Index of Genealogy Tools Available

To check the research holdings held in the library please use
Catalogue search on the Fraser Coast City Council Library Website
or use the Catalogue search on a computer at the libray

(This will list all holdings in the library, and not just what the Association owns.)

How to search library index

Click on the 'Calalogue search...' link above
and a page like the screen shot below will come up

click on Advanced Search

then  type Genealogy OR Family History in the subject line,

and TICK the box 'Available in library'

Click GO

You can further narrow your search on the right side of the screen.


Some of the Resources on the shelves in the Family History Room

Australia, NZ & General Information 

European Countries

United Kingdom & India

United States of America & Other Areas Worldwide

  Films available for research

Journals available for research

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