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Total prisoners      121

John Peters

Return of the Corps of Queens Loyal Rangers commanded by Lieut. Colonel John Peters

The Queen's Loyal Rangers were raised in the spring of 1777 by order of Sir Guy Carleton, the Governor of Quebec. Historians indicate the order was given in May 1777 with Col. Peters appointment being the 27th June. They were the largest Corps that served with General John Burgoyne. Colonel John Peters commanded them. They took heavy casualties as they were with the vanguard of Burgoyne's army.

This document is the complete return for Col. John Peters' Queen's Loyal Rangers. It was made on the 14th December 1780 and shows where all men are at that time. After listing the current muster, the document includes the names of men no longer with the Rangers. At least some of those listed in the first part of the document as "billeted" can be shown to be captured prisoners of war. Christian and Jacob Schoolcraft are listed on page eight as prisoners at Stillwater and Adam on page nine as a prisoner at Bennington. However, Christian is also listed on page five as billeted. I believe this is Christian Jr. who is a prisoner of war. The specific document transcribed here was obtained from the Public Archives Canada. A second document was obtained from the New York State Library by Russell Patience. The content of both appears to be the same although the pagination, spelling, handwrighting and the order of the names are clearly different. The following transcription is from the Quebec version but some additional or contrasting information has been taken from the New York version. The New York information is indicated in red.

Quebec 14th december 1780

Return of the Corps of Queens Loyal
Rangers commanded by Lieut. Colonel
John Peters including Officers and Privates
as they now stand, and free of all disputes
or claims that may be made of them
by any other Corps - Viz -

