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Newsletter September 2012

Upcoming Events:

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable summer.

The 2012 Journal is now ready for viewing. Call a C.V.H.S. Director to find out where you can pick up yours or Connie McClintock-Wilson (450-264-5736).

Help: Mary Lou Black would like to receive stories or information of the locations where American soldiers during the 1812-1814 battle may have been buried along the Chateauguay River. She can be reached (450) 264-4402 or

Note: If you have old family photographs or of buildings and places no one wishes to keep, consider giving them to Mary Lou Black. She enjoys researching and finding the names to pictures.

Attention: The Society is in need of an editor for the Journal. This will be volunteer work and you can work from your own home. A written knowledge of both languages would be an asset. If you are interested, please contact me.

Parks Canada Event: Park s Canada at Allan s Corners on October 6, 2012, a military encampment demonstrating the day-to-day life of the militia will take you back to a pivotal period in our history. Starting at 1:30 p.m., a special ceremony will commemorate the War of 1812 and the Elgin and District Pipe Band will play music from the era. On October 7, beginning at 3:15 p.m., historian Brigitte Violette will give a lecture Women and the War of 1812 , describing the impact of the war on the lives of women in the British colonies. You may be surprised to learn that they were much more than simple spectators in the war and the military.

Note: An upcoming event will be a timeline collection of the Society s efforts to collect information of the 1813 skirmish at Allan s Corners. This will be at the Salle Alfred-Langevin in the Chateau in Huntingdon between Oct. 21 and Nov. 11. Also included with this event on Oct. 20, at 2 p.m., will be music by Stan Ransom. He will perform Music from the War of 1812, a concert of traditional music relating historical events.

Mark your calendar for the re-enactment of the battle of Chateauguay to take place October 5-6, 2013 at the Ormstown Exhibition grounds. This promises to be a great event and should not be missed.

Important: We are attempting to keep abreast of the times and send our newsletter out by electronic mail to cut down on the cost of postage, etc. If you have joined the electronic era, send me your co-ordinates (e-mail address) and I'll put your name down on our mailing list.

Also Important: Please verify that your membership is up to date in order to receive the 2012 Journal.


The Taste of History, in April, was held at the Parks Canada Museum at Allan's Corners. It was very well attended by members and non members. Two speakers, one Canadian, one American, spoke about the War of 1812.

Annual General Meeting: Officers voted into office for 2012 are as follows: President: Gerry Leroux; Vice President: Darleen Kerr-Sabetta; Secretary: Carolyn Cameron; Treasurer: Ian Rennie.

Antique Treasures: May 20, 2012: This was another successful event and there was a large turnout of people wanting to know if their treasures had any value or if they were just precious to them. André Gousse (artillery/weaponry) gave his expertise on a wide variety of old guns, swords, etc. Carolyn Cameron (china, pottery, etc.) examined a selection of items brought in for evaluation. Tom Hamilton (furniture, etc.) scrutinized, among other things, an interesting little chair. Peter Baker gave his expertise on many different items.

Expo Ormstown: This event provided us with an opportunity to meet many of our members and this year, a lot of you expressed a great interest in our theme The Battle of 1812- 1814. There was also a display of quilt patterns the pioneer women may have made (if they and their husbands were against the use of slavery) to depict the path a fleeing slaves could have taken as they fled north to freedom. These quilts also indicated where it was safe for the slave(s) to get food or shelter. Be aware that there is no historical fact attached to these quilts, nothing had been written down, it is supposition of what the pattern on the quilts meant.

Summer Outing: In Malone, N.Y. This was a wonderful day of exploration of the "underground railroad" that allowed slaves to cross into Canada and gain freedom. First we visited the 1st Congregational Church where an underground passage had been discovered in the basement, which is the remnant of the earlier church building, and includes a tunnel and a once concealed room under the old portico. The second part of the day was spent the Franklin County Historical and Museum Society. The Victorian House of History contained period rooms, historical exhibits, and antiques of all kinds.

Heritage Fair at Lacolle on March 10th: The day was very informative and the various displays depicting the battle and the various sites were well done.

Many of you have sent me comments about the Newsletter and each one was well appreciated. Your comments, suggestions and even critiques are very valuable.

Darleen Kerr Sabetta,
Newsletter Editor (


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