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2007 Journal


The latest CVHS publication, the 2007 Annual Journal has been published and is now available. Its featured theme is rural school houses in the Valley. The cover displays photos of some of the school houses.

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  2007 issue
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8 The Chateauguay Valley and the Quebec Rural Schools Question, 1901-1907(E)
A history of the rural schools in Quebec and the political partisanship that followed from Quebec's dual cultures at the beginning of the 20th century.
Robert Hill
20 Huntingdon's Telephone History(E)
The history of telephone service in Huntingdon from its beginnings in 1883 to the technological marvels of today.
Ken Lyons
23 Memoires of One Room School Houses(E)
The recollections of some of the teachers in the early school houses in our region.
Gerry Carrigan
28 Le Site Droulers/Tsiionhiakwatha(F)
A description of the early native American archeological site and interpretation center located in St-Anicet.
Philippe Decloïtre
34 Anatomy of a Country School House, 1857(E)
The specifications for the construction of a rural one room school house in the mid 19th century
36 The Scottish Influx to the Chateauguay Valley(E)
The history of the early settlement of parts of the Chateauguay Valley by Scottish Immigrants.
Dr. Lucille Campey
48 Ville de Lery Se Raconte(F)
A history of the Town of Lery.
Yvon Julien
50 The Story of Maurice O'Connor(E)
A family history of the O'Connors of Huntingdon.
Gerry Leroux
56 L'École du Christ-Roi(F)
The history of a english catholic school in Chateauguay Basin.
Marc Lefebvre
58 The Howick Women's Institute 95th Anniversary.(E)
A brief history of the Women's Institute in Howick with a list of the founding members in 1911.
Isabel Templeton
62 A l'Aube de ses 50 Ans, le Club de Curling et de Golf BeauChateau Ferme ses Portes(F)
The history of the BeauChateau golf and curling club.
Yvon Julien

This 2006 journal is distributed to all paid-up members of the Society as part of their membership package. Additional copies are available for $10Can + mailing from the CVHS Publication Dept.

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Société Historique de la Vallée de la Châteauguay

2007 Journal


La dernière parution du Journal annuel 2007 est disponible. La page couverture avait photos des quelque maisons d'écoles rurales dans le Vallée.

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  parution 2007

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Le Journal 2006 (is distributed to all paid-up members of the Society as part of their membership package)

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