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About The Books of Record for the Town of Alburg, FHL US/CAN 27768

This document contains transcriptions and notes from the vital records, selected lists and other genealogically significant documents found in the Alburg Town Books of Record, Books 1 to 3. I have tried to record all vital records that were recorded as such and to summarize all Wills. I have selected only a few of the various lists of names.

CAUTION: These records are particularly difficult to read. You are advised to guard against errors by referring to the original images yourself. I prefer to provide my interpetation of the words whenever it is possible. I am sure some words have been mis-read. Should you have any doubt about them please contact and I will re-examine the documents.

In 1870 the State of Vermont required all towns to record vital records. Before that many towns had been recording vital records in the Town Books whenever an individual notified them. In the early 20th century the State asked the towns to transcribe copies of their vital records for archiving by the State. Some Towns submitted transcriptions of both the records mandated since 1870 and those earlier records that they could find in their Town Books. Some towns, like Alburg, only submitted those records mandated after 1870. Following are some of those early records from the first Alburg Town Book. (The transcribed records since 1870 are available from the State Archives in Middlesex.)

        The First Book of Record
        June 8th 1792

        A Present to the Town Clerk
        of Alburg from
        Ira Allen
        June 16th 1792

        The Book of Record for
        The Town of Alburg in the County of
        Chittenden and State of Vermont Begin
        The Eighth Day of June in the year
        of our Lord 1792

P 7
Benjamin Marvin Esq. John Ladin
Stephen Sweet James Andrew
Abraham Holdbrook Lyman Clother
Abel Parr Daniel Beagal
Thos. Reynolds Emanuel Hominger
John Chambers Samuel Mott Jr.
Sands Holmes John Waggoner
Elisha Reynolds Phillip Cook
James Sweet Wm. Limey
Asa Gardner Jonathan Darrow
Moses Parr Wm. Miller
Wm. Brandigo Peter Turner
Joseph Mott Hesekiah Wood
Alexander Griggs George Smith
Daniel Smith George Bremmer
Joseph Hayden John Lacin
Humphrey Smith Senr. John Mott
Silvester Sweet Henry Miller
Jofhua Manning Thos Callia
Abraham Way Adevard Aubery
Frederick Harvey Henry Abel
Peter Carrigan Christopher Pickel
Jacob Cook Joseph S. Mott
Wm. Sowles Timothey Sowles
James Fisher Joh Pickel
Richard Mott Nathan Niles
John van vliet Wm. Mies
Jacob Mott Phillip Croy
Joseph Weeks Ruben Taler
Gabrial Manning Benj. Spiners
Titus Clark Joseph Sowles
Stephen Sowles John Shavager Jr.
Joseph Sweet Daniel ~~~alo~k
Joseph Mott Jur. Daniel L. galish
John Andrews Francis Waggoner
Ichabod Babcock
Timothy Mott
Alexander Scot
John Waters

P 8
David Harvy Levi Hammen
Abraham Conklin Saml. Brown
Daniel Clark Richard Smith
Adward Hagan Willm. Wibrey
Evirt Griggs Benjm. Anderson
Nathaniel Wait Stephn. Smith
Timothy Torie Jno. Corben
Ruben Garlich Aron Wood
Royal Corke Michl. Barringer
John Griggs Sylvester Sweet Junr.
J~~~~ Admans Thomas Marvin
Abraham Griggs Job Gardner
Job Babcock Moses Parr
Jefse Bolles Joseph Juel Junr.
Tramas Clark John Clark
William Jacobs Jr. Eider Hammen
John Sowles Lewis Soul
John Taylor James Palmer
Philip Carrigin Edwrd. Pike
William Duel Benjamin Barry
William Wilfon Thomas Barry
Danel S. Garlich Samuel Wright
Saml. J. Mott Jno. Babcock
Jacob Pickel Elisha Runnels
Daniel L. Garlek Robert Brown
John R. Chilton Peter Fountain
Simon Shuls Jacob Manning
Abraham Scott James Carver
Do~~ Searles George Carver
Saml. Tracy Walter Darrow
Di~~~~ McGreger Mofshes Niles
Paul Corrigan James Williams
Elijah Munro Solomon Ronvill
Conrad Bangat James Niles
Edw. Dania Uriah Travis
Michael D~~l George Straight
Michael Barringer Junr. Paul Niles
Hugh Andrew
John Duel
Frederick Honsicker
John Dawfson
The following names were written vertically in the right margin.
Simon Babcock
Henry Dillenback
Peter Dewgan
Thomas W. Husen
John P. Smith

