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October 2000

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Sun Oct 1 20:15:46 2000

Gayle Wilcox

e-mail address: nikonart@earthlink.net

researching: OSBORNE or any variation, WILCOXSON, MILLICAN, MCNEIL

Elizabeth Osborne, daughter of Seth Osborne, married Levi Willcoxson 17 Dec 1822 in Wilkes Co., North Carolina. I am looking for the parents of Levi Willcoxson and also where and when he and Elizabeth died. I am also looking for information on the Millican families that married into the McNeil's.

Sun Oct 1 22:18:03 2000

Rick Becker

e-mail address: rickbecker@attbi.com

researching: McAnulty, Wiley, Stephenson, Caldwell

I am looking for information regarding Quaker families (McAnulty's, Wiley's, Stephenson's, Caldwell's) that went from PA to KY in the late 1700s and then on to Indiana in the mid 1800s. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Oct 3 07:56:14 2000

Richard D. White

e-mail address: rdwhite@bellsouth.net

researching: White

Seeking any info about William White, born about 1665 at unknown location. Married Miriam (Short) Thompson in Pennsylvania about 1692. They had three children, John, Samuel, and Elizabeth before William's death in Sept of 1703. I have him well documented from 1692, but can find nothing about his place of birth, How and when he came to America. Any help will be apreciated greatly. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Oct 6 13:47:12 2000

Don Rupert

e-mail address: drupert@uswest.net

researching: Morgan-Poole-Jones-Brady

Has the listed family for Morgan Morgan of Wv. ever been proved? Most of his listed children seem (to me) to be from William Morgan of Richmond County, Va??? Evan, Henry, Charles, etc. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Oct 6 20:37:46 2000

T. Mac Andrew

e-mail address: taire@webtv.net

researching: Cox and Fox

I'm not sure my family are Quakers but given the history I've read looking for them - there's a good chance they could be. Here's what I have so far ---- Charles Cox, b.1820, marries Elizabeth Burr, b. 1820-ish - their children are Hannah, Charles, James and Franklin. The younger Charles, b. 1853, marries Keziah Budden (unsure of her b. yr.) - their children are Hannah, Pauline and possibly Leon. All of this is from Barnegat, NJ. Hannah, b. 1879, marries Alfred Fox, b. c. 1873 (also from Barnegat), I can't locate their marriage record. They have one daughter I know of for sure - my grandmother, Charlotte, b. 1906. FOX - Alfred Fox, b. 1824, marries Rachel Chambers (maybe Chamberlin?), b. 1827. The only child I find them having is Job, b. 1849. He marries Martha L. (??) - their children are Rachel and Alfred. Alfred, b. 1873, marries the above Hannah. Up to the marriage of Alfred and Hannah - all this info is from Barnegat. My grandmother was born in Boston, Mass. Any of this sound familiar to anyone? Thanks for any help that may be forthcoming. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Oct 6 20:40:48 2000

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Sat Oct 7 14:42:57 2000

James J. Donohue

e-mail address: boilermanjjd@cs.com

researching: Smith

I need to know several item's if possible. First would there be any record's from the 1930' to 1940's for member's of the Quaker Socioty in the Danville, Hendrick's County Indiana Area, I am searching not for a relative but for a woman who's father was killed in World War Two. Her mother's parent's were the H. Austin Smith Family and they might have been Missionaries. H. Auston Smith had a daughter(first name unknown) who married Leonard E Wood ( Lt. U.S.N.R., Navy Pilot killed in action on July 20, 1944. They had a daughter named Mary Kathleen Wood born in April of 1944 in Danville, Indiana. My cousin Edward C. Donahue was also killed along with two other men when their aircraft piloted by Lt. Wood was shot down over Guam. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank's, Jim Donohue --------------------------------------------------

Sat Oct 7 16:46:10 2000

Pat Bonser

e-mail address: PBONRN@optonline.net

researching: WALTERS


Sat Oct 7 16:55:57 2000

Pat Bonser

e-mail address: PBONRN@optonline.net

researching: WALTERS



Sun Oct 8 12:05:16 2000

David Puddle

e-mail address: ros@10dumfriesplace.fre eserve.co.uk


Can anyone help me to find information regarding the quakers and their activities in Brynmawr (south Wales) between 1928-1936. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Oct 9 04:12:43 2000

