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About Christian Wehr's Petition

These documents comprise a very early petition by Christian Wehr and a large number of associates for land grants to settle in the region between Pike River and the southern branch of the Yamaska river. In the transcription that follows I have attempted to adhere to the original spelling but my transcription has not been verified. Some of the words are particularly hard to read so if you suspect a mis-transcription please contact me and seek verification.

I am indebted to M. Jef Asnong for providing a copy of these early documents. Jef was given copies of these by André Charbonneau, a local historian from Henryville.

Petition for Land Grants, Christian Wehr, 2-Mar-1782, pp. 185-186

St-Johns, March 2nd 1782

May it Please Your Excellency.

We Humbly beg to inform your Excellency That we recived a letter from Major Mathews dated Feby. 16th in answer to a letter to Your Excellency Concerning the Kings lands East of Mifsisque bay and are very sory to hear that your Excellency has so bat an Oppinnion of us, as to our Vieus of Settling them lands we Petition for, as if it were only for the sake of Traffican with the Colonies, we humble beg to inform your Excellency, that it is in nowife our intention, nor never was, to settle East if Mifsisque Bay, with a Vieu to Traffic with the Colonies. No it is Quite Otherwife, for we do assure Your Excellency that our only aim is, the Cultivation of the land and not Traffic, We can not but think that the Spirit of Cultivation will fall, if we consider that we shall or must Go, to a Place, where our labour will be in Vain, because we must allmost Exsport the Value of our Produce before we can bring it to a Marked and morover it borders very high apon excile, if a Man that Posefses any Spirit of Freedom, must Go to a place where he does not wish to Go, and if Your Excellency is of oppinnion, that there is but a few of us, and them few has no Spirit of Cultivation, we Humbly beg your Excellency will Please to order, or Permit, two, or more Men, to go round to the Loyalists, and let them signify, by signing their Names to what Place they would wish to go, and then your Excellency will find that it is not a few Individuals only, who now so Earnestly and humbly Petition your Excellency for their lands East of Mifsisque bay but that there are more than three hundred of whom the Most general Part have been well living Farmers and sons of able farmers before the Rebellion in America, and those People who were brought up to Cultivate the ground have no other way, neither do they desire any other ways to mantain themselfs and Famelies, then by Cultivation, therefore we humbly beg since we all have been such Gread Sufferers by being driven from our homes and Conections, that we might have our land Granted in the Parts we have Petitioned for which would afford us some Satisfaction.

And as for the Quarrelling with our Neighbours we have not the least apprehention of being in any more danger from the United states by being settled in the PLace we Petition Your Excellency for as in the upper Country or on Caldwell's Manor.

We most humbly beg Parton of Your Excellency for Troubling you so much Concerning the aforesaid lands, but since it is of so much Consiquence to mankind to live in the Place, where they can make the most of their labour, and where they are more inclined to Settle, that it Constitutes the Greader half of their Happinefs in this world. Therefore we can not find it in our hearts to have off beging and Praying, untill Your Excellency in Your Clemency are most Graciously Pleafed to Grant our lands in the Parts we Petition for. I humbly beg do subscribe myselfe, with due respect

Your Excellencys
Most Obedient and
Very humble servant
Christian Wehr

S.B. Since Captain Haldemeyer is from home and we do not know when he will return again the rest of the Officers and Men which are at this Place, Desired that I might write the foregoing Letter in my name and humbly beg, that if Your Excellency will Please do Condecend and sent us an Answer, do direct it to Chn. Wehr Lieut. &&&&.