Beechridge Presbyterian Cemetery

Sainte-Clotilde, Quebec

Monument Inscription Names Index


This is a list of the names of persons memorialized on monuments in the Cemetery at the back of the Beechridge Presbyterian Church in Ste-Clotilde, QC. It does not include those "related to" names that may also appear on the monuments. The reference number is the assigned monument number used in the List of Inscriptions following this Index. "App" indicates a burial that is not shown on any legible monument in the cemetery but is indicated as buried in this cemetery according to the church records. These non-memorialized burials are listed in Appendix A at the back of the Inscription list.

Note: The numbers beside each name are hotlinks to the monument inscriptions mentioning that name. Please use your browser 'back' button to return to the top of the list or return from the inscription list.

The location of the monuments can be found on the cemetery map using the Monument number as reference.

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Family Name, Given Name Monument
Ainslie, Elizabeth App
Ainslie, Ellen 36
Ainslie, Isabella 126
Ainslie, James 126, 127
Ainslie, Mrs James (Janet Oliver) 126
Ainslie, Capt John 36
Ainslie, Mrs John (Mary Moore) 36
Ainslie, Mary Agnes 36
Ainslie, Mary Malvina Ann 36
Ainslie, Walter 127
Ainslie, Mrs William (Margaret Neilson) App
Ainslie, William Henry App
Allan, Barbara Ann (Mrs Duncan MacCuaig) 63
Anderson, Jean 179
Anderson, John 177
Anderson, Mrs John (Jean Lebeau) 177
Anderson, William 178
Anderson, Mrs William (Jane Carruthers) 178
Atkinson, Abraham App
Atkinson, Mrs Abraham (Caroline Struthers) 152
Atkinson, Ann (Mrs Isaac Struthers) 153
Atkinson, Annie Beatrice 12
Atkinson, Babe 12
Atkinson, Ernest A. 12
Atkinson, Mrs Ernest A (Mary Ann Dewey) 12
Atkinson, William Henry 12
Austin, Francis (Mrs Thomas Seaner) App
Barber, Albert App
Barber, Albert Henry App
Barber, Arnbert Willobie App
Barber, Mrs Giles (Julia Arabella Bean) App
Barber, Isaac App
Barber, Isaac P 115
Barber, Mrs Isaac (Dinah Bean) 112
Barber, Joel A 115
Barber, John S 114
Barber, Mary C 112
Barber, Numa 116
Barber, Numa T 115
Barber, Numa Thomas 116
Barber, Mrs Numa Thomas) 116
Barber, William W 115
Bean, Dinah (Mrs Isaac Barber) 112
Bean, Julia Arabella (Mrs Giles Barber) App
Becket, Jane (Mrs Hugh McCrone) App
Bell, Andrew 158
Bell, Mrs Andrew (Mary Veitch) 158
Bell, Charles S 157
Bell, Flora M 157
Bell, George 119
Bell, Mrs George (Catherine Stuart) 119
Bell, George Leslie App
Bell, Katie 158
Bell, William A 157
Bennett, Mary J 47
Bertrand, Edmire? (Mme Narcisse Poissant) App
Bjercke, Ellen (Mrs Knut Alf Skjaevestad) 147
Blackburn, Janet (Mrs William McLaughlin) 88
Blair, Mrs William (? Bumhauer) App
Bockus, Frederick John 171
Bockus, James 74
Bockus, Mrs James (Bertha Rosevear) 74
Bockus, James Carl 74
Bockus, Mrs James Hunton (Nellie Upham) App
Bockus, John 174
Bockus, Mrs John (Margaret Struthers) 174
Bockus, Norman W 173
Bockus, Mrs Norman W (Ellen T Thorn) 172, 173
Bomhar, Matilda (Mrs Philip Struthers) App
Bomhower, Elizabeth (Mrs Anthony Smail) 69
Brooks, Maude (Mrs Joseph Foster) 38
Broreson, Ann Campbell App
