOs, though not all. More info available on the Ponce MALDONADOs.

Francisco ALBERTO married Juana HERNANDEZ, known to have lived in Ponce about 1827.  Had at least one son Cecilio ALBERTO HERNANDEZ (1821?-1901) who is the progenitor of just about all the "ALBERTs," a corruption of ALBERTO, in the Ponce area. May also have had a daughter named Ramona ALBERTO HERNANDEZ (1825?-??) who married a Casimiro RUIZ ORTIZ. Have lots of info on the ALBERTs, now looking for the ALBERTO ancestors.

Gervasio VEGA (1795?-aft.1846) married Nicolasa MADERA (1810?-aft.1868), lived and had children in the Ponce-Peñuelas area. Both believed to be from Peñuelas and may be related to the Yauco VEGAs and MADERAs. Nicolasa's father may have been a Marcos MADERA. More info available on Gervasio's descendants.

Maria de la Paz ALMODOVAR TORRES (1835?-1915) married Juan Jose VEGA MADERA (1825?-bef. 1901), son of the above couple, and lived in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Her father may have been a Jose ALMODOVAR COLON (1795?-aft.1860). More info available on their off-springs.

Would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone with any leads, links, ideas, or suggestions for further research on the above. Extremely interested in hearing from any "lost" primos y primas.

Muchisimas gracias,

Tony Rivera Maldonado

July 29, 1998

Surnames: Bermudez, Cobian, Diaz, Ferrer

My husband, Edwin Cobian Ferrer, is a native of Rio Piedras, PR.   His father was Pedro Cobian Bermudez and his family is from the Comerio area.

My mother-in-law was Maria Isabel ("Reina")Ferrer Diaz, born in Barranquitas, PR.   Her mother was Beatriz Diaz and her father was Pio Ferrer.   Dona Beatriz and Don Pio would have been born around 1880.   I imagine they were both from that general area as well. The Puerto Rican musician Claudio Ferrer was my husband's distant cousin.

If anyone has any historical information about past generations of these families, we'd enjoy hearing from you.

Gracias mil!

Julie Cobian

July 28, 1998

Surname: Bergollo

I need information on the origin of the last name "Bergollo". My father and mother (from
Arecibo/Barceloneta, Puerto Rico) carried the same last name. Is it from Portuguese or French origin? Does anyone have information or carry this last name?

Carlos A. Diaz Rodriguez

July 28, 1998

Surnames: Alvira, Enis, Melendez

I am looking for information on my grandfather, NEMESIO ALVIRA. Last known location was Ceiba, Puerto Rico. My mother's maiden name is Juanita Alvira. She was sent to the states at a young age and raised by an aunt in New York. The last name of the family was Enis. Known aunts and uncles are NEREIDA ALVIRA MELENDEZ, SHIRLEY ALVIRA MELENDEZ, DEISY ALVIRA MELENDEZ, DEISY ALVIRA MELENDEZ, HECTOR ALVIRA MELENDEZ and ISRAEL ALVIRA MELENDEZ. Any information on any of the above listed names would be GREATLY appreciated.

Mike Carr

July 28, 1998

Surnames: Blanco, Gonzalez

I am looking for info on Nicolasa Blanco and family.   Nicolasa lived in Ponce when her oldest child, Miguel, was born in 1929. She later immigrated to the US and settled in New York.   She later married a man named Isidro Gonzalez and had three more children: Milagros, Isidro Jr., and Martha.   She died in 1993 in NY. Please email me with any info.

Thanks in advance.

Melanie Carroll Portilla

July 28, 1998

Surnames: Blanco, Lespier

I am looking for any information on Emilio Lespier. He lived in Ponce in 1929 when one of his sons were born.   He had six sons all together: William, Hector, Carmen, Antonio, Francisco,and Miguel (born in 1929 in Ponce).   I only know Miguel's mother's name, Nicolasa Blanco.   Emilio was in the merchant marines for a time. He died in the late 1970s. Please email me with any info.

Thanks in advance.

Melanie Carroll Portilla

July 28, 1998

Surnames: Serra, Zengotita

I am looking for any information on Rafael Serra. He lived in Ponce around 1930 when one of his children, Iraida, was born. He had two children with a woman named Rosario: Fernando and Ana.  He later married Magnolia Zengotita. They had eight children: Jaime, Iraida, Mary, Aida, Joseph, Rose, Manuel, and Priscilla. The family came to the US c1949 and eventually settled in New Jersey. The family later moved to Florida where both Rafael and Magnolia died. Please email with any info!

