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About Samuel Adams Petition

These documents comprise a very early petition by Samuel Adams and a large number of associates for land grants to settle in the region between Pike River and the southern branch of the Yamaska river. In the transcription that follows I have attempted to adhere to the original spelling but my transcription has not been verified. Some of the names are particularly hard to read so if you suspect a mis-transcription please contact me and seek verification.

I am indebted to M. Jef Asnong for providing a copy of these early documents.

Lower Canada Land records, Reel C-2504, Vol 29. [FHL US/CAN film 1630493 Items 2-4]
Petitions for Land Grants, Samuel Adams, 5-Feb-1787, pp. 15445-15449

To the Right Honorable Guy Lord Dorchester Governor and Commander in Cheif over the province of Quebec &&&

The memorial of Sam Adams in behalf of himself and his constituents to the number of more than one hundred other persons who are intitled to and have not received thair Quotas of Crown Lands humbly showeth...      that many of your Lordships memorialift are artefisers and mechaniks of Diferent Kinds. Many have been accustomed to Shipbuilding. Others to Giting Lumber many have been breed to the Sea and have bin imployed in carying on the weft india trade many others are in much reduced Surcomstances that without the afsistance of thair friends in the States who are Loyal thay would be unable to form any Settlement and from whome thay Expect to Receive cattle and provisions which it would be vastly dificult if not impossible to transport to the upper Cuntry and which thay might have the advantage of in a Cuntry contiguous to the States and thay further Shew that if a Settlement Should be incoredged in a Conveniant place in this province where thair was a prospect of trade being caried on and Shipbuilding Your Memorialist might become capable of following thair several ocupations within his majestyes Dominions for the Support of themselves and families and also many of thair connections within the States men of property and profesed Loyalist would if allowed to bring thair property into this province become Settlers in order to Cary on that bisnifs for which Reafons and as Your Lordships Memorialist view themselves incapable of Supporting themselves and families at the places alloted for the Loyalist in the uper Settlements.

thay most humbly pray your Lordship and the honorable Councel to Grant them the priviledg of Recieving thair town lots in Sorel and thair Quotas of other Lands between mesisque bay or Pike River and the South branch of the River Yamaska that thay may become        able of following their Several ocupations for the Support of thair familys. as Your memorialist in duty bound Shall Ever Pray both for and in behalf of himself and Constetuents.

To the Right Honorable Guy Lord Dorchester Governor and Commander in Cheif in and over the province of Quebec &&&

the humble Petition of Saml. Adams Simpson Jenne and Saml. Rofe in behalf of themselves and afsotiates to the number of more than one hundred Refugees in and about Sorel and plases adiacent most humbly Sheweth

that your Lordships Petitioner During the late unhapy discentions in amarica by Reafon of thair allegence to the Britifh Goverment and by Complying with the Procklemations ifsued by his Majesties Generals have Loft thair whole Eftates on which thay depended for the Support of themselves and famalies (many have Suffered imprifiment and Corporol Punifhment others have bin Executed Savarel have alfo parifhed in making thair Efcapes and now many of thofe which Remain) am become Reduced to the Graiteft Diftrefs

that in the Year 1785 Your Petitioners profered a petion to Lieut Governor Hambleton for a tract of land between mefisque Bay and the South branch of the River Yamaska or Some other vacant Land adiacent that we may become not only Capable of Supporting themselves and famelyes but Render our Selves Servisable to this province by cultivating and Settling thofe tracts of wildernefs and inlarging his Majesties Settlements in this Province his honner the Lieut Governer informed your Lordships Petitioners that he was very Sorry it was not in his Power to Grant any Lands at that time but as inftructions was Shortly Expected from ingland advised your Petitioners that as Soon as those instructions Should arive thay might have an anfwer

Wherefore Your Lordships Petitioners humbly Pray for a Grant of Lands free of all Seignories and Subject to none other incombrance then these ware formerly Pofesed of: and adequate to our numbers and deferent Surcomstances as your Petitioners in Duty bound Shall Ever Pray both for and in behalf of themselves and Afosiates

We the Subscribers hereby Certify that we have appointed ~~~tn. Saml. Adams to be our Sole agent to act in Every Refpect as if we were all Personally preafont in Regard of the above Petition or memorial and to Do Every thing in his Poer to procure his Lordships anfwer &&& as witnifs our hands at Sorel this 22 day of January 1787.