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LDS US/CAN Book 929.273 B368b
LDS US/CAN Film #0255500 item 1-2
LDS Fiche #6048746 (2 fiche)

CHRONOLOGY OF THE BEALS FAMILY. Compiled by John Beals/George W. Moore, Noblesville, Ind.: Press of Butler printing house, [1912]. 114 p., [1] leaf of plates: port. John Beals, a Quaker, married Sarah Clayton in 1683 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Descendants and relatives lived in Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Washington, Oregon, California and elsewhere. Includes Albright, Carson, Hinshaw, Little, Moon, Thompson and related families.

LDS US/CAN Film #0255500 item 2

GENEALOGICAL STUDY based on the "CHRONOLOGY OF THE BEALS FAMILY". Compiled by John Beals/George W. Moore. Microfilm of manuscript (47 p., made in 1961, typewritten). The Beals family of Indiana and Ohio.

LDS Film (see below for numbers)
LDS US/CAN Q Book 929.273 B368j
LDS Film v. 1-3 1571636 item 2-4
LDS Film v. 4 1571756 item 1

DESCENDANTS OF JOHN BEALS. Compiled by Edna Harvey Joseph. Photocopies of handwritten genealogical notes, correspondence, and newspaper clippings. John Beals (ca. 1650-1726) immigrated from England in 1675 with the John Fenwick Company on the ship "Griffin". Tradition states that John Beals was a surveyor who helped William Penn lay out Philadelphia. He married Mary Clayton in 1682 in Chester Meeting, Pennsylvania. Descendants lived primarily in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia. Includes Mills, Bond, Hiatt, Hunt, Hodson, Canaday and other related families.

LDS US/CAN FILM #1571636 item 1

JOHN AND MARY (CLAYTON) BEALS AND THEIR DESCENDANTS. Microreproduction of original published: [S.l.: s.n., 1917?]. 89 leaves. Descendants of John Beals (ca.1650-1726) and Mary Clayton who were married in 1682. John and Mary lived in Pennsylvania and their descendants lived in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

LDS US/CAN Quaker Book 974.841 D28g v. 10
LDS Film #1036091 item 2

EVIDENCES OF THE BEALS-BAILS FAMILIES OF YORK COUNTY PRIOR TO THE YEAR 1850. Henry James Young, researcher. Genealogical reports for the Historical Society of York County, v. 10, p. 1-7. Typescript (carbon copy). Information was generally taken from York County (Pennsylvania) court records, county records, cemeteries, churches, newspapers, etc.

LDS US/CAN Book 929.273 A1 no. 7029

MEMORANDA OF THE EARLY SETTLEMENT OF FRIENDS IN THE NORTHWEST TERRITORY, AND ESPECIALLY OF THOMAS BEALS. By Gershom Perdue. Indianapolis, Ind.: Willard Heiss, 1974. [ii], 16, 2 p. Thomas Beals (1719-1801) was born in Chester County, Pennsylvania, married Sarah Ankrum in Maryland. He later lived in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Ohio. His descendants lived in Ohio, Indiana, and elsewhere. Includes index.

LDS US/CAN Film #0974080 item 3

THOMAS BEALS: FIRST FRIENDS MINISTER IN OHIO. By Harlow Lindley. Microreproduction of typescript in Wilmington College, Quaker Collection, Wilmington, Ohio. 6 p. A biographical sketch of Thomas Beals born in 1719 in Chester County, Pennsylvania the son of John Beals and Sarah Bowater. Thomas married 12 Sept 1741 Sarah Antrim in Prince George County, Maryland. They moved to near Winchester, Virginia and in 1748 they moved to North Carolina. Later they moved to Ohio where Thomas died 29 Aug 1801 and was buried near Richmondale, Ross County, Ohio. Thomas was a Quaker Preacher to the Indians. Includes genealogy of his family and his wife's family.

LDS US/CAN Book 929.273 367b
LDS Film #1421955 item 6

SOME QUAKER FAMILIES: BEALS-BALES. Compiled by Roger S. Boone. 535 p. John Beals/Bales (1650-1726) was born in England and died at Nottingham, Nottingham Twp., Chester Co., PA. He married Mary Clayton/Cleaton, the daughter of William Clayton and Prudence Miller Mickel of Chichester, Rumbalds Parish, Sussex, England. They were the parents of six children. Seven generations of descendants are given. Includes index. Includes Unthank, Thornburgh/Thornberg, Sumner, Stanley/Standley, Puckett, Moon, Mendenhall and other related families.