Thanks in advance.

Melanie Carroll Portilla

July 28, 1998

Surnames: Cortez, Melendez, Nieves, Picon

I have recently begun concentrating a little more time on my wife's genealogy.   She has a
g-g-grandmother named Isidora Nieves who was from PR.   We have no data at all on her except that she was married to Ramon Cortez and that they had at least one child named Antonia Cortez (Antonia was born in 1872 in Ponce).   Antonia married Deogracia Melendez and they had at least one child named Evangelista.   This was my wife's grandmother.   She was also born in Ponce (1896).   She married Ramon Picon.   They had many children, my mother-in-law included. The first three of her children were born in Cuba with the rest being born in NYC.

I was curious to know if you had this Nieves in your data base or if any of the other names seemed familiar?

Steven Leuck

July 26, 1998

I am researching the presence of secret Jews and descendants of Spanish conversos in Puerto Rico. I would like to exchange information with anyone  doing research in this area. So far, I have found information on the Jewish ancestry of a few early colonial administrators, and information about one  secretly Jewish family, descended from Spanish Jews who went to the  Netherlands, Curaçao, New Orleans and then to Puerto Rico.

Aurora Levins Morales

July 26, 1998

Surnames: Cabrera, Cruz, Diaz, Gomez, Izcoa, Morales, Moure, Rivera, Rodriguez, Roque, Santos

I am researching many families from Toa Alta and Naranjito.

1) MORALES--I have 8 generations of Morales genealogy from Eusebio Morales d.
1802, including Braulio Morales, founder of Naranjito in 1824 and many siblings in each generation.   I am trying to find out when and where Eusebio Morales was born.

2) MOURE--ancestors of Jose Roque Moure who came to Puerto Rico around 1875
from Ferrol, Galicia in search of his father who was in the Spanish army as a medic.

3) DIAZ--ancestors of Francisco and Pepe Diaz who led the Toa Alta militia against the English invasion of San Juan in 1797 and whose descendants received land in Bo. Anones now part of Naranjito as compensation for their deaths.   Family includes Evaristo Izcoa Diaz, opposition journalist imprisoned by Spanish.

intermarried with the Morales family of Naranjito/Toa Alta.

5) I am also interestedin any information about slaves held by any of these families.

Aurora Levins Morales

July 26, 1998

Surnames: Cuartero, De La Cruz, Escriba, Morales, Muriel

Looking for any information on the family of Gerardo Cuartero born 23 Apr 1873  San Juan (Puerta de Tierra?), PR.

Francisco Cuartero
Dona Belen Morales
D Felipe Cuartero
Dona Catalina Escriba
D Jose Morales
Donna Maria De La Cruz Muriel

Gerardo's parents, paternal and  maternal grandparents were said to have been from Spain...Does anyone have information about the family and ancestors of this family?

Thanks in advance...

Gerry DelRio

26 de julio de 1998

Apellido: Aldea, Berenguer

Ando tras de una informacion que pudiera ser que usted o ustedes tengan o me puedan orientar la via para conseguirla.


Salvador Berenguer n.Mataro,Spain fue Alcalde Cabo Rojo 14 Julio 1820, fue heroe nacional en PRico

Manuel Aldea Berenguer , n.Cabo Rojo y fue Alcalde Cabo Rojo en 1887

Joaquin Aldea Berenguer n,Cabo Rojo en 1840 y fue Alcalde Toa Baja en 1890

Mi familia Berenguer de Cuba, proviene de Mataro en Cataluña Spain y creo que al menos Salvador pudiera ser de esta rama ,ya que Mataro en aquel entonces era una aldea pequeña y coinciden en epocas cuando vinieron a America.

Otro aspecto secundario seria saber el segundo apellido al menos de Salvador y su relacion posible con los hermanos Aldea Berenguer pues seria demasiada coincidencia que no fueran familia.

Estas personas dejaron descendencias en PRico? esa seria otra pregunta.

