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Marriage Register Transcription

This re-transcription was kindly provided by Kevin Martin. Kevin prepared this version in June 2001 from a transcription compiled by Jean-Benoit Charette in1968. The listings here are ordered alphabetically by the Grooms surname and range from 1861 to 1967. An Acrobat Reader version of this information can be download here.

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Marriage Date Groom Groom Father Groom Mother Groom Note Bride Bride Father Bride Mother Bride Note
27 Aug 1949 Charles Abbot Thomas Abbot Elise Ives
Dorothée Leblanc Olivier Leblanc Elisa Mainville
31 Oct 1911 Georges Allan John Allan Zoé Charette
Georgiana Mainville Charles Mainville Domitilde Dufresne
31 Oct 1887 Joseph Amyot

Widow of Archange Hébert Aurélie Lemay Joseph Lemay Aurélie Dupuis

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