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St-Matthew's Episcopal (Edwardstown Anglican) Church.

St-Chrysostôme, Quebec

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Family Name, Given Name Monument
Angel, Mary (Mrs Richard Toynton) 40
Baskin, Dina 36
Baskin, Earl 37
Baskin, Mrs Earl (Dorothy Lane) 37
Baskin, Edna L.E. (Mrs Edward L Rabideau) 34
Baskin, James Oliver 42
Baskin, Myrtle 36
Baskin, Osborne 36
Baskin, Percy 35
Baskin, Raymond Oliver 42
Baskin, Rebecca Idella Pearl 36
Baskin, Richard Edward 36
Baskin, Mrs Richard Ed (Margaret I Lockhart) 36
Baskin, Ruth 36
Baskin, Sarah Cowan Bertha 41
Baskin, Violet 38
Baskin, Walter Howard 36
Baskin, William George 40
Blakeney, Margaret Stacey 2
Bushey, Fillmore 3
Bushey, Elizabeth J. (Mrs Fillmore Bushey) 3
Charters, Adeline (Mrs John Munro) 31
Charters, Caroline (Mrs William Malone) 29
Cleland, Bessie E (Mrs Thomas R McComb) 11
Crickmar, Elizabeth (Mrs Philip Hart) 22
Dillon, Agnes C. (Mrs Thomas P Stacey) 1
Dillon, Mrs John (Margaret Sever) 23
Falkner, Elizabeth (Mrs Robert Grasby) 4
Ferguson, Ellen L. (Mrs James Stacey) 19
Grasby, Annie (Mrs Francis McComb) 15
Grasby, Elizabeth 4
Grasby, James 4
Grasby, Joseph 4
Grasby, Mrs Joseph (Ann Patterson) 4
Grasby, Robert 4
Grasby, Mrs Robert (Elizabeth Falkner) 4
Harder, Mrs William (Annie Wheatley) 4
Hart, George H. 21
Hart, Mrs George H (Margaret D. Robinson) 21
Hart, Philip 22
Hart, Mrs Philip (Elizabeth Crickmar) 22
Lane, Dorothy (Mrs Earl Baskin) 37
Lockhart, Margaret I (Mrs Richard Ed. Baskin) 36
MacCuaig, Fannie E. (Mrs R. John McComb) 12
Malone, Maria 28
Malone, Mrs William (Caroline Charters) 29
Manning, Cindy 39
Manning, Donald W 39
Manning, Jeffrey 39
Manning, Patrick 39
Manning, Ronald 39
McComb, Francis 15
McComb, Mrs Francis (Jane Stacey) 15
McComb, Mrs Francis (Annie Grasby) 15
McComb, H. Wesley 16
McComb, Mrs H. Wesley (Esther E Thomas) 16
McComb, James Robert Clelland 11
McComb, Mary Laura 14
McComb, Robert G 13
McComb, Mrs Robert G (Mary Ann Stacey) 13
McComb, R. John 12
McComb, Mrs R. John (Fannie E. MacCuaig) 12
McComb, Sophia (Mrs Alexander Sever) 20
McComb, Thomas R. 11
McComb, Mrs Thomas R (Bessie E Cleland) 11
Moffatt, Elizabeth E. (Mrs David Stacey) 17
Munro, Adaline 30
Munro, Mrs John (Adaline Charters) 31
Patterson, Ann (Mrs Joseph Grasby) 4
Pridham, Emily C. (Mrs Edward G Sutton) 24
Rabideau, Dora Phylis 34
Rabideau, Edward L 34
Rabideau, Mrs Edward L (Edna L.E. Baskin) 34
Rabideau, Viola Muriel 34
Robinson, Margaret D (Mrs George H Hart) 21
Sample, Mary Ann (Mrs Henry Stacy) 18
Sever, Agnes J. 20
Sever, Alexander 20
Sever, Mrs Alexander (Sophia McComb) 20
Sever, Margaret (Mrs John Dillon) 23
Smyth, Graham 32
Smyth, George 33
Stacey, David 17
Stacey, Mrs David (Elizabeth E. Moffatt) 17
Stacey, James 19
Stacey, Mrs James (Ellen L. Ferguson) 19
Stacey, Jane (Mrs Francis McComb) 15
Stacey, Mary Ann (Mrs Robert G. McComb) 13
Stacey, Richard J 1
Stacey, Thomas P 1
Stacey, Mrs Thomas P (Agnes C. Dillon) 1
Stacey, William 17
Stacy, Henry, Sr 18
Stacy, Henry, Jr 18
Stacy, Mrs Henry (Mary Ann Sample) 18
Stacy, Jane 18
Stacy, Kezia Louisa 18
Stacy, Margaret 18
Stacy, Mary Ann 18
Sutton, Rev Edward G. 24
Sutton, Mrs Edward G (Emily C. Pridham) 24
Sutton, Grace Florence 26
Thomas, Esther E (Mrs H Wesley McComb) 16
Toynton, George, Sr 40
Toynton, George, Jr 40
Toynton, John 40
Toynton, Margaret 40
Toynton, Richard 40
Toynton, Mrs Richard (Mary Angel) 40
Toynton, Sarah J. 40
Turcot, Albert 10
Turcot, Mrs Eusebe (Mary Jane Wheatley) 10
Tweedie, George 5
Wheatley, Annie (Mrs William Harder) 7
Wheatley, George 6
Wheatley, George Brollon 10
Wheatley, Isabella 10
Wheatley, Mary Jane (Mrs Eusebe Turcot) 10


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