John Leaver

e-mail address: soccer_jonathon@hotmail.com. au

researching: (Probably) LEAVER

My Parents JOYCE AND HENRY (HARRY)LEAVER,told me before they passed away, that a U.S.A Quaker family was trying to make contact with them. My parents lived in the Woolwich/Plumstead area of South East London. My name is JOHN LEAVER and I was born in Erith in the county of Kent in 1947. My father HENRY CHARLES Leaver was born in Woolwich on 29/06/1920. My Mother's name was KATHLEEN ETHEL JOYCE Leaver (nee Williams). They were married in 1946, probably at St. Margerets church in Plumstead. My Grandfather's name was CHARLES HENRY Leaver, and my Grandmother's name was DORIS Leaver (nee ?). As far as I know, none of my family were Quakers, but be that as it may, if there is a family out there, who were trying to contact my parents, I will try and put the last pieces into the puzzle for you. Although I live in Australia, my parents never left London. If anyone experienced in genealogy knows of another site to post this message, please advise me, as I am a beginner to this subject. Thanks.


Mon Oct 9 10:23:10 2000

kathy shaw

e-mail address: cousinkat@hotmail.com

researching: Atkins/Shaw

I'm looking for information on Albert or Bert William Shaw he married Agnes. They had several children my grandfather was their son Ben Harris Shaw he married Elizabeth mary Atkins on November 19,1941 in Savanna,Illinois (caroll county). Any information on these two families please contact me. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Oct 9 12:45:41 2000

Julia Ann Lennon

e-mail address: D.Moran@btinternet.com

researching: Close

Trying to trace my family tree my father Jeffrey White Close who lived in Thornaby, Cleveland, UK born 30/6/1922 had a father called William Close who we think was a quaker and his wife was called Edith Annie White who had two sons one my father and the other Eric William Close --------------------------------------------------

Tue Oct 10 11:50:08 2000

Vicki Ames

e-mail address: vickiames@uswest.net


Trying to get information on Richard STALLINGS, from Lincolnshire, England. Came to Calvert Co., Maryland around 1653. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Oct 10 11:51:15 2000

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Wed Oct 11 12:39:09 2000

Kris Bergeson

e-mail address: bergeson@worldnet.att.net

researching: CHEW, LOWDEN(?)

I am searching for information about the parents of Emeline CHEW. She was born in Pennsylvania on August 21, 1814, I believe. Her father was Richard CHEW, and her mother was Hannah LOWDEN(?). It is believed that Richard was related to Benjamin CHEW of Cliveden in Georgetown. Emeline was married to John Nichols in about 1838, and they moved to Iowa and later to New Jersey, where John, Jim, Louisa, Anna, and Rebecca were born. Emeline died on December 30, 1908, in White Oak Township, Hubbard County, Minnesota. I have been told that Emeline was the "black sheep" of the family because she moved to Iowa. Perhaps she was disowned? If anyone can tell me about Emeline or Richard CHEW or Hannah LOWDEN, I would great appreciate it. Thank you.


Wed Oct 11 17:30:16 2000

Michael A Woody

e-mail address: USACMECH@prodigy.net

researching: Woody

I was going through some old stuff left to me and I came on this letter and although I can’t place the James Woody in Sylvania, Parke Co., Indiana dated 10mth 8 day 1855. I thought someone might enjoy it. I believe almost for sure this was sent to my g grandfather Franklin Hagrave Woody son of Robert Woody and Franic Hargrove both buried at the Cane Creek Meeting cemetery, Alamance, NC. I can scan a copy and sent if any one is interested, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sylvania Parke Co., Ind. 10th m 8th 1885 Having met with a gentleman by the name of Winston a railroad contractor when he learned my name was Woody he said he was acquainted with a man by the name of Frank Woody then gave me thy address. I supposed that thee was the son of Robert Woody that came to Indiana a number of years ago and worked about Indianapolis and started to go to California. We could never get any definite account of the afterward, a report came that the was killed by Indians. Please let me know whether thee is cousin Frank or not. Obliged Thy cousin James Woody of Sylvania, Parke County, Indiana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The above was in long hand and any mistakes are likely mine. God Luck. Michael A. Woody --------------------------------------------------