P 15
The Birth of South Alburg

Philip Cook Junior October 24th 1788 Philip

Francis Hogel Cook November 20th 1790
Margaret Cook February 22nd 1792
Sarah Cook April 1st 1795

Niles Helms August 10th 1788 Sands

Rowse Helms November 20th 1790
Mary Helms July 10th 1792
Sands Helms Junr. June 14th 1794

George Sweet June 1st 1783 Stephen

Mary Sweet December 5th 1786
James Sweet February 23 1789
Francis Sweet June 5th 1791
Patience Sweet January 25th 1793
Hannah Sweet December 15th 1795

Asa Gardner August 12th 1771  

Nathan Sears August 22nd 1768  
Sibyl Johnson August 23rd 1774
James Sears June 1st 1793

James Helms September 20th 1796 Helms
Carlton Helms
February 18th 1798

Mary Munro 1777 Elijah

Pheby Munro March 17th 177~
Alice Munro March 15th 1783
Nancy Munro May 19th 1786

Diadamia Niles January 27th 1797 Ichabod

Elizabeth Niles February 10th 1799

Thomas Eldred Sweet August 21th 1789 Sylvester

Sweet Sn
Hannah Sweet March 4th 1793
Elizabeth Sweet December 12th 1796
Sylvester Sweet Junr. August 24th 1798
Patience Sweet August 24th 1798

Ira Sowles March 26th 1798 Lewis

William L. Sowles May 30th 1800

P 51
Alburg the 10th of April 1795 We the Subscribers do hereby Depute Authorise and Impower Ichabod Badcock as oversear to advise with and infpect into the dealings of John Miller until the first day of March next Represented to us as Lunatick and not able to act for him self there are therefore to forbid all persons making any Bargain or contracts with Sd. Miller without the consent of his Sd. oversear.
Endered April ye 20th 1795
Saml. Miller Town Clerk
John Chambers
John Griggs
Stephen Sweet
David Harvey

Followed by other Town business.

Page 71
Know all men by these presents that I William Miller of Alburgh Chittenden County & State of Vermont do for the Valuable consideration to me conveyed by John Miller of Alburgh County & State aforesaid the farm or Lotts of Land No. 38 & 39 Laying & being in said Alburgh, County & State aforesaid agree & promifs as follows Viz.
I so maintain as a Dutifull Son of said John during his life time in a good comfortable manner in full equality to my circumstances self & family both in Actuals & Clothing washing & as may be required to make him the said John comfortable or cause the same to be done for my self, Administration, Heirs & Assigns the value of said support & usage to be under the eye & inspection of Ichabod Babcock of said Alburgh, County & State aforesaid who is appointed by the Select Men, of said Town for from at a meeting call'd for a Complaint said John made to the Select Men aforesaid, & at every complaint said Ichabod shall see proper to make from the ~on performance of said William to his father John Miller & shall appear grounds for the same by him the said Ichabod representing to the aforesaid Select Men said William doth bond him self in the penal sum of One Hundred pounds Lawful Currency of this State to be well & truly paid by myself Heirs & Assigns unto the present aforesaid Select Men of Alburg. The conditions of the above Obligations are such that if said William performs, or causes the same to be done as is above written, the above mentioned Lotts or farm as now this date stand conveyed are to remain good and allowed as

Page 72
Such by aforesaid Select Men ther~~~ay said sale & conveyances are considerred Null & Void & Non affect from the peculiar s~tication & Juf~~~~ State of mind & reason of said John Miller so considerred, by the aforesaid Select Men. In Witnefs whereof I hereunder set my hand & Seal Interchangeably at Alburgh this Ninth Day of June AD One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety Five.
Witness Select
William Miller
John Ladue
Joshua Manning
Ichabod Babcock
Ruben E. Taylor
State of Vermont

Alburgh 9th June 1795
Personally appeared William Miller Signer & Sealer of the above obligation, & acknowledged the same to be his free act & deed before me
Benj. Marvin J. Peace
Enter'd June 10th 1795
Philip Cook T. Clerk

P 204
The Birth of Youth

Hannah Parr December 16th 1789 Moses

Parr Jun
Stephen Parr November 3 1791
Jonathan Parr February 7d 1797
Sylvester S. Parr September 29th 1800
Anna Parr March 6th 1804
William Parr August 10 1805