Quedo a su disposicion para lo que necesiten que yo pueda ayudar y espero ansioso su repuesta

Les estoy escribiendo a otros colegas que aparecen en el page de PRico de genealogia en Cabo Rojo

Gracias anticipadas

Carlos Berenguer Torralbas

July 23, 1998

Surnames: Aledo, García, González, Morales, Santiago, Solero

Searching for any information related to the surname ALEDO.   The surname is originally form the village of Hita, jurisdiction of Brihuela, in Murcia, Spain.   In Puerto Rico the surname spouts in Corozal & Cataño (when Cataño was a "barrio" of Bayamón).   My great-great grandfather's name was Gregorio Aledo.   He was born in Brihuela, Murcia.   He had a son named Jose Aledo Morales, born in PR, who served in the Spanish navy in the steamship Blasco de Garay as a stoker.   He was discharged in either Sept or Nov 1867 at age 37.   I'm also seeking information on surname Solero (must likely came to PR from Venezuela).   In PR the Solero name spouts in barrio Playas Blancas, Ceiba. Also seeking info. on my maternal great great grandfather, Laureano De Santiago from La Coruña, Galicia, Spain.   They relocated in Humacao, PR   Also seeking info. on my great grand father José García González from Villa Simples, vecinos de Canales, Provincia de León, Spain.   In PR they relocated in Aguas Buenas, PR.   He owned a Bakery.   Any assistance will be much appreciated.   (Either in Spanish or English).

Muchas gracias!

Jorge L. Aledo

19 de julio de 1998

Apellidos: Boya, Villa

BOYA. Me interesa saber del apellido de mi bisabuelo. Lorenzo BOYA VILLA. Hijo de Maria VILLA y Jovino (Jovito) Boya. Su acta de defunción solo dice natural de Castilla La Vieja. Llegó a Puerto Rico entre 1883 y 1888.

Félix Juan Díaz Boya

Pagina Personal

July 18, 1998

Surnames: Baez, Dominguez, Marrero, Morales, Rivera, Rodriguez

My family comes from the Utuado, Ciales and Jayuya area of Puerto Rico.   My great grandparents were Ramon Dominguez Marrero and Julia Baez Morales; Ramon Cruz Medina and Clemencia or Nermesia Rodriguez Rivera.   In 1910 and 1920 they lived in a Barrio called Mameyes Arriba in Utuado.   They were about 50 to 60 yrs old then.   If you have any info pertaining to these names or places, please email me. Thx

Marcia Castaneda

July 17, 1998

Surnames: Aguiar, Arteaga, Baerga, Barreto, Borell, Brabo, Brigante, Buz, Cabrera, Canals, Casanova, Clemente, Cofreci, Donato, Duque, Esteva, Fried, Foroma, Garriga, Garzoni, Ginorio, Gomez, Hayman, Kisell, Laborde, Lacosta, Ledesma, Malaga, Martinez, Montiel, Mora, Muñoz, Negron, Noriega, Obrego, Odiot, Ortega, Oxholm, Pacheco, Padin, Pavatelia, Puig, Ramos, Rapp, Rigo, Rigual, Rocafort, Roig, Salicrup, Sandoz, Skerett, Sierra, Valdes, Valinete, Venturi, Viedma, Vilaro, Wichers, Ylla

Dear friends:

The two LDS archives I'm going to deal here are LDS 1506812 and 1389445. National Archives and Records Administration-Record Group 186-Records of the Spanish Governors of Puerto Rico-Foreigners Series years 1807-1880.

On the first appears: OXHOLM, Frederick, Paolo GARZONI VENTURI from LIVORNO, Italia.  Francisco de Paula GI(e)NORIO-sic Gómez, Jacinto Pacheco, Juan CASANOVA
OBREGO,Antonio RIGO, Pedro Domingo VALIENTE, Jose Dolores MORA, Bernabe ORTEGA, Gerónimo VALDES NORIEGA y SIERRA, Loius Adolphe SANDOZ-Franch that lived on Humacao, PR. Jose Rodriguez AGUIAR-St Thomas, Antonio Felipe ARTEAGA, Agustín NEGRON Canary Islands passport 871, José NEGRON-passport
857, Bernardo BRABO-passport 888, Pedro CABRERA-Canary Islands passport 895,

BOX 157

Pedro CABRERA-passport 895 or 896, Pedro NEGRON-passport 869, Fco. Juan CABRERA passport 850, Domingo PUIG-St Thomas, Pedro LABORDE-Partido de BAYAMON.


There's an illegal departure case that involves José María PACHECO COFRECI and Augustina MONTIEL RAPP-dane citizen-1846.