ANNIS L. AND MAIME BALES FAMILY HISTORY COLLECTION. Compiled by Annis L. and Maime Bales. Annis Bales was born in Missouri in 1906. She was the fourth of five children, one of whom (a older brother) died as an infant. Her family later moved to Kansas and her father spent the last part of his life homesteading in Colorado. She and her sister never married and her brothers only had three children. Information in these volumes concern her family and several of her ancestral lines. Includes Bales, Dearing, Taylor, Beals, Holloway, McGee, and related families.

LDS Film #1697950 item 1: Records of the family of Morris Luther and Cora E. Dearing Bales
LDS Film #1697950 item 2: Beals-Bales family, 1st-4th generation
LDS Film #1697950 item 3: Beals-Bales families, 5th generation
LDS Film #1697950 item 4: Beals-Bales families, 6th generation
LDS Film #1697950 item 5: Beals-Bales families, 7th generation (Lewis Luther Bales)
LDS Film #1697950 item 6: Beals-Bales families, 8th generation
LDS Film #1697951 item 1: Beals-Bales families, 9-11th generations
LDS Film #1697951 item 2: Dearing pictures and letters
LDS Film #1697951 item 3: Dearing family history book, 1st-3rd generations
LDS Film #1697951 item 4: Dearing family history book, 2nd, 4th, and 5th generations
LDS Film #1697951 item 5: Dearing families, 5th - 7th generations, McGee family
LDS Film #1697951 item 6: McGee families, 1st - 3rd generation
LDS Film #1697952 item 1: McGee family descendants, 4th-5th generations
LDS Film #1697952 item 2: Holloway family line
LDS Film #1697952 item 3: Holloway families, 1st-7th generations
LDS Film #1697952 item 4: Holloway families, 8th-11 generations
LDS Film #1697952 item 5: Joab Holloway's ancestral file
LDS Film #1697952 item 6: Family correspondence

LDS US/CAN Book 929.273 B195bj

THE GENEALOGY OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN BALES. By James D. Bales. Searcy, Ark.: J. Bales, 1992. 155 p.: ill., coat of arms, facsims. Family history and genealogical information about the ancestry of Benjamin Franklin Bales who was born 6 March 1882 in Shelby, Indiana. He was the son of David Bales and a descendant of John Bales (or Beals (who was born ca. 1667 in England and immigrated to America sometime prior to the year 1680. Benjamin married Ethel Florence Davis 15 April 1906 in Owen, Indiana and died 4 January 1927 in Atlanta, Georgia. Ancestors of Benjamin Bales lived in England, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana and elsewhere. Includes information on the Shaw family.

LDS US/CAN Book 929.273 B639m
LDS Fiche 6117102 (3 fiche)

BOLT AMERICANA. Compiled and written in part by Nina Leona Bolt Martin and in part and arranged in continuity by Ronald Ben Bolt. Hayward, Calif.: R.B. Bolt, c1968. 108 leaves.: geneal. tables. Charles Bolt, son of John (died 1837), married Molley (Mary) Barnard in Patrick County, Virginia in 1796. Descendants lived in Virginia, Iowa, Oregon, California, and elsewhere. Also includes family of Abraham Horton (1722-1816) who was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and died in Stokes County, North Carolina; John Beals (1657-1726) who was born in Wales, married Mary Clayton in 1682 and died in 1626 in Chester County, Pennsylvania; John Hewitt (1764-1846) of Maryland, Ohio, and Indiana; Benjamin Harris (1782-1860) married Ruth Pendleton and lived in West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois; and related families. Includes index. Includes Clayton, Beals, Horton, Hewett, Harris, Pendleton, and related families.

