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About RG1 3L3, Vol. 59 - List of Inhabitants of Noyan

This document is a description of that part of Noyan that belongs to M. Gabriel Christie together with a list of its present inhabitants.

This transcription is close to verbatim but format and character set make an exact rendition very complex.

Isle aux Noix or Noyan A Seigneurie situated on the east side of the River Richelieu Joining Sabrevois on the North & Foucault or what is commonly called Callwell Manor on the South; being Two Leaugues in Front by three Leagues in depth; the Rhumb de vent being due East & West, The half of the said Seigneurie only belongs to M. General Gabriel Christie.

The Original Grant to M. Chavey Noyan was Ratifyd by the King on the 25th day of March 1745.

Sale of the aforesaid by Monsieur D. Noyan & Madame Noyan his spouse to Mefs. Lieut. Col. Gabriel Christie and Captain John Campbell dated 27th March 1764 - the half of which being now the property of M. Genl. Gabriel Christie -

NoList of the present Inhabitants on the Premifses.
G Christie