BOX 158

Ramon GARRIGA y ESTEVA-Catalonian, living at Santa Barbara Bayamón, Nicolas VIDAL, Agustin CARRERAS, Jeorg FRIED WICHERS-St Thomas, Buenaventura ROIG from Barcelona, Sp., Augusto WOLF-St Thomas,came by Ponce and settled at MAYAGUEZ, Martin YLLA y BORELL from Barcelona and his document is signed by Martin de FOROMA y VIEDMA, governor. Manuel SKERETT that lived in Dorado, Puerto Rico and moved to the U.S. Fagundo RIGUAL came back to MAYAGUEZ from U.S. Telesforo BAERGA, José RAMOS MUÑOZ whose son embarked on the frigate VENUS to the Court Academy at Spain. Passpor for Salvador ROCAFORT y PAVATELIA-sic, Naturalization letter of Luis SALICRUP, Ezequiel LACOSTA-ATTN to JOE GARCIA-SPG,

BOX 159

Carlos CLEMENTE of Bastia Corse-Aguada PR with its physical description

1864 MAYAGUEZ Giuseppe Viarno DONATO and Rafaelle BRIGANTE,

BOX 160

Joaquin PADIN MARTINEZ of Pontevedra, LEDESMA-MALAGA, Sp., Salvador CANALS y VILARO, José BARRETO, Juan BUZ of Trieste Italy,

Box 152


LDS 1389445 BOX 115A

BRUNET-PEÑUELAS-1816 A.D., Luis ODIOT-Burdeos, France. DUQUE-Trieste, Italy, Kisell, Antonio-Ireland, HAYMAN-England,

BOX 115B
ATTN Joe GARCIA-Agustin COSTA-Corsican of Toa Alta, PR.

Sorry for being so long, but I guess I will hit many people with this message. Not all the names are mentioned but this is a sample. I didn't found my ancestor naturalization letter which could mean two or more possibilities: 1) The record was destroyed on the 1926 blaze. 2) The record is misfiled or 3) his record is in another box that has not been microfilmed and because of the distance, I'm unable to retrieve it.

Anyways to the lucky ones enjoy it!

Sincerely yours,

Ramón L. Giusti Bravo-SPG, PRHGS, and PRWGW member

PS: NARA(National Archives and Records Administration microfilm) T-1170 rolls 1-19 LDS equivalents are 1696784-1695901 Records of the Registered Foreigners from 1815-1845.

Ramon Luis Giusti

July 16, 1998

Surnames: Lopez, Morales

Requesting information on Morales from Patillas and Lopez from Cayey.   My "Lopez" grandfather is from Cataluña, España.

James Morales Lopez

16 de julio de 1998

Apellido: Quijano

Me gustaría saber si puede informarme de lo que sepa sobre el apellido Quijano y su distribución en América.   Mi tío en España tiene documentos de la familia que se remontan al siglo XVI o XVII e ignoraba que hubiera tantas personas en América con el apellido. Una búsqueda sumaria en Internet me ha dado más de 200 personas, solo en los Estados Unidos.

Muchas gracias.

Enrique Quijano Lloréns


Repuesta - 18 de julio 1998

Gracias por corresponder con La Genealogía de Puerto Rico. Yo personalmente estoy interesado de obtener mas información sobre los antepasados y descendientes de los siguientes Quijano.

Domingo Quijano

Domingo Quijano ( posiblemente de Añasco, Puerto Rico) con Eusebia Vélez (¿Borrero?)
procrearon a Candida Antonia Quijano Vélez Borrero ( n. Isabela, Puerto Rico). Candida se casa con José Hernández Medina ( n. Islas Canarias, España). José y Candida procrearon a los siguientes hijos; Candida Amalia ( n. Quebradillas, Puerto Rico ), Domingo Hernández Quijano, Honario Hernández Quijano ( n. Quebradillas, Puerto Rico ) y Marcial Hernández Quijano.

Es posible que Domingo Quijano era Capitán en el 3 batallón de 4ta compania de Milicia
Disciplinadas de Añasco, Puerto Rico 1830 ( esta información obtenido de nuestro amigo José E. Sánchez ).

Soreto Quijano

Soreto Quijano con María Cruz Acuña Barreto procrearon a Eluteria Quijano Acuña (¿ n. 1878 - Camuy, Puerto Rico?) e Francisca Quijano Acuña (¿ n. 1879 - Camuy, Puerto Rico?)