Thu Oct 12 10:11:02 2000

Michael A Woody

e-mail address: USACMECH@prodigy.net

researching: Woody

Hi Folks Here I sit with cup of coffee, my computer and another letter I found last night digging through my box of old stuff. This letter is a second letter to my g grandfather Franklin Hargrave Woody in Missoula, MT. from a cousin James Woody in Sylvania, Parke Co., IN. dated 3-17-1886 and he gives some account of his relationship. I believe this is his entry in my Woody tree;, James, Woody, B 2-27-1810 in Orange Co. NC., D 1-29- 1893 in Park Co. IN., Father & Mother; John Woody Mary Holiday, Married; Margaret Hall B 12-8-1808 D 9- 2-1898 dau of Jehu Hall, Lived; NC. and IN., Ancestral Line; John/James/JohnIII/JohnII /JohnI/Isaac/Richard I Woody, James and Margaret had 11 children [2 D young] 2 of which went to Kansas before 1886. Jehu H., Mary Ann, Sarah W., John W., Brice, Levi, Elizabeth, Sarah, Hannah, Lot and Jane. His Father’s entry;, John, Woody, B 9-14-1778, D 2-21-1856, buried Honey Creek MM. Howard Co., Indiana, Father & Mother; James Woody Mary Laughlin, Married; Mary Holiday (Holaday) B 10-1-1786 D 8-26-1856, Married on 3-8-1804 at Cane Creek MM., Mary was the daughter of Thomas Holiday and Catherine Hadley., Lived; Chatham Co., NC. to Bloomfield Parke Co. Indiana on 7-25-1829, Ancestral Line; James/JohnIII/JohnII /JohnI/Isaac/Richard I Woody, John and Mary had 12 Children; Thomas, Sarah, Elizabeth, James, Catharine, Hannah, Malen, Mary, John, Ruth, Elenor and Samuel. And brothers Thomas and Mahlon;, Thomas, Woody, B 2-11-1805 in Orange Co. NC., D unkn , Father & Mother; John Woody Mary Holiday, Married; Eleanor Chambers Maris B 2-20-1810 married on 8-26-1826 (or 5-15-1828) at Parke Co, IN, Lived; N.C. to White Lick IN., Ancestral Line; John/James/JohnIII/JohnII /JohnI/Isaac/Richard I Woody, Thomas and Eleanor had 10 children; George C., Caroline, Albert, William, Sarah Jane, Mary E. and Thomas Thomas Woody was listed as a blacksmith in the 1850 Parke Co. IN. census., Mahlon, Woody, B 10-1-1815 in Orange Co. NC., D 11-27- 1884, Father & Mother; John Woody Mary Holiday, Married; 1st Agnes Chapman B 5-21-1817 D 3-15-1863 on 13-13-1835 in Park Co. IN. Agnes was the dau of George Chapman 2nd Susannah (Susie) Lindley B 7-31-1835 D 10-8-1888 on 2-20-1864, Lived; N.C. Susannah was the widow of Nathan Lindley and the dau of Levi Harvey B 1808 D 1851 & Anna Curl, Ancestral Line; John/James/JohnIII/JohnII /JohnI/Isaac/Richard I Woody, In the 1850 Howard Co. IN. Mahlon and Agnes are listed with the following children; William age 13, George age 11, Mary age 9, John M. age 7, Martha age 4, Sarah age 3 and Isabel age 1. And the cousin James Woody son of Samuel;, James, Woody, B 12-11-1801, D 12-2-1884 in Boone Co. IN., Father & Mother; Samuel Woody Mary Eleanor Hadley, Married; 1st Abigail Lambert B 2-1774 D 10- 30-1851 in Ohio, on her way to IN., bur.at New Garden, Wayne Co., Ind. Married on 9-29-1824 dau of William Lambert (ca.1764- ? ) & Margery Forster, 2nd Ruth Barker B 8-16-1820 D 3-8-1854 dau of Isaac Barker (1773-1846) & Mary Cox married 6-8-1853, 3rd Cynthia (Cook) Moffitt B 12-4-1814 D 11-14-1895 married on 5-9-1855 at Sugar Plain MM Boone Co. IN. Cynthia was