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Howick, Quebec

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Cemetery - West Side
Georgetown Presbyterian Cemetery - West Side

Back of the Church
Georgetown Presbyterian Cemetery - Back of Church

Georgetown Protestant Cemetery is located at the back and on the west side of the Georgetown Presbyterian Church. The church is located on RTE 138 at the junction of Mill Road, 0.5mi (0.8km) west of the Village of Howick, in the Southwest region of the Province of Quebec.

Georgetown Cemetery is the oldest protestant cemetery in the Châteauguay Valley with the earliest reported burial in 1807, well before the first minister arrived and the establishment of the Georgetown Presbyterian Congregation. It is the largest protestant cemetery in the old Châteauguay County with about 730 monuments and has considerable space for expansion in the future. In 1913, the cemetery was incorporated as a separate company and the land transferred from the Church. Today it is managed by a largely volunteer committee and from the appearance of the grounds they are doing a good job of maintaining it.

The records of the cemetery are mixed. Prior to incorporation in 1913 the only surviving records are those in the church registers of Georgetown and a number of other nearby Presbyterian churches. Unfortunately many ministers did not record the place of burial in their records and as there were 11 presbyterian churches and 6 presbyterian cemeteries within 10 miles of Howick, these church records can be confusing or misleading. After incorporation, the burial records were kept separate from the church records and they are mostly complete but the names are not always fully written out ie Mrs J. Smith instead of full married and maiden names. As is usual with all old cemeteries, there are an unknown number of burials which do not have a surviving monument to record the vital information. We have been researching all of the church records that are available under current laws as well as local newspaper files and other sources and hopefully will have as complete a burial list as possible when the project is finished.

A complete set of photographs of the surviving monuments has been taken over the past 3 years. The inscription information has been transferred to a database along with information from the cemetery committee burial records. We have been reluctant to create a more detailed web page of inscriptions until the data collection has been completed. This has taken much longer than anticipated with new sources appearing in recent months. Meanwhile we have produced an alphabetic list of the names that appear on surviving monuments and in the present burial records for your perusal. This list also contains the names of owners (identified with a * in front of the given name) whose name does not appear on the monument or elsewhere in the burial records for that particular lot. It also contains the names of persons whose names are preengraved on the monument and lot own lot owners who are still alive. If you would like further information on any names in this list, contact the webmaster who can forward a photo of the monument or other info as available. Please keep your requests to one or two stones at a time. If making more extensive data requests, consider a donation of your choice to the cemetery to help with maintenance.

For those who wish to visit the cemetery in person, a Lot Map has been provided as a guide to locate the monuments. The monuments are identified by the section of the cemetery, the range or row, and the lot/plot on the range where it is located. The cemetery sections are named as follows along with the approximate date of the first burial in that section:

Section Name       Code First Burial
Annex  =  AN 1917
Annex West  =  AW 1969
Glen Survey  =  GS 1870
New Ground  =  NG 1901
New Ground West  =  NW 1964
Old Ground  =  OG 1807
Old Road  =  OR 1896

Within a lot, the plots are identified as:
East1 East2 West2 West1
(E1 E2 W2 W1)
in that order from the Southeast side to the Northwest side.

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