Andrés Quijano

Andrés Quijano con Baldomera Vega Ramos ( n. 1854, f. 1 enero 1912 - Camuy, Puerto Rico ) procrearon a Juana Quijano Vega ( n. 1882 ) e Dolores Quijano Vega ( n. 1885 ).

Andrés Quijano

Andrés Quijano con Luciana Toledo procrearon a José Del Carmen Quijano Toledo ( ¿ n. Añasco, Puerto Rico ). José Del Carmen con María Manuela López (¿ de Victoria ?) Cáceres procrearon a Petronila Quijano López ( n. 1850 ), Nicolasa Quijano López ( n. 1852 ), Eduardo Quijano López ( n. 1854 ), Juan De La Cruz Quijano López.

José Rivera Nieves

15 de julio de 1998

Apellidos: Colomer, Comas, Cortes, Cruz, De la Rosa, Rivera, Roig, Rubio, Socies

Me interesa informacion sobre las Familias Roig y Colomer del pueblo de Utuado. Mis ancestros del pueblo del Vivi tienen como apellidos ademas de Roig y Colomer, Cruz, Rivera, Rubio, Cortes, Socies, De la Rosa y Comas. Deseo comunicarme con personas que han hecho o estan interesados en estudios genealogicos relacionado con Utuado.

Howard M. Esko

13 de julio de 1998

Apellido: Torrales

Yo quisiera saber de donde origina el apellido Torrales ya que es un apellido muy poco común de que país o pueblo viene, estaría muy agradecido si pudieran ayudarme a encontrar mis raíces. Gracias


Benjamin Torrales

13 de julio de 1998

Apellido: Galindo

Estoy buscando alguna informacion sobre el papa de mi abuelo (lado paternal). Como pordia ser posible encontrar alguna informacion sobre el? Las unicas pesonas que quedan viva son mi tia y tio (hermanos de mi papa) pero ninguno de los dos se recuerda su nombre.

Mi papa nacio en el 1905 · (San German/Sabana Grande, PR)
Mi abuelo nacio en 18-- · (San German/Sabana Grande, PR)
El papa de mi abuelo ??? · ???
El apellido es GALINDO.

Si saben en donde puedo escribir, llamar, o ir, para mas informacion, les agradesco muchisimo si me mandan la direccion o numero de telefono.

Muchas gracias por su ayuda,

Sra. Reyes Galindo

July 11, 1998

Surnames: De Lima, Gonzalez, L'Ecuyer, Shultz


My father's name was Juan Guillermo Gonzalez de Lima.   He was born in San German
(I think) on October 29, 1903.   His grandmother's name was Shultz.   About 1930 - 1935 Juan Guillermo went to Quebec, Canada where he married Therese L'Ecuyer.   They moved back to Puerto Rico and lived in Santurce for 7 years and then moved to Baltimore, Maryland.

I am asking for advice on how to research his geneology.

thank you for your help.

Richard Gonzalez
Baltimore, Maryland

July 9, 1998

Surnames: Ayala, Gerena, Hernandez, Rodriguez

In search of Miguel Isaias HERNANDEZ y RODRIGUEZ, . Born circa 1871, in Lares, PR. His occupation in both the the 1910 & 1920 census was listed as: "abastacedor" (purveyor) in a "carneceria". He was the son of Victoria Hernandez & husband of Maria Gerena y Ayala who was born in Lares, circa 1880 and father of Miguel Hernandez Gerena, born in Lares, 1900.

Miguel Isaias Hdz y Rdz and Juana Maria Gerena y Ayala were married on 20 Feb. 1899 in Lares.  He may have had a brother or close relation named Emilio Hernandez.

If you have a Hernandez in your family tree from Lares, please contact me.

Miguel Hernandez Torres

July 9, 1998

Surnames: Agrizoni, Almedina, Bonilla, Centeno, De La Cruz, Gonzalez, Maldonado, Rivera

Hello to all my fellow Hispanic Genealogists, below is my family tree from Puerto Rico.

My maternal great grandparents were Vicente GONZALEZ & Juana MALDONADO from Arecibo. Vicente and Juana had three children; Elvira, Gregorio & Vicente b. in Utuado, d.Feb. 2, 1976 in Arecibo. Vicente Gonzalez y Maldonado was my maternal grandfather.