LDS US/CAN Film #1509501 item 4

BRAY-SHELTON-JAMESON: History and Lineage Record of Descendants of Edward Bray, who came to the American colonies from England in 1699: history and lineage records of Thomas Jameson and of William Shelton, Jr. as they relate to the Bray family. Compiled for the Bray-Shelton Reunion Organization by Rachel Bray Schwier. Microreproduction of original published in Indiana by Bray Family Reunion Organization, [1972?]. 32, 204 leaves. Edward Bray (1693-1796) was born in England and died in North Carolina. His grandson, Henry Bray was born in 1755 in Fairfax County, Viriginia, the son of Edward Bray (1720-ca. 1810) and Sara Maynard Bray. He married Kezia Jones in 1778 at New Garden Friends Church, Guilford County, North Carolina. They had eleven children. He died in Morgan County, Indiana, in 1830. Descendants lived in Indiana, California, Illinois, and elsewhere. Includes the Arnold, Beals, Burris, Jennings, Sturdevant, Shelton, and other related families. Includes index.

LDS US/CAN Film #1598205 item 6

CEDAR, CARROLL, CHARITON, CLAY COUNTY'S CEMETERIES. Compiled by Leona Meyer. Inscriptions and photographs of tombstones in various cemeteries throughout Missouri. Includes Beals, and related families.

LDS US/CAN Film #1571758 item 7

A GENEALOGY OF CLAYTON, REYNOLDS, BEALS, BROWN and Descended and Related Lines: "The Quaker Yeoman." Compiled and published by James E. Bellarts. 1 microfilm reel.: ill., coat of arms, maps; 35 mm. Portland, Ore.: J.E. Bellarts, 1973. iii, 148 p. + [12] p. Includes supplements 1 & 2, dated 11/11/73 and 11/22/73 and supplemental material titled "The Quaker Yeoman", a quarterly bulletin, January 1973 [1974], v.1, no.1, paginated [69]-78. Includes Beals, Carter, Hadley, Pearson, Reynolds, and related families. Includes index.

LDS US/CAN Film #0987967 item 1

GENEALOGY OF THE CALDWELL AND BEALS FAMILIES. Compiled by Carolina Coffey. Microreproduction of original published Greenfield, Ohio: Coffey, 1910. 22 p. "Curley" family genealogy, R. H. Carlock.

LDS US/CAN Book 929.273 A1 no. 4739

THE ANCESTRY OF THE CANADAY-RIPLEY FAMILY. Compiled by Denise Joy Weber Canaday, John Lyndsey Canaday. Newport, R.I.: D.J.W. & J.L. Canaday, 1982. 72 p.: geneal. tables, ports. Pedigree chart on end lining paper. Charles Canaday, a Quaker, married Phebe Beals, and lived in New Garden. North Carolina, where they had two boys, John (1741-1830) and Charles (1744-1979). Phebe re-married after Charles died, and was dismissed by the Quaker church. Descendants and relatives lived in North Carolina, Maryland, Indiana, New York, Massachusetts and elsewhere. Includes index. Includes Allen, Bausman, Beals, Bockhofer, Sumner and related families.

LDS US/CAN Film #0461301 item 2

ANCESTOR ANTHONY COOMBS AND DESCENDANTS, ca.1642-ca.1909, with index to the names. Compiled by Charles N. Sinnett, Fertile, Minnesota. Microfilm made of typescript (286 leaves, carbon copy) held at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Anthony Coombs ( immigrated in 1676 from France to New Meadows, Maine, and married Dorcas Woodin in 1688 at York, Maine. They later moved to Rochester, Massachusetts (after an Indian uprising), and the family returned to New Meadows, Maine after the death of Anthony. Descendants and relatives lived in New England, New York, Maryland, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Washington and elsewhere. Includes indexes. Includes Beals, Childs, Healey, Prince, Raymond, Small and related families.

LDS US/CAN Book 921.73 R39r
LDS Microfilm 1697668 item 6

DIARY OF CAROLINE COWLES RICHARDS, 1852-1872, Canandiagua, N. Y. Clarke, Caroline Cowles Richards, 1842-1913. Naples, N.Y.? C.R. Clarke, c1908. 85 p.: ill., ports. A later edition, New York, 1913, published under title: Village life in America. In 1852, Caroline Cowles Richards was ten years old. She, with her younger sister, Anna, and her brothers, James and John, had been living with her grandfather, Thomas Beals (1783-1864), and her grandmother, Abigail Field Beals (1784-1872), since she was seven. Her diary for the next twenty years contains information on growing up in a New York village, memories of family, the approaching Civil War, etc. She wrote little after 1864 and doesn't mention her own wedding. She married a Clarke, probably "Mr. Noah Clarke's brother" mentioned in the diary. Her oldest child was named Abigail Beals Clarke. She includes obituaries for her grandparents.

