Washington Co., New YorkEaston Quaker Meeting
Washington Co., New York
MARRIAGES 1789-1936

LDS film number 0017409, Item #1

These records were supplied by Annette Blanchard. The film lists the marriages in chronological order beginning in 1790. There is an index at the end of the microfilm by person's last name, but it doesn't cross reference the spouse.

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Husband's Surname Wife's Surname Wife's parents name, if different
Adle Brown  
Allen Chace  
Allen Buddington  
Allen Baker Baker
Allen Coffin  
Allen Phillips  
Baker Rogers  
Baker Dillingham  
Baker Shearman Lapham
Baker Coggeshal  
Baker Briggs  
Baker Dean  
Barker Potter  
Barker Bowen  
Barnett Bowen  
Barns Hart  
Bishop Arnold  
Boss Buel  
Boyce Briggs  
Bragg Carpenter  
Bragg Taber  
Brown Baker  
Buel Hoag  
Butter Dillingham  
Butter Dillingham  
Carpenter Dillingham  
Cavy (Cory?) Cook  
Coffin Moors  
Coffin Brown  
Cogsel Kinyon  
Colven Kelly  
Cook Coggeshal Givens
Cornell Hoxsie  
Cornell Baker  
Cornell Austin Baker
Cornell Kirby  
Curtis Dean  
Dean Baker  
Dellavergne Hoxsie  
Dennis Duel  
Dennis Cornell  
Dennis Baker  
Dillingham Tucker  
Fish Sherman  
Fogarson Brice Hoag
Folger Lapham  
Folger Moore Coffin
Gallaway Macomber  
Galloway Bowerman  
Garnvyek Hoad  
Gifford Sisson  
Gifford Fish  
Green Hoxsie  
Griffin Hoxsie  
Griffin Thomas  
Gripman Macomber  
Hall Macomber  
Harkness Hoxsie  
Hart Mosher  
Haviland Hoag  
Haviland Wilbur  
Height Sweet  
Hoag Guile (?)  
Hoag Thomas  
Hoag Norton  
Hoag Peckham  
Hoag Beard  
Holbert Arnold  
Hoxsie Allen  
Hoxsie Baker  
Hunt Chace  
Kench Wood (?)  
Kentch Pratt  
Kirby Preston  
Lawton Wilbur  
Leggert Russell  
Mabbett Dillingham  
Macomber Baker  
Macomber Meeker  
McCoduck Dodd  
McDonald Norton  
Mosher Macomber  
Nichols Baker  
Osborn Lamb  
Peckham Osborn  
Peckham Wilbur  
Peckham Lamb  
Potter Gifford  
Pratt Wilbur  
Reese Bunker Baldwin
Rogers Bartlett  
Rogers Holmes  
Rogers Folger  
Rogers Rice  
Shepherd Devol  
Smith Kirby  
Smith Baker  
Smith Dennis  
Tabor Smith  
Thomas Mead  
Thomas Mead  
Thomas Wilbur  
Tripp Word  
Tucker Dean  
Underhill Spencer  
Upton Eddy  
Upton Eddy  
Wallock Russell  
Wilber Cook  
Wilbur Mead  
Wilbur Mead  
Wilbur Townsend  
Wilbur Nichols  
Wilbur Nichols  
Wilbur Beard  
Wilbur Beard  
Wilbur Wilbur  
Wilbur Hoag  
Wilbur/Wilbour Allen  
Wilcox Mead  
Wilcox Peck  
William Bragg  
Williams Gardner  
Wood Howland  
Wood Tobey  
Wright Merritt  
Wright Marshal  
Young Gorham  

Annette Blanchard, contributor of the above list, is looking for
Job PRINCE (175?-1828) and Rhoda KIBBE (1770-1831)... can you help?

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