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Annual Return of Captain John Griggs
Company of the 3rd Battalion of the County Rouville June 29th 1831

Captain John Griggs ae 42
Lieut. Frederick Derick ae 43
Ensign James Williams ae 31
Sergt James J. Brown ae 30
Sergt Alexander Griggs ae 26
Sergt George Johnson ae 29

Militia Men

John Derck ae 19  
Randol M. Bissell ae 49 married
Philip Bissell ae 23 single
Sidney Bissell ae 21 single
John Bissell ae 19 single
Hiram Brevoort ae 22 married
Edward Berry ae 25 married
John Brown ae 24 single
Patrick Simpson ae 29 married
Andrew Simpson ae 40 married
Andrew Brown ae 34 single
William Brown ae 37 married
Benjamin Brown ae 22 single
Edward Brown Jr ae 20 single
John Brown ae 18 single
William Hammond ae 25 married
Isaac H. Filer ae 23 married
James Campbell ae 49 married
Robert Peters ae 45 married
Comfort Fadden ae 26 single
Charles (Pebeca?) ae 44 married
Daniel Brownson ae 18 single
Abraham Freehott ar 46 married
John Terring ae 30 married
Peter Fosburgh ae 40 married
Abraham Hoose ae 41 married
Joshua Hoose ae 18 single
Peter Hoose ae 50 married
Philip Derck ae 54 married
Abram Derck ae 19 single
Matthias Emrick ae 44 married
Abram Johnson ae 26 single
Bartholomew Fosburgh ae 48 married
William Fosburgh ae 18 single
Thomas Gattiney ae 30 married
John Grant ae 34 married
Henry Biec ae ..... single
Daniel Covey ae 26 single
John C. Fosburgh ae 22 married
John Vosburgh ae 58 married
John Martin ae 40 married
James Magan ae 32 married
William Numan ae 35 married
Stephen Derway ae 60 married
Henry Young ae 38 single
Alva Johnson ae 35 married
Alexander Iby ae 2... single
Andrew Berry ae 24 married
Isaac Fosburgh ae 29 single
Henry Vosburgh ae 26 single
Francis Bellore ae 54 married
John Parraro ae 52 single
Henry Derck ae 50 married
Jacob Young ae 58 married

This list was sent by Darby Livingston to me back in the 1980's. I do not know what his source was. I did figure it worth posting and if anyone can make corrections or add a source, it would be most appreciated. Since ages are given here I thought the list was most worthwhile. Most listed appeared to be from the Noyan area.

Pam Wood Waugh, May 2005