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Ref = Reference Number
The file reference number of that lot in the Cadastre Abrege files. So far I have not located a cross reference index of these numbers to the actual lot numbers in the Beauharnois listing. The Chateauguay listing has the No. de Terrier indicating the old lot number.
Noms des Censitaires
The name of the leaseholder as registered in the Seigniory files in 1854.
The frontage or width of the lot. It is given in old french units of length, arpents/perches/pieds.
The value of land and buildings used for non-agricultural uses. It is expressed as English pounds/shillings/pence stirling.
The seigniorial "rente" that was payable by all censitaires to the Seignior on an annual basis. It is expressed as English pounds/shillings/pence stirling.
Terrier, No. de
The old lot number assigned by the seigniory. It was replaced in the 1880s by a new cadastral number.
Old Lot #
The old lot number assigned by the seigniory when the lots were surveyed. The Beauharnois cadastre listing does not contain these numbers. The numbers in this column have been obtained from other sources. The Chateauguay old lot number is listed as "No. de Terrier".
New Lot #
The new cadastral lot numbers assigned in the 1880s when the cadastral system was revised. They have continued to the present era.

Old French Units of Length

10 perches or 180 pieds. 192 feet, 58.5 meters in modern terms.
The old french rod, 1/10 arpent. Approximately 19.2 feet, 5.85m in modern terms.
The old french foot, 1/18 perche, 1/180 arpent. Approximately 12.8 inches, 1.066 feet, 0.325m. in modern terms.

Old French Units of Land Area

An area of 100 (square) perches, or 32,400 (square) pieds. Approximately 0.84 acres, 0.34 hectare, 36,800 English square feet.
1 square lineal perche. 1/100 arpent or 324 (square) pied. Approximately 368 square feet, 155 square meters or 0.0155 Hectares in modern terms.
The old french square foot. 1/324 perches or 1/32,400 arpents. Approximately 1.14 square feet, 0.105 square meters in modern terms.
English Currency £/s/d (Pounds/shillings/pence)
In 1854 the currency was just in the process of being converted to dollars.
£ = Pound Stirling
The standard unit of currency used in Canada until the mid 1850s and in the UK until modern times. 1 Pound = 20 Shillings. In the 1850s, the official exchange rate to the new Dollars was 1 Pound=$4.
s = shillings.
A sub-unit of English currency. 20 shillings = 1 Pound stirling. 1 shilling = 20 cents at the then official exchange rate.
d = pence
Equivalent to the modern cent. 12 pence = 1 shilling. 1 pence = 1.67 cents at the then official exchange rate. The pence was further sub-divided into half pence or "hapenny" and quarter pence or "farthing".

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