Seigneurie de Beauharnois

Cadastre Abrégé


Catherinestown was a region in the west corner of the Seigniory of Beauharnois. It was bounded on the northwest by the St Lawrence River, on the southwest by Huntingdon County, on the southeast by the Rivière St-Louis and on the northeast by Helenstown region. It included Grande Île (Valleyfield).

 Index of Concessions

First Concession / Première Concession
Grande Ile / Première Concession au-dessus du Domaine, Grande Ile
Grande Ile / Première Concession en bas du Domaine, Grande Ile
Clark's Island / Ile aux Chats
St-Cecile Village or Valleyfield / Village de Ste-Cécile ou Valleyfield

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