Lieutenant Colonel John Peters Recruiting at Quebec
Major                 Zadock Wright Prisoner with the Rebels
Captains                 Justus Scherwood on Command at St. Johns
David McJall Prisoner on Parole at Quebec
Francis Hogel Billeted at Verchere
Lieutenants                 James Parrot Billeted at Verchere
John Dulmage Billeted at Verchere
Gersham French Acting in the Engineers department at Sorrel
Ensigns                 John Peters Jun. Billeted at Verchere
Thomas Wood Prisoner with the Rebels
Qtr. Masr. Titus Simons St. Johns
Volunteers                 Elijah Bottom on Command at St. Johns
Andrew Peters Recruiting
William Smith Quebec
Benjamin Davis Recruiting
Samuel Sherwood St. Johns
Quarter Master Sergt. John Ward on Command at Point au Fer
Sergeants                 Jonathan Fullord on Command
Elihu Northrop in the King's Works at Machiche
Thomas Beach Sick do.
David Williams in the King's Works - do.
Corporals                 Samuel Smith in the King's works Yamaska
John Brooks do. Sorrel
Robert Parry do. Machiche
Oliver Sweet Sick St. Johns
Privates                 Bruin Hough Point au Fer
Ichabod Hawley in the King's Works
at St. Johns
John Curtis
Daniel Colton
Francis Reading
William Ronalds
Benijah Benedict
Peter Beeby in the King's Works
at St. Johns
Nathan Brown
Daniel Scott
William Willoby
Timothy Hill do. Quebec
Andrew French
Stephen Smith do. Yamaska
Thomas Gates
Isaac Hubbel do. Quebec
John Oaks
Jerem. Fraser
Cornelius Keith
James Whitney
Enoch Mallery Point au Fer
Henry French
William Amsbury
Uriah Curtice
Barnie [Barnabus] Hough
Joseph Seely
Elijah Benedict
Privates                 Samuel Brownson St. Johns
Samuel Brownson Jun.
James Gowen do. In the Hospital
Justus Sealy Recruiting
Justus Sealy Jun. Point au Fer
Benjamn. Ronalds Billeted
with the Flag
Abraham Coons
Adam Vent
Lemuel Brooks Billeted
William Fraser
Ebenezer Airs
John Johnson Montreal Sick in Hospital
Elkana Bobbit Sorrel
John Butler
Peter Foster
Philo Hard
James Hard
Elisha Hard Billeted
Adam Cole do.
Seth Cook River La Cole on Command
James Gray Machiche
John Wright Wounded in the Hospl. At St. Johns
Solomon Ball On Command
Daniel Walker
Jonathan Wickwire Billeted
Lewis Mosher
Peter Montgomery Recruiting
John Jackson Billeted
Henry Redkar
Joseph Loasevong
John Lindsey
Privates                 Bearney Bell Sick in the
William Francis
Moses Levermore Quebec
John McMough ditto Sick do.
James Adams Quebec
Samuel Read
Garret Miller Montreal
Philip Sartzer ditto
John Benegar ditto in the King's employ
Ephraim Airs Prisoner with the Rebels
Cornelius O'Kief Marines in the
upper Lakes as may
be seen by Captain
Shanks Receipt
to Capt. Sherwood
Cornelius Mills
Jacob Waldrot
John Knows
Michael Whaler
John Halmore
William Parke
John Cotter
Dominic Cleves Delivered over to
Capt. Shanks to
be put on board
His Majesty's
ships to serve by
order of His Ex-
John Allen
Joseph Worthy
Lawrence Maning
Thomas Low
Peter Orar
John Sinnat
Patrick Rens
Benjamin Wing Billeted
John Gifford
Peter Hogle
Daniel Wing
Samuel Blowers
Privates                 George Witman Billeted
Anthony Phillips
Benjamin Bonnet
Christian Schoolcraft
James Benage[r]
Daniel McPherson
Daniel Smith
Alexander Henderson
William Hygh [Hugh]
Daniel Elsworth
Lieutenant Colonel    1
Major                            1
Captains                     3
Lieutenants                3
Ensigns                       2
Volunteers                  5
Sergeants                   5
Corporals                   4
Privates                    99
Total                        123
Privates                 Jonas Earl Taken Prisoners
at Bennington
Elisha King
Simon Baxter              { Rutland [Taken prisoners at Bennington]
ditto at { Connecticut
             { Thornton [Taken prisoners at Bennington]
Jonathan Wright
Mathew Thornton
John Robinson ditto at Bennington
Stephen Bethel
Charles Griffin
James Perrigo
Isaac Carrier
Abel Sharp
Philip Singer
William Marsh
James Brister
William Irish ditto on a Scouting Party
Stoutly Stafford
Samuel Trobridge
Elnathan Bristor ditto at Saratoga
Oliver Colven
Abiah Haskin ditto on a Scouting Party
Nathan Lee
Jonathan Lee
Amos Marsh
Shubel Marsh
Benjamin Moss ditto at Bennington
Elijah Osburn
Samuel Place
Austin Sealy ditto at Saratoga
Richard Sacket
Elrick Mosier ditto at Bennington
Abraham Beth
Privates                 David Chase Prisoners
at Saratoga
Josiah Dulmage
Nicolas Lake
Thomas Lake
Richard Bodwell
John Lucus
John Hodges
Jonathan Chace
James Lake Prisoners at Saratoga
Amos Dunning
Peter Deal [Taken prisoners at Bennington]
Robert Dunbar
Henry Groat
Henry Best
Adam Best
William Shaw
Andrew Beveridge
John Murry
John Van Walkenburg ditto at Saratoga
Thomas Chambers
James Thomas
Solomon Bunnel ditto at Bennington
Jisse Peusch
Zekiel Parish
Eliphilat Roberts
Phineas Mun
Charles Sweet
John Smith
Barnet Bullock
Peter Plass [Place]
Frederick Remer
Privates                 Ephraim Eirs Prisoner on a Scout
John Eudil ditto at Ticonderoga
Elijah Hubert ditto at Stillwater
Patrick Buchanan
Christian Schoolcraft
Jacob Schoolcraft
Duncan McCarter
Robert Logins
Robert Averil
Ager Hyde
James Breton
Joseph Braton
Abiael Hawkins
Joseph Baker
Henry Bulliss
Nihimiah French
George Oals
Lemuel Hawley ditto at Stillwater
Abraham Nilligau ditto at Bennington
David Wing
Jacob Cooper ditto on a Scouting party
Ahel Eastwood
Aron Van Kiler ditto at Saratoga
Ishmahel Ronalds
Henry Kyler
Daniel Chace
Francis Brock
John Brock
Jacob Wynes
Edward McDonald
Alester McDonald
Privates                 Joshua Ruthbone Prisoners at Saratoga
John Mills
John Bouchout
John Powers
Benjm. Spindelow ditto at Bennington
Jabes Mosier
Jabes Mosier Jun.
David Preston
Othiniel Preston
Joseph Woodward
Henry Smith
James Ronalds
Martin Armstrong
Joseph Warden
Mink Lake
Joshua Tanner
Martin Manger ditto at Stillwater
Curtful Miller
Christopher Manger
John Manger
Christopher Galer
Martin Gayler
Mathias Gayler
John Talmage
William Millias ditto at Bennington
Privates                 David Mitchel Prisoners at Bennington
John Showers
Adam Schoolcraft