The Maryborough Chronicle Indexing Project

Janet Martin is in the process of indexing 'All local names mentioned' in the Maryborough Chronicle newspaper.

The Maryborough Chronicle has been published since November 1860 and covers central, coastal Queensland (map).  The paper is now known as the Fraser Coast Chronicle. This time consuming indexing project has progressed over the past 10 years.  The indexes will be divided onto 2 CDs.   The CD is to meant be used in conjuction with the Maryborough Chronicle Newspaper Micro-films which are held by some State Libraries as well as the Hervey Bay Library.  The CD will give you the date, and page number where the individual is mentioned in the newspaper.  The story then needs to be read from the micro-films.   Many modern day film readers will allow a photo-copy to be taken of the page/story.

October 2009: The years 1920 - 1930 were completed,
which completes the 55 year period from
January 1885 to December 1940. These indexes, which contain approximately 570,000 entries, are now available on CD, which is available for public purchase by contacting Janet.

If you do not have access to Maryborough Chronicle microfilms, or for more information about the Maryborough Chronicle Index CD & lookup service, please email Janet at or click here.

The names indexed from the newspapers are in the following categories: Adv=Advertisement / B=Birth / D=Death / Div=Divorce / Eng=Engagement / F=Funeral / Inq=Inquiry / InMem=In Memoriam  / M=Marriage  / Obit=Obituary  / P=Photo / RofH=Roll of Honour / W=Writeup.

The CD index contains much more information (see above categories) than earlier indexes done by others. The earlier indexes (1900-1930) which were done on microfiche, listed only birth, death and marriage references for Maryborough residents, whereas the CD index, lists ALL LOCAL AREA NAMES mentioned for any reason. This CD is a very comprehensive tool for finding family information in much of Queensland during the time frame covered.  

These databases are available for reference only, in the Hervey Bay Family History room at the Hervey Bay Library, by clicking on the 'Maryborough Chronicle Index' icon in the Queensland folder on the desktop of each computer.

Official government Birth, Death and Marriage records are currently available as of 2013, for the following dates only: Births—1829–1914Marriages—1829–1938Deaths—1829–1983. The indexes will therefore, be particularly useful to people seeking family information during the years not available.

The next to be indexed will be 1860 - 1884.  This database will be on a new CD entitled the "Pioneer Edition" which will cover the time frame 1860 - 1900. There will be extras included on this CD such as selected passenger lists of ships into Maryborough. Estimated completion time for the Pioneer Edition CD is 2014