LDS US/CAN Book 921.73 A1 no. 427

MARY KILLE DAVIS, PIONEER MOTHER IN SALEM, OHIO, 1804. Written by Frank R. Kille. Salem Historical Society, 1982. i, 47 p. : ill., geneal. table, map. "Corrections": [1] leaf inserted after t.p. Biography of Mary (Kille) Davis, who was born near Burlington, New Jersey, and married Samuel Davis (a Quaker) in 1783, later moving to land near Salem, Ohio. Includes an appendix on her ancestors. Includes Budd, Horner, Shinn and related families.

LDS US/CAN Q Book 929.273 EÁ59j
LDS Film 1571762 item 14

ELLIS GENEALOGY. Compiled by Edna Harvey Joseph. 476 leaves. Photocopies of handwritten genealogical notes. Thomas Ellis was born in or near Merionethshire, Wales in 1683. He immigrated to Pennsylvania in about 1707 and soon after became a Quaker. He married Jane Hughes of the Gwynedd Meeting in 1712. He died June 11, 1760 in the Exeter Meeting held at Maiden Creek, Pennsylvania. Descendants and relatives lived in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey and elsewhere. Includes Pickering, Worrall, Jones, Foulke, Beals, Pugh and other related families.

LDS US/CAN Book 977.226 D2d
LDS Fiche 6088828

HOOSIER COUSINS: First Families of Lawrence. By Ben and Alice Dixon. San Diego, Calif.: Family Historians, 1968. Includes surname index. Includes Hoosier, Adamson, Allen, Beals, Bowater, Boyd, Bright, Bryant, Chestnut, Clayton, Cox, Culbertson, Dixon, Embree, Evans, Garrett, Gibson, Hendrickson, Jackson, Kern, Lackey, and Lamb families.

LDS US/CAN Book 929.27305 H784

HORNER FAMILY HISTORY Vol. 1, 1991, Columbia, Tenn. : B.H. Lala, 1993- v. : ill., ports. Editor: Betty Horner Lala, Published: Columbia, Tennessee, Related works: Horner Family, Related works: Our Horner Ancestors, Related works: A personal inquiry into the genealogy of my Horner family in America, Some pages are shaded, faded, or otherwise hard to read. Best copy available. Description based on: Vol. 3 (1993). Newsletter for the interchange of genealogical data and history of the Horner families whose English ancestors came to Delaware and Virginia during the 1600-1700's. Later descendants and related families also live(d) in Arkansas, Maryland, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere in the United States.

LDS US/CAN Film #1307509 item 59

WILLIAM HUNT OF RADNOR IN GREAT BRITAIN, 1613-1824. Microfilm made of typescript collection (27 leaves) donated by Florence L. Moyer, Washington, D.C. Consists of research notes regarding the origins and descendants of William Hunt and his wife, Mary Woolman, who married in 1720 in Burlington County, New Jersey. Some of the ancestry lived in England. Includes Beals, Borton (Bourton, Barton), Comfort and related families.

LDS US/CAN Film #1872074 item 4

WILLIAM AND MARY (WOOLMAN) HUNT. Microfilm of Typescript (photocopy, 87 leaves) at Wright State University, Special Collections and Archives, Dayton, Ohio. Photocopy of original at the Miami Valley Genealogical Society, Dayton, Ohio. Leaf 69 signed: J. Henry Bartlett; leaf 1 has holograph note: Donated by Ron King. William Hunt married Mary Woolman (1692-before 1745) at the Burlington, New Jersey, Monthly Meeting in 1720. They had six children, 1723-1733. He died before 1745. After William and Mary Hunt's deaths, their children migrated from Pennsylvania to Virginia, then North Carolina. Descendants lives lived in North Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana and elsewhere. Includes the Kersey, Beals, and other related families.