the widow of Jeremiah Moffitt (B 1808 D 1852), Lived; N.C., Ancestral Line; Samuel/James/JohnIII/JohnII /JohnI/Isaac/Richard I Woody. Here is the letter; xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sylvania Parke Co, Ind. 3rd mo 17th 1886 Cousin Frank H Woody I received thy kind letter a few days ago, was glad to hear from thee & to know that thee was still alive as word came back after thee left for California that the Indians had killed thee. Now thee requested me to give thee an account of myself and family, in the first place I’am John Woody’s son, was born in Orange Co NC. the 23rd of 2nd mo 1810 moved to Parke Co. Ind. in the fall of 1829. I married the 19th of the 7th mo 1829. It now looks about 4 months of being 57 years. We have 10 children, 5 of each sex, buried 1 son & 1 daughter, the rest are all married and have families. 2 of them, 1 son and 1 daughter moved to Kansas a few years ago. The others are living near me. We have obeyed at lest one of the commandments “be fruitful & multiply”. Our familynow our children, grand children & great grandchildren numbers 120 living, 12 died. Their children & companions have all been converted (this may not be correct as I had a hard time reading this word MW) and quite a number of the grandchildren. My brother Thomas Woody that lived in Annapolis when you were here died 2 years ago last fall. Brother Mahlon Woody died last fall. Cousin James Woody that is uncle Samuel’s son died the past year. So we see we are passing away. But very few that marry are premitted to live together as long as my wife and I. She is 14 1/2 mounths older than I’am. We live alone, do our oun work. I make out to feed & milk, we keep but one cow is all the stock we keep & a few chickens. My wife does the work in the house, I churn & help to wash. I’am so crippled with Rheumatim in my lower limbs that it is with dificulty I get about. I weigh over 240, my general health is as good as ever, it was if I could get around I could do a good days work yet. We Have had a mild winter for this country, but little snow, only a few mornings the mercury was below zero. W are having beautifull spring weather now. For some days people have commenced to plow and sow oats, wheat looks tolarable well. If I knew what else to write to interest thee I would write it, but perhaps what I have written will not be of interest. I have but 1 brother and 3 sisters living. If thee meets with L. L. A. (couldn’t read this well MW) Lamb again, my love to him, tell him I was glad to hear from him. Thee father and I are 1st cousins. Write & give me a history of thee ups & downs since thee left Annapolis. Love to thee and thine. Truly thee cousin James Woody xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Again if your are interetsted I will scan these pages and send them e- mail. Of interest to me is; 1. The amount of children who died. My great grand father had 8 children of who only 3 grew to adults. 2. The eb and flow of life and times. 3. That most letters I have, mention, family and friends, the weather and some about how they make their living (mostly farming etc. in those days) Take Care. Michael A Woody --------------------------------------------------

