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For both Catholic and Protestant families, genealogy  research in Quebec typically  leads a researcher to church records. These church records,  for baptisms, marriages, and burials,  provide substantial  information when it comes to completing a genealogy.  Most church records for the area can be found on microfilms for which copies are available from La Fédération des familles-souches québécoises inc., LDS Family History Centers', or the Quebec National Archive. Many people are also willing to do volunteer lookups from transcriptions or indexes of these church records. If a volunteer isn't able to assist you, there are also many helpful members of the Chateauguay Valley Mail List -- to which you may wish to subscribe and submit a query.

List of Catholic Churches in the Chateauguay Region & MicroFilm Information
The table below provides a list of Catholic Churches in the region and the approximate dates for their records that the 5 reel microfilm series M-317 covers. These are the Civil Catholic Registers for the Judicial District of Beauharnois, which includes the Beauharnois, Chateauguay, Huntingdon, and Vaudreuil-Soulanges Counties of Quebec. The microfilms can be ordered from the FFSQ (address below) or borrowed through a Family History Centre.

M-317 Cour supérieure D.J. Beauharnois
Registres d’état civil catholique
Noms des paroisses/Name of Parish
Soeurs-de-la-Charité-Île (1897-1899)
St-Bernard, Comté Châteauguay
St-Anicet, Comté Huntingdon (1877-1899)
Saint-Antoine-Abbé, (1877-1899)
Comté Châteauguay
St-Clément-de-Beauharnois (1877-1899)
St-Étienne-de-Beauharnois (1877-1899)
Saint-Jean-Chrysostome, (1877-1899)
Comté Châteauguay
St-Joachim-de-Châteauguay (1867-1899)
St-Joseph, Comté Huntingdon (1877-1899)
St-Lazare, Comté Vaudreuil (1877-1899)
Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague, (1877-1899)
Comté Beauharnois
Saint-Malachie-d’Ormstown, (1877-1899)
Comté Châteauguay
St-Médard-de-Station-du- (1895-1899)
Coteau, Comté Soulanges
St-Patrice-de-Hinchinbrooke, (1877-1899)
Comté Huntingdon
Sainte-Philomène, (1877-1899)
Comté Châteauguay
Saint-Régis (1877-1899)
St-Romain-de-Hemmingford (1877-1899)
St-Stanislas-de-Kostka, (1877-1899)
Comté Beauharnois
Saint-Télesphore, Comté (1877-1899)
Saint-Timothée, Comté (1877-1899)
Saint-Urbain-Premier, (1877-1899)
Comté Châteauguay
Sainte-Agnès-de-Dundee, (1877-1899)
Comté Huntingdon
Sainte-Barbe (1884-1899)
Ste-Cécile, Comté Valleyfield (1877-1899)
Sainte-Clothilde-de- (1885-1899)
Sainte-Martine (1877-1899)
Très-Saint-Sacrement, (1884-1899)
Comté Howick
Très-Saint-Rédempteur, (1881-1899)
Comté Vaudreuil
La Fédération des familles-souches québécoises inc.
Case postale 6700
Sillery (Québec)
G1T 2W2
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On-line Transcriptions: Quebec related

Sainte-Cecile Parish Records (Valleyfield, QC) 

On-line Transcriptions: New York State related
St Patrick's of Chateaugay (NY) Parish Records
Baptisms and Marriages from St. Patrick's Church Hogansburg, NY

Canadians Mentioned in St. Patrick's Catholic Church Records, Hogansburg, Bombay NY.
The link above will take you to the transcriptions of the records as provided by John Austin. John Austin is presently transcribing all the records (approx. 3000) and these will eventually be located on the Franklin County, NY GenWeb. For records where no indication is given where the person lived, John Austin would like to know so he can add that information. If you see a name or family member that you recognize, please let me,  Ken Steffenson and I will pass the information on to him.
The records come from baptismal and marriage records of the Catholic Church in Hogansburg NY (about 2km from St. Regis PQ). In March 1843, Fr. Jim Keveny assigned to the parish. His records (and all Hogansburg records up to 1915) have been microfilmed and are available from the on the LDS Family History Centre GSU #1450727, items 1-5.
The film as such does not have a title, except "microfilm of original records at St. Patrick's Church, Bombay NY . Text in Latin and English". The "Bombay" refers to the Township of Bombay in Franklin Co. The actual village where the church is is called Hogansburg, NY. 
There is NO index to these records, and the originals are VERY hard to read. There  are many HUNDREDS of events.  The link above will take you to events that appear to be for people from Huntingdon County. The Ft.Covington baptisms, 1844-1852, come from Item One. Most of the marriages are from Item 3, Marriages 1843-1855. By 1850, Dundee had its own resident priest and most Canadian references stop.
Fr. Keveny, and his brother Tom who succeeded him in 1852, almost never included ages, parents of married people, addresses or any other genealogical info.  NY had no Vital Records until 1881, so these baptisms and marriages may contain the only clues as to the genealogy of all these people.
Prior to the above: A  French Jesuit priest named Fr. Marcoux ran the mission to the Mohawks there but  the time, desire, or English language skills needed to handle all the Irish in the area (mostly pre-famine). As a result, Fr. John McNulty was assigned to the other Catholics and was stationed at Hogansburg about 1834. His records are (for some unknown reason) connected to Fr. Marcoux's occasional records of marriages, etc. to the people of the Hogansburg parish, and because of that, they have NOT been microfilmed  and are kept at St. Regis.   However, a fellow named Duncan McDonald did get permission to photocopy and transcribe those records and his publication can be obtained from a number of sources.

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