LDS US/CAN Film #1561672 item 2

DESCENDANTS OF HUNT, WOOLMAN, BORTON, BEALS, MILLS, HUSSEY, JESSUP, SMALL, CHIPMAN, SHIELDS. By Edna Harvey Joseph, et al. Microreproduction of photocopy of original typescript. 300, [i], 43 leaves. Xeroxed from typescript in the Quaker Collection - Guilford College Library". Includes index. Contents: Descendants of William & Mary Woolman Hunt -- Descendants of John & Elizabeth Borton Woolman -- Descendants of John & Ann Kinton Borton -- Descendants of John & Sarah Bowater Beals -- Descendants of John & Sarah Beals Mills -- Descendants of Christopher & Theodate Bachiler Hussey -- Descendants of Thomas & Sarah Small Jessup -- Descendants of Benjamin & Mary Small -- Descendants of John & Hope Howland Chipman -- Descendants of John & Mary Chipman Shields.

LDS US/CAN Book 929.273 H915r
LDS Fiche 6017103 (1 fiche)

WILLIAM HUNT AND SARAH MILLS, THEIR ANCESTORS AND OURS (ESSAYS AND GENEALOGIES). By Elaine Rowland. Owensboro, Ky.: McDowell Pub., c1981. xii, 162 p.: ill., coats of arms, geneal. tables, ports. William Hunt Jr., (1733-1772) was the son of William Hunt, Sr., and Mary Woolman. Sarah Mills (1734-) was the daughter of John Mills III, and Sarah Beals. William and Sarah were married in 1753 at Orange (now Alamance) County, North Carolina. Descendants lived in Arkansas, Indiana, Texas and elsewhere. Includes index. Includes Beals, Dykes, Grubb, Wilson, Woolman and related families.

LDS US/CAN Quaker Book 929.273 H911j
LDS Film #1572018 item 4-6 v. 1-3.

HUNT GENEALOGY. By Edna Harvey Joseph. 3 v. Photocopy of handwritten genealogical notes and correspondence. Follows various lines of the Hunt family from immigration from England or Scotland in the 1600's to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Kansas. Most were members of the Society of Friends, especially those in Guilford Co., North Carolina. Includes Hunt, Beals, Hiatt, Bond, Mendenhall, and other related families.

LDS US/CAN Book 929.273 A1 no. 7554
LDS Film #1697712 item 3

MY JOHN FAMILY FROM WALES. By Leila M. Balis. Murray, Utah, 1992. 36 leaves., 8 leaves of plates: fascism., maps. Family history and genealogical information about the descendants of Samuel John Who was born ca. 1680 in Pembrokeshire, Wales. He immigrated to America ca. 1709 and married Margaret (surname unknown) sometime prior to the year 1711. They lived in Pennsylvania and were the parents of seven known children. Descendants lived in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Iowa and elsewhere. Includes index. Includes information on the Bales, Beals, Biggs and Hanawalt families.

LDS US/CAN Film #1572021 item 5

GENEALOGICAL STUDIES OF MARY COFFIN JOHNSON. By Mary Coffin Johnson. Microfilm of typescript located in the Lilly Library, Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana. Typescript was "copied from original furnished by Albert J. Hiatt" in 1959. [ii], 26, [i] leaves. Descendants of John Beals (fl. 18th c.) through his daughter, Prudence, who married Richard Williams (d. 1781) in 1746 in Maryland. They moved to North Carolina between 1749 and 1755. Their descendants lived in North Carolina, Indiana, and elsewhere. Includes Beales, Hiatt, Wakefield, White and Williams families.

LDS US/CAN Book 929.273 M624j

MILLS GENEALOGY. By Edna Harvey Joseph. 3 v. Photocopies of handwritten genealogical notes. John Mills (ca. 1704-1759) was born in England. He was married to (1) Sarah and (2) Rebecca. He settled in Orange Co., Virginia in 1733, later moving to Guilford County, North Carolina. Descendants and relatives lived in Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and elsewhere. Includes Hiatt, Beals, Bond, Hodson, Johnson, and Morgan.