Fri Oct 13 07:17:26 2000

Vanessa Stanton Butler

e-mail address: vsb1956@aol.com

researching: Stanton

I am researching the ancestry of my ggg- grandfather, Lewis Stanton (b.1772, VA). Family history has it that he was the descendant of Quakers. I know that his father was John Stanton who died in Charlotte County, VA in 1784. There was no wife listed in John Stanton's will, and it is possible that Lewis was orphaned at the age of 12. His siblings were: Salley (b. 1775; m. William Harp in Granville County, NC), William, and Zachariah (d. 1821 in York County, SC). Lewis next appears on tax lists and marriage records of Granville County, NC where he married his wife, Elizabeth Smith, in 1798. There are several other Stantons living in that area at that time: Jacob, Sr., Jacob, Abram, John, and William (obviously too old to be Lewis's younger brother). Any information about any of these Stantons would be greatly appreciated.


Fri Oct 13 11:22:33 2000

Sabron Newton

e-mail address: sbnewton@earthlink.net

researching: Hodgson, Hodgin, Holaday, Lamb, Lancaster, Powell, Reynolds, Rubottom

I would like to call attention to a new aid for finding dates for Friends who died between 1894 and 1960, especially Midwestern Quakers, but also many who came from New England or North Carolina or moved to the West Coast, and some who lived elsewhere. It is the American Friend Obituary Index, and it cites entries in a periodical, The American Friend. You can find it at www.earlham.edu/~libr/quaker/obituaries/ --------------------------------------------------

Fri Oct 13 11:26:10 2000

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Fri Oct 13 17:56:59 2000

Melissa Spencer

e-mail address: melissa1615@hotmail.com

researching: Waln, Wall

Looking for any info. re:William, Jonathan or Eli Wall(Waln) North York Co. PA. Late 1700-early 1800. William married ?. Jonathan married Jane Thomas, Eli married (1) Sarah Thomas. Thank you. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Oct 14 11:30:13 2000

Joan Cushman

e-mail address: j.cushman@worldnet

researching: Whitten

I am looking for Robert Whitten born 1800 married Dorcas Hobby Varney May 29, 1828 Vasssalborough, ME. I am looking for his parents and where he came from. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Oct 14 23:09:05 2000

Mary Terry

e-mail address: lvaswy@yahoo.com

researching: Terry or Stephens

I am the greatgrandaughter of Henery A. Stephen and Nancy E. Childers of Shoals Indiana.I believe the belonged to the Church of the Brothern in Shoals. I would like any help I could get with family, Or the family of Ottie Terry --------------------------------------------------

Mon Oct 16 08:23:14 2000

Mike Stover

e-mail address: msks2@prodigy.net

researching: Stover, Geis

Seeking information on the Gorg Michel STOVER family 1722-1806 York Co. Pa. Also PETER GEIS family Adams Co. Abbottstown Twsp. Pa.1740-1830. Peter Geis was married to Elizabeth Stover. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Oct 16 08:29:44 2000

Dee McNees

e-mail address: dmcnees@rcvideo.com

researching: Clark,Clarke,Linton

I am looking for any info on these family's.In 1768 William Clark married Hannah Johnson at Public Meeting of Friends at East Noddingham.There is not much about them,some of my Clark family from Ohio was from Pennslyvania,trying to find a connection.The Linton family from Ohio also came from Pennsylvania.Any information is helpful=dmcnees@rcvideo.com --------------------------------------------------

Mon Oct 16 19:36:11 2000

Leslie Corcoran

e-mail address: jlcorc1@aol.com

researching: NEWBY, RHODES

I am looking for any information on GULIELMA(aka Gulyelma) NEWBY b. 1-3-1728 m.1748 to Joseph White b. 1-6- 1728. I have quite a bit on the Joseph White side, but can't seem to track Gulielma's family. Also looking for any information on LYCURGUS RHODES b. ca. 1840/50 m. Sarah Mathews. Daughter Liilian Ione Rhodes was born in Ohio in 1870.


Tue Oct 17 07:56:54 2000

George Ross

e-mail address: ross@coastalnet.com

researching: Griscom

Elizabeth Griscom (Betsy Ross) married John Ross Iam looking for John Rosses Parents. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Oct 17 15:45:16 2000

donna vanbebber willis

e-mail address: www.dwillis80@hotmail.com

researching: Van Bebber Hollingsworth watson

i'm looking for luther vanbebber, his mother was julie f. watson, his father was arval augustus vanbebber--he married mytrle may hollingsworth. anyone knowing anything on these people please e-mail me. i'm luther and mytrle's granddaughter. thanks --------------------------------------------------

Wed Oct 18 11:02:16 2000

Shelley Hill

e-mail address: ShelleyFromAk@webtv.net

researching: Willams & Cadwalder

I am looking for records from Stillwater Friends in Belmont Ohio 1800-1870 in Re: to Thomas Williams and wife Prudence. Need any and all records on Williams starting in 1700 Robert Williams wife Gwen Cadwalder Williams who started Goshen Friends in Goshen PA after their arr. from --------------------------------------------------