My second set of maternal great grandparents were Gregorio RIVERA & Maria DeLaCRUZ y CENTENO. Gregorio and Maria had 10 children; Luis, Evangelina, Gregorio, Emilio, Marciana, Rosa, Ramon, Dolores, Pedro and Emilia b. Aug. 9, 1902 in Utuado, d.Oct. 30, 1972 in NY. Emilia Rivera y DeLaCruz was my maternal grandmother.

My maternal grandparents, Vicente and Emilia, had 6 children; Heriberto d. age 7, Ismael d. 3 months, Ismael b. March 30, 1929, d. June 1975 in New York, Vicente b. Jan. 3, 1932, Luis Felipe b. Aug. 21, 1938 and Haydee b. Oct. 12, 1923. They were all born in Arecibo. Haydee Gonzalez y Rivera is my mother.

My grandfather, Vicente Gonzalez y Maldonado had children by two other women. One of the women was Cecilia (no last name) with whom he had two children, Lydia and Apree. The other women was Severa RIVERA, whom he married and had three children with; Heriberto, Gladis and Enrique.

My paternal great grandparents were Jose (DIAZ or RIVERA, not sure yet) and Petronila BONILLA.  They had 4 children; Jacinto, Tomasa, Regina and Justiniano Bonilla b. July 4, 1881, d. Oct 1963. They were all born in Aibonito. Justiniano Bonilla y (Diaz or Rivera) is my paternal grandfather.

My second set of paternal great grandparents were Juan ALMEDINA and Eduvigis AGRINZONI.  They had 8 children; Delfin, Modesto, Angel, Cornelio, Manuela, Aleja, Rosenda and Amalia b. Aug 20, 1888, d. Aug 1982. They may have been from either Aibonito or Cayey. Amalia Almedina y Agrinzoni was my paternal grandmother.

My maternal grandparents, Justiniano Bonilla y (Diaz or Rivera) and Amalia Almedina y Agrinzoni had 10 children; Catalino d. in NY, Ventura b. July 14, 1910, d. March 2, 1995 in Cayey, Francisca b.Oct. 15, 1913, d. Sept. 1997 in Cayey, Angelina d. in Cayey, Matilde, Jose(Pepe) d. in Cayey, Juanita b.  June 22, 1910's, Concepcion d. in NY at age 20, Lino d. May 5, 1998 in Cayey, and Felipe b. May 11, 1920 in Aibonito. All the children with the exception of Felipe were born in Cayey. Felipe Bonilla y Almedina is my father.

My parents Felipe Bonilla y Almedina and Haydee Gonzalez y Rivera had 3 children; Nayda Luz (b. 1949 in Arecibo), Felipe (b. 1952 in New York) and myself, Edgar Anthony (b. 1961 in New York).

I also have names of spouses and children of most of these individuals above.

Thank You and God Bless!!!

Eddie Bonilla y Gonzalez

July 9, 1998

Surname: Cobas, Farina

I have been searching the net in Puerto Rico and Spain genealogy sites and have been unable to find any mention of my father's name: COBAS. My grandfather, Manuel Cobas Farina, came from Pontevedra, Spain and settled in Juncos-he had a tabaco plantation. I just started trying to find any information about my paternal grandparents and am hitting a wall. Any info on how to continue will be helpful and very much appreciated.

Thank you

Esilda Cobas de Buxbaum

July 9, 1998

Surnames: Commelin, Martinez

My grandmother, Vidalina Martinez-Commelin, died in Ponce on 25 Apr 1992. How can I get a copy of her death certificate and check the local newspapers for obituary notices?

I would prefer the latter as she was 102 at the time of her death and was one of the early female graduates of the University of PR.

Madeleine Skelly Myers

9 de julio de 1998

Apellidos: Alicea, Elva, Medina, Natal, Otero, Rivera, Tirado

Se solicita información sobre Carmelo Rivera Natal y Braudilia Medina de Vega Baja, Puerto Rico.  Carmelo y Braudilia procrearon los siguientes hijos: Carmelo, Irene (n.1890), Andrés (n.1893) y Pedro.  Irene se caso con Miguel Diaz Martínez de Utuado y procrearon un hija, Carmen Luisa Diaz Rivera (n. 3 de Diciembre 1925). Andrés se caso con Martina Tirado Otero, hija de Pastor Tirado Alicea y Paula Otero Elva. Martina tenia los siguientes hermanos: Julio (n.1880), Nicolás (n.1881), Eugenio (n.1896) y Gregoria (n.1898).

