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Thanks to Gina Smith, we have a list of the militia volunteers for the Chateauguay (Basin) Company in the Militia during the Rebellion of 1838. These have been extracted from the paylists in the National Archives in Ottawa (NAC film # B-2977). The Chateauguay Basin and Village and the rural area surrounding it in 1838 was part of the County of Laprairie. It is not known if this company was part of a Laprairie Battalion or the nearby Beauharnois Battalion. Historical accounts indicate that this company was in the thick of the actions during that ill-fated rebellion.

As is usual with transcriptions from old handwriting, there are most likely some mis-interpretations of the spelling. Names followed by an (X) are shown as signing for their pay with an X. I have not provided a search tool for this page since the various name spellings would make such a tool ineffective in my view. If you wish to use a search tool, try the "FIND" or "FIND IN PAGE" command on your browser.

Chateauguay Local Militia Paylists for November 1838


John McDonald, captain
Alexander Esdon, lieutenant
John Cousins, sergeant
William Hamilton, sergeant
Alexander Ross, corporal
Joshua Walton, corporal

John Aitken
James Anderson
John Barr
William Barrington
John Bean(X)
Robert Bean, Sr(X)
Robert Bean(X)
Thomas Bean(X)
George Burrell
Thomas Cousins
Daniel Craig
Peter Devine(X)
Francis Dickson
Robert Dickson, Sr
Robert Dickson
Thomas Duncan
Alexander Duncan
Robert Eastan
John Elliot
James Esdon
James Ferns(X)
John Ferns
John Findlay
Robert Findlay
Walter Findlay
John Holmes
Robert Holmes
John Jack
Robert Jack
Andrew Lang
James Lang
John McConnochie
James Mcgaan
Mathew McLean
Coll McRae
Bernard Mean
George Peterkin(X)
Walter Peterkin
James Quig
William Robson
James Sawyer(X)
John Sawyer, Sr
John Sawyer(X)
Thomas Sawyer
John Sevells
Thomas Sevells
James Swails
Thomas Taylor
Alexander Watt
John Young

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