Elgin Presbyterian Church Cemetery List

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Elgin Presbyterian Church Cemetery is located in Elgin Township on the south side of Second Concession Road between Smaill & Wattie Sideroads. Elgin Town Hall is situated directly across from the cemetery. The cemetery dates back to the late 1820's when the Scottish Presbyterian settlers established the original Elgin Presbyterian Church at the west end of the cemetery.

The cemetery list comprises almost 400 burials. The list is organized by the primary surname found on the head stone.


(not legible) to DICKSON




Note 1: The inscription was found in the Elgin Presbyterian Church Cemetery List prepared by Gerry Rogers in the late 1970's, but either the monument is now illegible or the stone is no longer available as the stone was not transcribed.

Note 2: The information was obtained from Gerry Rogers' transcriptions of two head stones found in the McBeth Family Cemetery "on Oak Creek on the Hardwood Ridge" . The McBeth Family Cemetery was a walled plot 15' x 18' X 6' high with a peaked shingled roof over the walls". "A pine door frame and door were attached .. with 18" (thick) stone walls". He noted that he stone for Ann (Wattie) McBeth had disappeared by April 1981.

Transcription & photographs 2005, Ken Steffenson
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