Wed Oct 18 11:17:43 2000

Nancy Gromen

e-mail address: ngromen



Wed Oct 18 11:31:09 2000

Nancy Gromen

e-mail address: ngromen@usatoday.com

researching: Hiatt, Hiett

I am trying to compile any information for John Hiatt, Jr, the son of John and Mary Smith Hiett, probably born in England around 1696. His brother George has some information posted, since he was active in MM throughout his life. John is sort of a blank for me so far, and I wonder if he married outside the Church or was simply not an active member. John Jr married 1.Rachel Wilson and 2. Margaret Stephens and had 18 children. He died around 1764 in the Shenandoah, VA area where brother George was also living until 1754 (when Geo moved to NC). John Jr's daughter Margaret married John Cravens in 1759 and so on goes my lineage which is in research. Since I can find no evidence that John Jr's or Margaret's spouses belonged to the Society, I hope you can shed a little historical info...thanks! --------------------------------------------------

Thu Oct 19 06:45:05 2000

Elizabeth Coffin

e-mail address: ecoffin@worldnet.att.net

researching: Ackworth Coffins

Hello! I am researching Benjamin Franklin Coffin, born in Ackworth, Iowa in 1862(Quaker records) or 1863(death certificate). I have been reading the Quaker archives and the Quaker discussions. The references to Ackworth have caught my attention. From the Quaker records (that I have access to) & Coffin books, I have found his parents, John Milton Coffin (b. 1821)and his mother, Martha Delphina Ventress(sp?), along with 8 siblings. If anyone with a book on Ackworth has a reference to this Coffin family, I would appreciate hearing about it. One of the meeting records shows John becoming a minister in 1866. I have a lot of research to do and a lot more to learn. We are new to genealogy and do not have your expertise. Hope that this is the correct way to ask this question. Thanks for reading this & for all the knowledge you share each day. Thanks, Elizabeth Coffin --------------------------------------------------

Thu Oct 19 14:33:17 2000

K. Kennedy

e-mail address: fk1632@aol.com

researching: Pilkington

My great great great grandfather, Doctor Pilkington, is burried at Friends Burial Ground at 24th. and Chestnut Street in Chester City, Pennsylvania. Several of his children who did not survive childhood are burried there with him. It is a small cemetary and there is a meeting house on the grounds. You can no longer read what was on his headstone. How can I get in touch with someone to see 1) was he a Quaker. @) Did he attend meetings there. 3) when did he die/ are there any cemetary records. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Oct 20 01:27:02 2000

Dr. Carolyn L. Hilt

e-mail address: thilt@ite.net

researching: HILT and PENN

Related to LEVI HILT of Philadelphia who married Adella Bevan Levi was in the Civil War. He and Adella were married by a Rev. John Clause Abderman on July 7, 1863. Looking for any information of HILT or Rev. Abderman. I am a missionary on the island of Guam and stumbled on your site. Hope some one out there can help. One person said check churches in areas like Manyunk, Pa and Mainland and areas around Philly. Where do I go? Have also found records that a Hilt married into the Penn family as the name keeps coming up as a middle name. Assume a daughter Hilt married a Penn but don't know when. ANyone know who were the male descendants of William Penn. Know most died in England but there must have been some in Philly don't know where to look. Dr. C. Hilt-island of Guam --------------------------------------------------

Fri Oct 20 13:03:37 2000

Lou Lawrence Phillips

e-mail address: l3600@midwest.net

researching: Peter Lawrence b. 1774 NC wife Ruth Marley

Has anyone searched this man and woman? This is my direct line, I found mention of their marriage in an old Quaker Record several years ago. They are both buried in Posey county, Indiana. I would really like to find parentage and distinguish between the two Peter Lawrences born in 1774 in NC. Found only one birth record and believe this not our line. Any help or suggestions appreciated. l3600@midwest.net (small L, not a one) --------------------------------------------------

