1851 Hinchinbrooke Census Transcription
Huntingdon County

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The transcription of the 1851 Hinchinbrooke Township Census was graciously provided by Bette Hopwood. A substantial amount of the census was overwritten which made the transcription an especially difficult task. The Census Taker was also extremely creative in how he spelled names and how he formed alphabetical characters. Please take this creativity into consideration if you are searching for a family. It could well be that the family is listed -- but with a remarkably different spelling!

On a further note about the census, most of the family homes were noted to be of log construction. Several school houses and mills with their values were recorded. The Census Taker noted that the land in Hinchinbrooke was stony and gravely. "Bad for Wheat" and the main crops being Indian corn, Buckwheat and potatoes. Good orchards were to be found on the 2nd and 3rd Ranges.

On a technical note, I'm posting the transcription in XML -- which is a variation of the HTML language. This will allow the user to look at the transcription in a format very similar to Microsoft Excel. Each tab on the bottom of the web page represents a page in the census book. Names were recorded on odd numbered pages which will explain the page numbering system. I'm hoping XML will solve the problem of the lengthy time it takes to load census information experienced when using simple text files. If anyone has a problem loading or accessing the census transcription, please let me know and I will look for a better solution.

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