Immigration Wall of Honour


The Australian Immigration Wall of Honour is a series of brass plaques with the names of immigrants to Australia submitted by various people to Janet Reakes, who was a well known genealogist from the Hervey Bay area. 


Originally the plaques were placed on the ‘sea wall’ at Urangan but the sea air and water were damaging the plaques.  They were then transferred to a wall outside the “Australian Immigration and Family History Research” rooms at “Nature World” at Eli Waters. 


When this business closed down the plaques were given to the Hervey Bay Library as they housed a Family History Room.  The plaques are now the responsibility of the Fraser Coast Council, their phone number for general inquiries is 1300 79 49 29 (cost of a local call) or you can contact them through their website at


These plaques are presently in storage in the Hervey Bay Library until a permanent location is found for them when the library expands. 


Information about these immigrants to Australia can be found in a database in book form and on CD which are available for viewing in the Family History Room of the Hervey Bay Library.


The original database and photographs of the plaques can also be viewed on the webpages of the Hervey Bay Family History Assoc Inc.

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