Brown, Walter D 79
Bumhauer, ? (Mrs William Blair) App
Burghurt, James App
Burhart, Hannah (Mrs William J Stewart) 131
Burhart, James App
Burk, Mary (Mrs Benjamin Francis) 124
Burnfield, Alexander 31
Burnfield, Duncan MacKay 31
Burnfield, John 31
Burnfield, Mrs John (Margaret E McKay) App
Burnfield, Mary Stuart 31
Burnfield, William 31
Burnfield, Mrs William (Margaret MacKay) 31
Cambers, Mrs (Mary Forrester) App
Cameron, Mary (Mrs Donald Mirchison) 66
Campbell, Andrew 18
Campbell, Mrs Andrew (Melissa C McCuaig) 18
Campbell, Ann (Mrs Duncan McCuaig) 24
Campbell, Ann (Mrs Hugh McVicar) 46
Campbell, Harry 19
Campbell, John 19
Campbell, Mrs Malcolm MacC (Alyce Leckie) 22
Carmichael, Agnes (Mrs James Hope) 183
Carruthers, Jane (Mrs William Anderson) 178
Carson, baby 100
Carson, James 100
Carson, Mrs James (Margret Preston) 100
Carson, Sarah (Mrs Henry Hope) 190
Carson, Wilhelmina Agnes 96
Carson, Williamina Agness 100
Chambers, Thomas App
Chisholm, Catherine App
Chisholm, Mary (Mrs William Forrester) 213
Coutts, Mrs Donald (Ann Gruer) App
Coutts, Isabella App
Coutts, Mary (Mrs Donald McLennan) 136
Cowan, Annie (Mrs Anthony Smail) 10
Creaser, Philip 154, App
Creaser, Mrs Philip (Elizabeth Walker) 154
Creasie, Mrs Wm (Catherine McLennan) App
Creasie, William Masson App
Creed, Julia 127
Cunningham, Mary (Mrs John Forrester) 42
Dawes, Mrs M G (Marion McCrone) 204
Derick, Mary (Mrs Philip Struthers) 176
Dewey, Alexander 59
Dewey, Mrs Alexander (Jean McFee) 62
Dewey, Anthony L 61
Dewey, baby boy 61
Dewey, Cora Almana 61
Dewey, Freman E 57
Dewey, Hanah (Mrs James Struthers) App
Dewey, infant daughter App
Dewey, James 60
Dewey, Mary Ann (Mrs Ernest A. Atkinson) 12
Dewey, William 57
Drummond, Isabella M D (Mrs Rev Thomas MacPherson) 155
Dunbar, Martha (Mrs William Smail) 10
Dunn, Hannah (Mrs William Dunn) App
Dunn, Mary Jane App
Dunn, Robert App
Dunn, Mrs Robert (Euphenia Stewart) 122
Dunn, Sarah A (Mrs George A Wheatley) 13
Dunn, Mrs William (Hannah Dunn) App
Dymond, Peter James 170
Easton, Elizabeth (Mrs James Gault) App
Easton, Jeannie (Mrs John Elvidge) App
Elder, Mrs George (Ann McGillivray) 48
Elliot, Ellen App
Elliott, James 146, App
Elliott, Robert 143
Elliott, Mrs Robert (Mary McGill) 143
Elvidge, Hannah (Mrs Norman Stuart) 8
Elvidge, Mrs John (Jeannie Easton) App
Elvidge, John B App
Emars, Jasette App
Findlay, Mrs John (Annie McLennan) 2
Fineleson, Angis 132
Fineleson, Donel 132
Fineleson, John 132
Finlayson, Alexander 148
Finlayson, Mrs Alexander (Mary Morison) 148
Finlayson, Alexander, Jr 148
Finlayson, Angus App
Finlayson, Ann McK 148
Finlayson, Archibald 102, App
Finlayson, Mrs Archibald (Isabella MacLennan) 102
Finlayson, Mrs Arch. (Mary Jane McClutchy) 102
Finlayson, Mrs Archibald (Isabel Henry) App
Finlayson, Christina (Mrs Alexander Mathieson) 64
Finlayson, Donald App
Finlayson, Maj. Donald 54
Finlayson, Mrs Donald (Catherine McLeod) 54
Finlayson, Donald B 101
Finlayson, Mrs Donald B (Mary McCormick) 101
Finlayson, Donald Murdoch 54
Finlayson, Ellen Ann Victoria 54
Finlayson, John 148, App
Finlayson, John W 148
Finlayson, Katherine I 148
Finleyson, Alexander 148
Forrester, Alex O 44
Forrester, Alice 44
Forrester, Catherine Brodmore 211