LDS US/CAN Book 929.273 Sca72b
LDS Film #1697995 item 4, v. 4
LDS Film #1697996 item 1, v. 5
LDS Fiche #6101242 (9 Fiche)

SOME QUAKER FAMILIES: SCARBOROUGH/HAWORTH. Collated by Roger S. Boone; edited by Marjorie Morgan. Wichita, Kan.: M. Morgan, 1991-1994. 4 v.: ill., ports., maps. John Scarborough (1649-1706) was born in London, England, the son of John Scarborough (b. 1620). In 1663 he married Sarah Ashley. He purchased 250 acres near Longhorne, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania from William Penn in 1682 and arrived in America with his only child, John, in the same year. In 1684 he returned to England for his wife, but she refused to come. He remained in England until his death. Their son John remained in Pennsylvania, married, and had a family. Descendants lived in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Illinois, and elsewhere. Includes index in each volume. Includes Beal/Beales, Bond, Brown, Collett/Collette, Davis, Elliott, Haworth/Hayworth, Hockett, Lupton, Michener/Mitchener, Pickering, Scarborough/Scarbrough, Clark, Hall, Hammond, Hadley, Miller, Taylor, Smith, Baker and related families. Includes bibliographical references in each volume. Vol. 6 includes additions and corrections to the previous volumes and a mastername index.

LDS US/CAN Quaker Book 929.273 Si47r
LDS Film #1597857 item 11

THE ANCESTRY OF JOHN SIMMONS, FOUNDER OF SIMMONS COLLEGE. Compiled by Henry S. Rowe. Cambridge, Mass.: Privately printed at the Riverside Press, c1933. 88 p., [3] p. of plates on [49] leaves: ill., ports. Photocopy of original donated by Frederick A. Simmons. "One hundred and fifth copies of this book were printed" Page after t.p. Moses Simmons (d.1689) immigrated from England to Leyden, Holland with the Pilgrims, and immigrated in 1621 from Leyden to Plymouth, Massachusetts. He moved to Duxbury, Massachusetts by 1638, but was still taxed for property in Plymouth as well as in Middleboro, Massachusetts. John Simmons (1796-1870) was a direct descendant in the seventh generation, born at Little Compton, Rhode Island. John married Ann Small in 1818 in Boston, and left his fortune for the founding and maintaining of Simmons College in Boston as a free educational institution for young women. Descendants and relatives of Moses and John lived in New England, New York, Illinois and elsewhere. Includes Almy, Austin, Beals, Drowne, Henshaw, Rowe and related families.

LDS US/CAN Film #1035726 item 10

WILLIAMS FAMILIES. By Marvin S. Kennedy. Microfilm made of typescript pedigree chart (240 x 30 cm.) loaned for filming by James C. Barber; Anaheim, California. Several people named Williams, who are "not on my list", have data recorded. Richard and Susanna Williams had two children. Richard and Sarah Williams had eight children. Sarah Williams married William Hobson. Richard and Prudence Beals Williams who married in Md. or Va. had twelve children. Both of them died at New Garden, N.C. Other families are also included. Includes Abbott, Beals, Meriot, Pownall, Unthank, Wright and related families.

LDS US/CAN Film #1561667 item 1-3

WOOLMAN-BORTON GENEALOGY. Compiled by Edna Harvey Joseph. Microfilm of original typescript, 3 vols. Descendants of John Woolman (ca. 1654-1718) and Elizabeth Borton (d. 1718). They lived in North Carolina and their descendants lived in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and elsewhere. Includes Beals, Hinshaw, Hockett, Hunt, Kersey, Mendenhall, and related families.

LDS US/CAN Book 929.273 W236t
LDS Film #1697824 item 1

A HISTORY OF THE WARMAN, WELLS AND RELATED FAMILIES. Compiled by Elroy Wilon Titus. Columbus, Ohio: E. Titus, c1991. vi, 357 p.: ill., ports. Family history and genealogical information about the ancestors and descendants of Clemmer Warman and his wife Martha Ellen Wells. Clemmer was born 17 October 1844 ner Morgantown, Monongalia Co., West Virginia. He was the son of James D. Clemmer and a descendant off Zackquill Morgan who was the founder of Morgantown. Martha Ellen Wells was born 22 February 1849 in Monongalia Co., West Virginia and was the daughter of Moses D. Wells and Elizabeth Beals. Clemmer and Martha were married 7 May 1873. They lived in West Virginia and were the parents of six childen. Ancestors came from England, Maryland and West Virginia. Descendants lived primarily in West Virginia. Bibliography: p. 336-338. Includes index. Includes information on the Beals, Doolittle, Dunn and Peirpoint families.

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