des seignieuries

Mini French/English Dictionary

Ant. = Antoine
autres = others
autres fins que pour des fins agricoles = for other purposes than agricultural purposes.

bas = low
Bte. = Baptiste
Bureau des Travaux Publics = Office of Public Works

censitaire = grantee, leasee, or leaseholder
Chs. = Charles
ci-devant = former
cinquième = fifth
Commissaires d'Ecole = School Board
commué = Commuted. The lot status had already been changed to "En Franc et Commun Soccage" status. This means that the land was available for outright sale or had already been sold outright rather than leased.
côte = range or concession

de = of, from
dessus = above, on top, up-stream.
deuxième = second
du côté (nord, sud) = of the (north or south) side

E = est = east
eglise = church
Eglise établie d'Angleterre et d'Irlande = Established Church of England and Ireland, the formal name for the Anglican or Episcopal Church in the 1850s.
emplacement = place or location.
en bas du = below, down-stream.
enfants = children
En Franc et Commun Soccage = land that was sold, not leased.
épouse = wife, spouse
est = east
et = and
étendue = extent
Evéque = bishop

Fabrique = catholic church committee or corporation.
femme = woman, wife
fils = son or junior
fins = ends
front = frontage or width of lot
Frs. = François

héritiers = heirs
hérs. = héritiers = heirs
hrs. = héritiers = heirs

J.-B. = Jean-Baptiste
Jean-Bte. = Jean-Baptiste

lots à bâtir = building lots
Ls. = Louis

mari = husband
montant = amount
Moulin = mill, as in flour mill, sawmill or grist mill for grinding grain.

N = nord = north
NE = Nord-Est = northeast
nom = name
non concédé = not conceded or granted
nord = north
nord-est = northeast
nord-ouest = northwest

O = ouest = west
ou = or
ouest = west

par = by
père = father or senior
pour = for
première = first
profondeur = depth or length of lot
ptre = priest

quatrième = fourth

représentant = agent
Rivière des Anglais = English River

S = Sud = south
SO = Sud-Ouest = southwest
sa femme = his wife
salle publique = public hall
sauvage = indian, native
séparée quant aux biens de = separate as to property.
sixième = sixth
son mari = her husband
succession vacante = estate in abeyance or not yet settled.
sud = south
sud-est = southeast
sud-ouest = southwest
superficie = area of land
Syndics Dissidents or Syndics des Ecoles Dissidentes = Separate School Board (a school set up by a minority).

terrain = land
Terrier = as in "No. de Terrier" meaning lot number. It would be the old lot number that was changed in the 1880s period.
troisième = third

valeur = value or valuation
veuve = widow of


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