Jose Rivera Nieves

8 de julio de 1998

Apellido: Carro

Estoy buscando información sobre la familia Carro, dicen que original de Orocovis. Si me puede ayudar o sabe de alguien que me puede ayudar favor de escribirme.

I want to know about the "Carro" family, the only thing I know is that this family is from Orocovis, P.R. and from Provincia de León in España. If somebody can help me please write me.

José A. Peña

July 6, 1998

Surnames: Barrajas, Cortes, Gonzalez, Linan, Melendez, Quezada, Rivera, Silva, Torres

I would like to keep in touch with anyone who is searching for information concerning the CORTES family.

NAMES FROM CORTES: Cortes, Torres, Linan, Barrajas, Quezada

Also: Gonzalez, Melendez, Silva, Rivera

Hernan Cortes

July 6, 1998

Surnames: Agueda, Cruz, Rivera, Toro

My name is Rosalie Agueda-Rivera, I was raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut. My father's name is Ernesto Cruz-Agueda and he was born in Arecibo Puerto Rico.   He has 3 living brothers, one lives in New Jersey by the name of Roberto Agueda, another lives in Bridgeport, Conn by the name of Adalberto Agueda, and the last one lives in Jarialito, PR, his name is Adamino Agueda.   For years my father and his brothers have been trying to search where my fathers mother, whose name was Rosa Toro-Cruz from Utuado, was buried. I'm not sure what year she died and don't know where she was buried in Puerto Rico. We've asked almost every living relative and no one knows.   She died at the age of 43 from tuberculosis.   Her husband, (my grandfather Otilio Agueda is also deceased. I believe he died on July 4th 1976 in his home in Jarialito, PR.   My father also told me that we come from Spanish descendants, but where in Spain I don't know.   My great-grandmother's name was Elvira Cruz who lived and died in Utuado Puerto Rico.   My grandmother has other brothers and sisters still living. In fact one of her sister owns and operate Borinquen Cafe in Puerto Rico. They do come from a lot of money.  My father never got to visit his mother's grave to pay his last respect because he was in the army when she died and he was only 19 then.   My father is now 60 years old now and he asked me that the best gift I could ever give him would be to locate his mothers grave so he can pay his last respect.   I would also like to pay my respects to the grandmother I never met.   From what my relatives on my fathers side tell me I am her spittin image.   By the way my fathers birthday is May 19, 1938.   If you have any information about my ancestors please, please let me know.   I would forever be greatly appreciated.

Rosalie Agueda Rivera

July 6, 1998

Surnames: De La Rosa, Figueroa

Looking for de la Rosa family, my grandfather was Manuel de la Rosa, grandmother was Josefina Figueroa de la Rosa, father was Jorge de la Rosa, born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, March 7, 1904; he had brothers - Roberto, Luis, Manolin; sisters Flor Maria and Cecilia. My understanding is that only Luis stayed in Puerto Rico, all others emigrated to mainland U.S. and South America.

Cecilia de la Rosa Miller

5 de julio de 1998

Apellidos: Esquilin, Guadalupe

Estoy en el proceso de buscar mis antecesores (todos de Trujillo Alto), uno de ellos es Cornelio Esquilin, según el libro de defunciones lee: "nació en 1778.   No dio razón de sus padres, viudo de Juana Guadalupe, natural de la Ysla".   Tengo dos preguntas al respecto y quizás usted me pueda ayudar o comentar sobre esto.   Primero al referirse a "natural de la Ysla", sera probable que tenga antecedentes indios o simplemente que no existe un acta de nacimiento.

Segundo, el apellido "Esquilin", que me parece puede ser vasco o italiano no aparece por ningún lado (bancos de datos, bibliotecas, etc.) es un apellido algo común en P.R.   Es mas me parece que muchos de ellos tienen razgos mulatos/africanos, lo que puede indicar que haya existido un dueño (o dueños) de encomienda/hacienda con ese apellido el que a su vez heredaron sus esclavos.  Le agradezco sus comentarios.


