1881 Huntingdon Villiage Census

Huntingdon County, Quebec

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As Graciously  Provided by Kelly Townsend

Pages 1 to 35 of the Census

The following are explanations of the abbreviations used in the transciption

BM= Birth Month
BP= Birth Place
FA # = Family number
HO # = House number
Mar.St.= Marital Status
Occ= Occupation
Ori= Origin
Rel= Religion

AB= aubergiste (hotel keeper)
AG= agent
AR= artiste (artist)
AV= abiveur
BE= bedeau d'Eglise (Sexton of the Church)
BL= boulanger (baker)
BO= bourgeois (boss, owner of a trade) 
BR= briqueleur (briqueteur - brick layer)
CB= capitaine de Bateau (boat captain)
CH= charpentier (carpenter)
CM= commercant (merchant)
CO= commis (clerk)
CR= cordonnier (shoemaker)
CT= couturiere (dressmaker)
CU= cultivateur (farmer)
ED= etud en droit (law student)
EM= etud en Med (medical student)
FE= ferblautier (tinsmith)
FO= forgeron (blacksmith)
GP= gardien de phare (lighthouse warden)
HO= hotellier (innkeeper)
HU= huissier (process-server)
IG= ingenieur (engineer)
IN= instituteur (school teacher)
JO= journalier (day laborer)
MA= macon (mason)
MD= medecin (doctor)
ME= menuisier (carpenter)
MF= manufacturer
MG= menagere (housekeeper)
MI= mineur (miner)
MO= modiste (milliner)
MP= maitre de poste (postmaster)
MS= ministre (minister)
MU= musicien (musician)
NA= navigateur (navigator)
NO= notaire (notary)
PI= pilote (pilot)
PR= pretre (priest)
RE= rectamateur
RV= revitre
SE= servante (maid)
SN= soeur novice (nun in the 1st probationary period)
SO= soeur (Sister)
SS= soeur superieur (Sister Superior)
TA= tailleur (tailor)
TI= tisserand (weaver)
TO= tonnelier (cooper)
VO= voyageur (traveler)
VT= voiturier (carrier, carter or builder of carriages)
Place of Birth
AN= Angleterre (England)
EC= Ecosse (Scotland)
EU= Etats-Unis (United States)
FI= Finlande (Finland)
IR= Irlande (Ireland)
NB= New Brunswick
ON= Ontario
QC= Quebec, Canada
B= Baptist
BC= Bible Christian
C= Catholique (Catholic)
CH= Christian
EA= Eglise d'Angleterre (Church of England)
EE= Eglise d'Ecosse (Church of Scotland)
EM= Episcopal Methodist
FT= Free Thinker
FW= Free Will Baptist
L= Lutheran
M= Methodist
NC= New Connextion Methodist
NO= No Church
P= C. Presbytarian
RC= Roman Catholic
UN= Universalist
WM= Wesleyan Methodist
Marital Status
M= maries (married)
V= veuvage (widowed)

AN= Anglais (English)
DA= Danoise (Danish)
FR= Francoise (French)
EC= Ecossaise (Scotch)
IR= Irlandaise (Irish)
Birth Month
AU= Aout (August)
AV= Avril (April)
DE= Decembre (December)
FE= Fevrier (February)
JA= Janvier (January)
JL= Juillet (July)
JN= Juin (June)
MA= Mai (May)
MR= Mars (March)
NO= Novembre (November)
OC= Octobre (October)
SE= Septembre (September)


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