Forrester, Elizabeth 44
Forrester, Flora M 43
Forrester, George App
Forrester, Heneratte Bruce 213
Forrester, Isabella Renwick 211
Forrester, Janet 43
Forrester, John 41, 44
Forrester, Mrs John (Mary Cunningham) 42
Forrester, Mrs John (Flora McLellan) 43
Forrester, Mrs John (Annie E Roddy) App
Forrester, Laura C 44
Forrester, Mary (Mrs Cambers?) App
Forrester, Mary Cunningham App
Forrester, Robert C 44
Forrester, William 43, 213
Forrester, Mrs Willliam (Elizabeth Henderson) 43
Forrester, Mrs William (Mary Chisholm) 213
Forrester, Mrs William (Jane C Gavin) 212
Foster, Donald M 47
Foster, Mrs Donald M (Mary J Patterson) 47
Foster, D Gordon 47
Foster, Garfield M.M. 35
Foster, John M 35
Foster, Joseph 38
Foster, Mrs Joseph (Maude Brooks) 38
Foster, Mary C (Mrs W Wylie MacArthur) 58
Foster, Mary J Bennett 47
Foster, Robert G 47
Foster, Mrs Robert G (Mary McKay) 47
Francis, Benjamin 124
Francis, Mrs Benjamin (Mary Burk) 124
Francis, Elizabeth (Mrs John Stacey) 134
Francis, Jane 133
Francis, John App
Francis, Susan (Mrs George Hope) 137
Francis, Thomas App
Fraser, Ann 28
Galt, James App
Gault, Elizabeth 7
Gault, Mrs James (Elizabeth Easton) App
Gault, Mary Ann (Mrs Samuel R Moffatt) 7
Gavin, Jane C (Mrs William Forrester) 212
Gillis, C. Chuckie M. 32
Gordon, Maggie 9
Gray, Mrs George (Mary McArthur) App
Gray, Mrs John (Margaret Wilson) App
Gruer, Agnes Jane App
Gruer, Ann (Mrs Donald Coutts) App
Guay, Mme Pierre (Deliose Poissant) 106
Hargrave, David A Gordon 194
Hargrave, Jane 194
Hargrave, John 194
Hargrave, Mrs John (Jemima Moffat) 194
Hargrave, Joseph 193, 194
Hargrave, Mrs Joseph (Jane Melrose) 192
Hargrave, William 194
Henderson, Mrs Arthur Alex (Alice McRae) App
Henderson, Elizabeth C (Mrs Wm Forrester) 43
Henderson, Suan 73
Henderson, William 73
Henry, Isabel (Mrs Arch Finlayson) App
Higgins, John App
Hope, Annie M (Mrs William B Stacey) 105
Hope, Freddie 187
Hope, George 138
Hope, Mrs George (Susan Francis) 137
Hope, Henry 190
Hope, Mrs Henry (Sarah Carson) 190
Hope, Isabella Jane App
Hope, James 183, App
Hope, Mrs James (Agnes Carmichael) 183
Hope, Mrs James (Isabella J Stringer) 139
Hope, Mrs James (Sarah A Wilson) 140
Hope, Margaret App
Hope, Mary Jane (Mrs Wm Thompson) 142, 166
Hope, William 185
Hope, Mrs William (Christina Moffatt) 184
Humble, Flora Matilda App
Humble, Jannet App
Humble, Thomas App
Humble, Mrs Thomas (Mary McLellan) App
Humble, John 215
Humble, Mrs John (Mary Stuart) 215
Hutchison, John 145
Jamieson, William 39
Jamieson, Mrs William (Margaret McDonald) 39
Johnson, Annie 49
Johnson, Hugh McVicar 46
Johnson, Stephen 49
Johnson, Mrs Stephen (Ann C McVicar) 49
Johnson, William 49
Johnston, Annie App
Jones, Elizabeth (Mrs John Proctor) App
Keith, Flora (Mrs Richard Stacey) 76
Kerr, Elizabeth M (Mrs ? Wilson) 167
Laing, George App
Laing, Alexander 195
Laing, Mrs Alexander (Ann Watt) 195
Lamb, Mary Ann (Mrs Thomas Mather) 198
Lassiline, Raphael App
Lavigne, Felix App
Lebeau, Jean (Mrs John Anderson) 177
Leckie, Alyce (Mrs Malcolm MacC Campbell) 22
Lochhead, Thomas 5
Longtin, Angelique (Mme Andre Poissant) 109
Lyall, Jane (Mrs Thomson) 118

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