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2002 Journal / Journal 2002


The latest CVHS publication, the 2002 Annual Journal has just been published. It's feature article is the Diary kept by Katherine Jane Balfour, wife of Edward Ellice, the Younger, son of the Seignior of Beauharnois, during her visit to the area in 1838. The cover shows a watercolor painting that she did during a visit to the St-Regis Indian Reservation.

Of particular interest to local historians is the index of the Sellar Papers that is included in the "Notes of Conversations..." article on page 21. It lists the names of all the persons with whom Robert Sellar talked during his research for his history of the Chateauguay Valley. The CVHS has a photocopy of all 4 volumes of the notes that are available for examination by appointment.

For the convenience of readers, the Sellar Index is now on-line. Photocopies of pages can be ordered from the Society copy or on the SWQuebec website.

  Index of Articles  
  2002 issue
Featuring: Jane Ellice's Diary and Paintings
Page Title Author
1 Jane Ellice's Visit to St.Regis(E) Robert McGee
5 Des Images de la Préhistoire à Châteauguay(F) Marc Lefebvre
13 A Foot in Both Worlds at Kahnawake, 1834(E) Frank Mackey
17 Les Premiers Agriculteurs de la Région de Saint-Anicet(F) Michel Gagné
21 Notes of Conversations with First Settlers of the District of Beauharnois(E) Robert Sellar
28 Les Élèves et L'Archéologie(F) Paula Dolphin
31 Nine Small Sites on Lake St.Francis(E) James F. Pendergast
39 Les Nôtres Sous les Drapeaux(F) Yvon Julien
41 Pioneer Holstein Breeders Remembered(E) Carolyn Cameron
45 The Mystery of the Pedlar(E) Andrew Learmont Spedon
and Edward C.D.Hagan
54 Howick and its "Ellicean" Toponomy(E) Denyse B.Touchette
61 Un Monument de la Monarchie Britannique s'eteint à 101 Ans(F) Yvon Julien

This 2002 journal is available for $15Can + mailing from the CVHS Publication Dept.

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