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A page has been added to the HBFHA website that shows:
How to search the on-line library catalogue, for genealogy and family history material
available in the Hervey Bay Library
Please click here


Our AGM will be after the general meeting on Monday 22nd August 2016 at 0910
The Family History Room will be closed until 10.30am so that Monday volunteers can attend the meeting.

General Meetings will no longer be held quarterly.  Instead, general meetings will be held twice yearly, in February and August (with AGM) at the Library.


Polson Cemetery Headstone Photos & Index: Kerrie Brockley and Larry Anderson have put together a complete photo file of the 2,579 headstones in the Polson Cemetery in Hervey Bay.  Kerrie took all of the photos and recorded the names, and Larry compiled the information and turned it into an indexed web page.  This file can be viewed by going to the Queensland Links page - Hervey Bay Polson Cemetery or by clicking here.


11 September, 2008 - New shortened url for HBFHA available that will make it easier to remember: .  Longer version will still work ok.

9 June, 2007  -  Kodak film reader arrives

We now have our new Kodak film reader up and running.  You are able to read films or fiche and save the information directly to your flash drive as a .jpg file to take home to work with or print out on our laser printer.  You will also be able to crop the info so you are only getting what you want and not a lot of things of no relevance to your research.

Updated 26 June, 2016

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