There are many, many GREAT websites out there on Quebec for researchers to visit. I couldn't possibly list them all, but you might want to keep several of these, which seem to zero in on our area, on your Top Ten List!

ET Cemetery Transcriptions
Leslie Nutbrown has uploaded all the cemetery transcriptions that he and his wife have compiled along with those of Joan Cruickshank, Marilyn Davis, Dale Write and David Ellis. We are all so indebted for these wonderful contributions. (added 2/8/09)

1891 Census of Canada online now at the Library and Archives Canada. This is fully searchable and you can also offer corrections, should you find errors in the transcription. (added 2/8/09)

History of the Eastern Townships by Catherine Matilda Day, Montreal : J. Lovell, 1869. This entire book is available now at Early Canadiana Online. (added 2/8/09)

Contributions to the History of the Eastern Townships: a work containing an account of the early settlement of St. Armand, Dunham, Sutton, Brome, Potton, and Bolton by Cyrus Thomas, Montreal : J. Lovell, 1866. This entire book is available now from Google books. (added 2/8/09)

Pioneers of the Eastern townships a work containing official and reliable information respecting the formation of settlements by Catherine Matilda Day, Montreal? : 1863. This entire book is available now at Early Canadiana Online. (added 2/8/09)

1851 Census of Missisquoi County
Beth Davies has kindly given permission to post a link here for her compilation. This is an index to heads of household and strays appearing in the 1851 census of Missisquoi County, Quebec which was actually taken in January of 1852.(added 8/25/08)

Quebec Heritage Web
This site has a few "trails" of interest. It carries web brochures covering Megantic, Brome, Missisquoi, South Compton and Upper Saint Francis. (added 8/25/08)

The Loyalists - Pioneers & Settlers of Quebec - A Teacher's Resource
While this site is a created for teachers, it is a marvelous site for all ET Loyalist history buffs and frequent mentions of places in Missisquoi add to its interest. Good maps give insight as to where these Loyalists camped before moving in to places like Caldwell's Manor and St Armand. The end has links to books of interest. (added 6/7/05)

Tighsolas This site is beautiful -- loaded with photos and letters of days gone by. The site is named after the home of the Nicholson family in Richmond. There are many family letters to go through as well as different photos. I have included this in "Places to Visit" as well as "Families" because for those of you interested in a bit of history and the Sherbrooke Academy, as well as some fiesty women, this site may be of great interest to you. (added 5/05/05)

The Most Beautiful Villages of Quebec
includes a look at several of our ET's, including Knowlton, Frelighsburg and Stanstead. (added 2/5/05)

Nancy Cunningham has a new site on Stanbridge research (added 1/26/05)
Maps, cemeteries, etc. And, if you have a Stanbridge ancestor uploaded to the web, let Nancy know of the URL so she can add it. Promises to be a great site for folks working in that area.

Doug MacFie's sites on Clarenceville, Henryville and Noyan (added 4/26/04)
Great maps and super information. Please visit if you have any family that lived in these areas. - Quebec Cemeteries (amended 1/13/05)
Cemeteries here from Brome, Missisquoi, Sherbrooke, Stanstead, and Megantic Counties, many contributed by our own listers: David Ellis, Leslie Nutbrown, and Bill MacCallum.

English Settlers of Lacolle (added 1/14/02) (updated link 2/8/09)
Technically not with the ET's as I group them, but this site has much to offer. Many of these names are quite familiar to us, so I have included it here. A great history of the area is included as well some super photos.

Townships Heritage (added 4/2/01)
This is absolutely a must-see site on the Townships! Produced by the Townshippers' Association, it is FULL of history, comprehensive organization and society listings, and stories on pioneer life in the ETs. There is information on artists, education, industry, law and order, famous inventors. I could go on and on...Visit!

Magog & Lake Memphremagog (added 3/26/01)
A very nice looking site on Magog and area. A lot of photos, and links to articles. Be sure to visit the link on historical photos -- which covers the Eastern Townships, in general, as well as Magog! A site worth a lengthy visit!

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