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Franches Marine Rolls of the Officers and Soldiers of Colonial Canada



Illistrations: by Eugene Leliepvre, historian


The Franches Marines were a new branch of the Navy, created as a land force to protect the colonial interest of the French Regime. The Governor La Barre and the Intendant Meulles, both being newly appointed in 1682, soon became aware that the colony lacked the military strength to deal with the increasing attacks of the Iroquois and their allies. Concerned this would threatened the peace of 1677 and to harm or even destroy the French fur trading interests, they made urgent requests to the Secretary of the Navy Colbert for more troops. Although they were not officially established until 1685, the first companies arrived in Canada (New France) in 1683 and remanied until 1760

The Franches Marine Companies took the name of their captain. The companies officers were all of noble birth. The soldiers were required to be 5 foot 5 inches and the age 16 to 40. However, the age of 16 to 25 was most desirable. Both the officers and soldiers of these Fanche Marine Companies were paid considerably less than those of the same rank in the regular navy. Some of the officers received only half pay and were designated as reforme officers. This work is a study of the officers and soldiers of these Franches Marine Companies. It is also a window into the lives of the noble families of Canada

1. Franches Marine rolls 1683-1692

Franches Marine rolls 1694-1754

3. Franches Marine rolls 1671-1740

4. Franches Marine rolls 1689-1698


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