Seigneurie de Beauharnois

Cadastre Abrégé

North Georgetown

North Georgetown was a region in the center of the Seigniory of Beauharnois. It was bounded on the northwest side by the Rivière St-Louis and the seigniorial regions of Helenstown and Marystown, on the south west by Ormstown region (boundary line west of the present day Rang du Quarante - the road between Allans Corner's and St-Louis de Gonzague), on the southeast by the Chateauguay River and South Georgetown and on the northeast by Annstown region (boundary line at the present Rang St-Laurent road.

 Index of Concessions

Chateauguay River Concession / Concession de la Rivière Chateauguay
Côte St-Laurent Concession / Concession de la Côte St-Laurent
St-Louis River Concession / Concession de la Rivière St-Louis
First Concession / Première Concession
Second Concession / Seconde Concession
Third Concession / Troisième Concession
Fourth Concession / Quatrième Concession
St-Louis de Gonzague Village / Village de St-Louis de Gonzague

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