Rosana Rivera

July 5, 1998

Surnames: Candelario, Joseph, Medina, Quinoes, Ross

I am have embarked in the venture of tracing my roots.  My great grand mother name was Eduarda Quinoes Ross, died around 1980 in the island of St. Thomas.  Was at least 85 yrs old when she died, so she was born on or around 1905.  She had several children, most of them were girls.  I understood she was born in Vieques and my grandmothers name was Ines Ross Joseph.  My grandmother was previously married to my grandfather Juan Candelario Medina of Fajardo, Puerto Rico.  Any information that you can send me will be highly appreciated.

Wanda Tyson

July 3, 1998

Surnames: Leguillou, Leguillon, Le Guillo, Le Guillou

Puerto Rico, Vieques.  LEGUILLOU originally from France, spelling maybe LEGUILLON or LE GUILLO or LE GUILLOU. First names include Idefonso, Teodoro, Camila

Carmen Gardell

2 de julio de 1998

Apellidos: Cabrera, Concepcion, Diaz, Garcia, Gonzalez, Serrano

Estoy buscando información sobre uno de mis antepasados que llegó a Puerto Rico probablemente a fines de 1600´s. Bartolomé Díaz Serrano se casó con Casilda María García, viuda de Ambrosio de la Concepción el 5 de octubre de 1707 en la Catedral de San Juan. Casilda María era natural de la Isla de Tenerife en las Canarias e hija de Salvador González de Cabrera y Angela García, ambos vecinos de Tenerife. Esta información me fue suministrata por uno de los miembros de la SPG y me gustaría profundisar en ella.

Cualquier ayuda será agradecida grandemente. Gracias.

Miriam Rivera Maldonado

2 de julio de 1998

Apellido: Cricien, Marceles, Romero

Quiero indagar sobre las raices de mi apellido.. Ya que mi abuelo decia haber nacido en Puerto Rico, nunca supimos exactamente la ciudad de su nacimiento. Mi abuelo nacio en los años 1860's-1870's aproximadamente. Su nombre era Carlos Santos Cricien. Llego a Colombia aproximadamente en 1895. Su profesion era la de navegante, y en uno de sus viajes, llego a Barranquilla, matrimonio con la senora Carmen Marceles Romero aproximadamente en 1896 o 1897. Si ustedes pueden ayudarme mucho agradeceria que asi fuera. Si no, rogoria a ustedes indicarme la entidad que pudiera ayurdarme en esta busqueda.


Jesus Crissien

July 1, 1998

Surnames: Ambort, Babilonia, Fort, Hernández, Padrol, Vallespí

My grandfather, Agustín Fort y Hernández (b. 1883 - d. 1971), was born in Moca, PR.  His two older brothers were Mariano (b. 1879 - d. 1935) and Andrés (b. 1881 - d. ?), and his younger sister was Filomena (b. 1885 - d. ?).   The Fort Hernández children were born to Andreu Fort y Ambort and Antonia Hernández y Babilonia.  Andreu Fort y Ambort was born in Reus (Tarragona), Spain in 1839, the son of Andreu Fort y Vallespí and Llúcia Ambort y Padrol.   He had four younger sisters: Teresa, Llúcia, Teresa and Llúcia.  I know
nothing of their descendants.  It is possible that the oldest of the sisters,  Teresa, born in 1841, may have visited or lived in PR, since she was godmother  to her nephew, Mariano.  I would be most grateful for any information.


Debbie M. Figueroa Fort

1 de julio de 1998

Apellidos: Ambort, Babilonia, Fort, Hernández, Padrol, Vallespí

Mi abuelo, Agustín Fort y Hernández, nació en Moca, PR.  Sus hermanos mayores
fueron Mariano y Andrés y su hermana menor fue Filomena.  Los Fort Hernández eran hijos de Andreu Fort y Ambort y Antonia Hernández y Babilonia.  Mi bisabuelo, Andreu Fort y Ambort, era natural de Reus (Tarragona), España, nacido en 1839, hijo de Andreu Fort y Vallespí y Llúcia Ambort y Padrol.  Sus cuatro hermanas menores eran Teresa, Llúcia, Teresa y Llúcia.  No sé nada de los descendientes de éstas.  Es posible que la mayor de las hermanas, Teresa, nacida en 1841, haya visitado o vivido en Puerto Rico, ya que fue madrina de bautismo de su sobrino, Mariano.  Cualquier información será agradecida.


Debbie M. Figueroa Fort



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