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About The Books of Record for the Town of Alburg, FHL US/CAN 27771

This document contains transcriptions and notes from the vital records, selected lists and other genealogically significant documents found in the Alburg Town Books of Record, Books 11 to 12. I have tried to record all vital records that were recorded as such and to summarize all Wills. I have selected only a few of the various lists of names.

CAUTION: These records are particularly difficult to read. You are advised to guard against errors by referring to the original images yourself. I prefer to provide my interpetation of the words whenever it is possible. I am sure some words have been mis-read. Should you have any doubt about them please contact and I will re-examine the documents.

In 1870 the State of Vermont required all towns to record vital records. Before that many towns had been recording vital records in the Town Books whenever an individual notified them. In the early 20th century the State asked the towns to transcribe copies of their vital records for archiving by the State. Some Towns submitted transcriptions of both the records mandated since 1870 and those earlier records that they could find in their Town Books. Some towns, like Alburg, only submitted those records mandated after 1870. Following are some of those early records from the first Alburg Town Book. (The transcribed records since 1870 are available from the State Archives in Middlesex.)

Alburgh Book of Records No. 11 June 1832
Mistake in paging 9 pages
paged Regular to 49 then Began again at 40
& paged sd. 9 pages twice over
            L. Sowles Tn. Clerk

Almira E. Loop's Will
Mentions brothers Augustus P. Loop, William H. W. Loop, Philyer L. Loop and Hiram L. Loop; mentions sister Milisa A. Loop; mentions land holding in both Alburg and Sutton, Quebec; appoints Augustus P. Loop as executor.
Dated 4th November 1830.
Witnessed by Thomas Marvin, Thomas C. Marvin and Hiram B. Sowles
Probate of Almira E. Loop's Will
Probated December 20th, 1830.
Contested on the grounds that the deceased wasa minor incapable of making a legal disposition of real estate.

Timothy Sowle's Deed to 4 of his Children
Mentions sons William Sowles and Timothy Sowles Junr.; mentions daughters Sally McMillin and Afsenath Norton.
Dated 22nd February 1834.

Ira Sowles & Sally Schutt was Married Nov. 14th 1820
Their Children was Born as follows (viz.)
Charles Sowles born Janry. 20th 1823
Sarah Ann Sowles Born Janry. 8th 1825
Hiram H. Sowles born Sept. the 8th 1829
George Sowles born Janry. 29th 1832
James Sowles Born Febry. 27th 1834
Mary M. Sowles Born January 24th 1836
Henry L. Reynolds & Jane Sowles was Married
June the 10th 1834. They had one child only
Charles Henry Reynolds Born 4th of April 1835

Timothy Sowles' Will
Mentions wife Betsy Sowles; mentions oldest daughter Sally McMillin; mentions heirs of Joshua Lewis and Briget Lewis (deceased) his second daughter (viz) Timothy Lewis, Amanda Lewis, Ann Lewis, Albert Lewis, and Afsenath Lewis; mentions heirs of Seymour Salls and Catharine Salls (deceased) his third daughter (viz) Lewis George Salls, Emily B. Salls, and Catharine P. Salls; mentions Afsenath Sowles his fourth daughter; mentions sons Timothy Sowles Junr., Lewis S. Sowles and William Sowles; appoints Lewis S. Sowles and William Sowles as executors.
Dated 30th January 1833.
Witnessed by Lewis Sowles, John Reynolds, Wm. Sowles, Richard Powers
Probate of Timothy Sowles' Will
Probated September 6th, 1834.

Henry L. Reynolds' Will
Mentions wife Jane Reynolds; mentions son Charles Henry Reynolds; mentions mother Anna Reynolds; mentions "two" sisters Loraney Sowles, wife of Stephen B. Sowles, and Lurinda Reynolds; appoints John Reynolds (uncle) and Jane Reynolds (wife) as executors.
Dated 21st March 1837.
Witnessed by Foraster Fisk, Elisha Reynolds and Miranda L. Sowles
Probate of Henry L. Reynolds' Will
Probated June 19th, 1837.

Book No. 12
Begun March 15th 1840
            Lewis Sowles Jr. Tn. Clerk

James Darby's Will
Mentions wife Jane; mentions son Oliver James when he becomes twenty one; mentions daughter Martha Jane when she becomes fourteen; mentions children Maryett E. Darby, Oliver James Darby, Miranda M. Darby, Sally L. Darby, Melifsa E. Darby and Martha Jane Darby; mentions father Jonathan Darby and mother Mary Darby; mentions brother George Darby; appoints Jane (wife) George Darby (brother) and Henry K. Reynolds (friend) as executors.
Dated 25th March 1841.
Witnessed by Wm. H. Darby, Celtin Wiley and James D. Darby
Probate of James Darby's Will
Probated September 25th, 1841.

357-360 [2nd occurrence of these page numbers]
John Reynold's Will
Mentions wife Lucy; mentions sons Lewis, Barber, Edward, Asa, Elisha and Wait; mentions two daughters Sylvia Maruise and Ann Sowles; appoints Barber W. Reynolds (son) as executor.
Dated 26th October 1844.
Witnessed by Frederick Hasen, A. B. Butler and Eunice Williams
Probate of John Reynold's Will
Probated December 21st, 1844.