William Earl Hull Helms October 17th 1799 Sands


Robert Brown jur September 22th 1788 Robert

James Brown April 2th 1789
Mehitabel Brown June 9th 1793
Abigial Brown July 21th 1796
Prudence Brown October 5th 1799

Noel Wheeler Helms August 24, 1810 Niles Helms

Susan Helms
Powel Clinton Helms July 22, 1816

Peggy Babcock June 1th 1797 George

John Babcock February 25th 1799

Daniel D. Grant March 29th 1800 John

n Grant

Rouse Helms Junr Sept 7 1815 Hans Helms

James Helms August 7 1817

Page 1
Book of Records for the Town of Alburgh
In the County of Franklin and State of Vermont
Known and Distinguished by the Second Book
of Records

Began this 9th Day of May 1801 Attest

Alburgh                Lewis Sowles Town Clerk
Followed by notice of a Town Meeting.

P 3
The Birth of Youth of Alburgh Remarks

Margrate Nelfon July 24th 1800 Charles Nelfon

Ira Sowles March 24th 1798 Lewis

William Sowles May 30th 1800

Mehetable Sowles April 23th 1795 John

Anne Sowles November 1st 1796
John M Sowles November 6th 1798

Henry Sweet August 27th 1799 James

William Sweet April 23rd 1801

Anne Sowles March 2nd 1802 Lewis Sowles

Sophiah Tayler June 19th 1796 Reuben E.

Reuben Tayler May 3rd 1798

Eliza Sowles February 28th 1802 John Sowles

Michail Hensinger 3rd September 20th 1794 Emanuel

James Hensinger December 1st 1796
Abraham Hensinger June 26th 1798
Isaac Hensinger
Aaron Henry Hensinger August 20th 1800
Anne Hensinger December 11th 1803

Stephen Congal Sweet August 24th 1800 Stephen

Anne Sweet August 24th 1800

Margaret Garlick July 31st 1794 Daniel

L. Garlick
Daniel L. Garlick Jun. July 16th 1796
Jofeph Garlick May 3rd 3rd 1799
Reuben Henry Garlick Feby 1 1801
Reuben Henry Garlick Died June 30th 1803
Lucy Garlick April 25th 1804
L~~~ Sewell Hawkins March 5th 1802

Book of Records for the Town of Alburgh Known
and Distinguished by the Third Book of Records

Began this 11th Day of March 1803 Attest

                Lewis Sowles Tn Clerk
Third Book of Records for the Town of Alburgh

                Lewis Sowles Tn Clerk

March 11th 1803

The Inventory of Stephen Niles Estate of Alburgh196
November 27th, 1804: appraised at $1830.00 by William Brandigo, Jiles Wright and Stephen Potter.

The Birth of Youth Child of

Sylvia Sowles Born July 10th 1804 Lewis Sowles

Mary Sowles Born October 26th 1805 Lewis Sowles

John? Mott Born March 26th 1799 Ephraim Mott
Newton Mott March 16th 1801
Anne? Mott March 8th 1804

Francis Way Born 16th March 1795 Abraham
Johannah Way 4th Do. 1797
Laynor Way April 27th 1800
James Way
Andrew Way April 7th 1805

John Williams June 17th 1802 James
William Williams July 19 1805

Mary Sweet Born Jany. 20th 1803 James Sweet
Nina Sweet Born Decbr. 27 1804

Julia Catharine Wood born Sept. 25th 1806 Jarvis Wood
Mary Wood
Judith Wood Do. November 5th 1807
Laura Mehitable Wood Do. November 30th
Benjamin Franklin Wood November
21st 1811

325Mofes Parr Will
Mentions wife Mary; mentions children Susannah, Esther & Elizabeth arrive to the age of supporting themselves; mentions sons Mofes, Abel and Thomas; mentions daughters Sarah and Deborah; mentions daughters Mercy, Abigail, Mary, Susannah, Esther and Elizabeth.
Dated 30th December 1805 naming his wife as executrix.
Witnessed by Ichabod Niles, Stephen Sweet and Sylvester Sweet.

Abraham Holbrook Will326
Mentions son Abel; son-in-law William Brayton, Rufus Brayton and brother Nathaniel Holbrook; son John when he is at the full age of twenty one years; son Nathaniel when he becomes twenty one years of age; wife Elenor Holbrook; son Peter.
Dated 11th January 1806 naming his wife as executrix. Probated 3rd Monday of April, 1806 [Apr. 21, 1806].
Witnessed by Samuel Wright, William Miller and Nathl. Holbrook.