Fri Oct 20 14:57:25 2000

Thelma Harvey

e-mail address: sendero@ktc.com

researching: Howard

Would like information on the Howards who were Quakers in the 1600's and 1700's in North Carolina. Also, John Howard is shown with the Quaker movement in Wrightsboro, Georgia with Benjamin Few, and was awarded land by the Governor. However, it showed him as non-Quaker on the papers. Thank you. Thelma Harvey --------------------------------------------------

Sat Oct 21 18:15:06 2000

Karen McMahan

e-mail address: mtmrerun@sstelco.com

researching: Phillips

I heard that my grandfather was either of the Quaker faith or Amish faith. His name is George Albert Phillips. He was born October 15, 1893 in Pennsylvania. Around York County I THINK. Any information will be appreciated. Thank You. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Oct 22 09:26:20 2000

Wilma Willman

e-mail address: wilmapearl@email.com

researching: Scott and Bull

I'm trying to find the family and parents of Moses Scott and Tacy Bull of Addison Co. Vermont (Ferrisburg twp.) I have found their children, but not their marriage or who there parents where........on film # 0028226 Quaker records of Ferrisburg, Vt. I found the children's birth dates ..... beginning in 1795......but I need earlier records, and can't seem to find them.......can anyone help me???? Moses was born in 1770 and Tacy Bull in 1788... Thank you for any help........ --------------------------------------------------

Sun Oct 22 11:56:05 2000

cindy norris

e-mail address: jcnorris1@juno.com

researching: Veitch

I am looking for information on John Veitch born abt. 1805 died 1888 in Genesee County Michigan. Family legend has it that he was a Quaker in New York (he had Friend Veitch put on his headstone), that he ran away to Boston to marry a Catholic girl. They settled in Michigan. He was a shoemaker. I have not been able to find any info on his parents or substantiate the rumor that he was from New York. Can anyone help? --------------------------------------------------

Sun Oct 22 12:09:47 2000

Trudy Spanier

e-mail address: trudy@maui.net


ADAM OSBORN b. 1823,2,1 Clinton Co, OH d.1900,7,25 Clinton Co, OH. His first spouse was MARTHA PAULINA CLARK b.abt 1824 VA d. 1861,8,4 Clinton Co, OH. I am looking for information on what became of their children. MARY R. OSBORN b. 1847,2,18 d. after 1900 spouse CHARLES OSBORN, JR. b.1834,12,11; EUNICE M. OSBORN b. Mar 1850 VA died bet 1876-1880 location unknown spouse CHESTER G. HADLEY; MARTHA J. OSBORN (aka MATTIE) b. 1851,10,24 d. aft 1900 may have married a (first name unknown) GIBSON; PETER ALFRED OSBORN b. 1853,12,31 d. aft 1900 spouse unknown; ELISHA B. AND ELIZA D. OSBORN (twins) b. 1856,9,2 both still alive in 1900 ELIZA D. OSBORN may have married a BARNETT after 1870;AMANDA MAY OSBORN b.1859,5,15 d. aft 1900 spouse BENJAMIN J. HOWARD. It is believed that all these children many have stayed with the Quaker religion and were living in Grant County, Indiana. The will of ADAM OSBORN in 1900 reads: Mary Osborn of Wilmington, Minnie C. Osborn of Ogden, Mattie Gibson of Jonesboro, Indiana, Alfred Osborn of Marion, Indiana, Elisha Osborn of Indianapolis, Indiana, Elida Barnett of Hardinsburg, Indiana, May Howard of Marion Indiana (the previous were son and daughter of Adam) grand daughter Mattie Newson of Elwood, Indiana and grandson, James Hadley of Tipton, Indiana. Is there anyone who can give me a lead as to where to find any of these children? --------------------------------------------------

Sun Oct 22 19:04:56 2000

Charles Fraser

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Mon Oct 23 10:53:03 2000

Susan Dunaway

e-mail address: katsu@orofino-id.com

researching: Frazer/Frazier/Fraizer; Rush; Arnett

Does anyone know if minutes or other records exist for the Spring River MM in Cherokee County, Kansas? There was also a Spring River Academy established around 1879-1880 there where my grandparents (Rush & Frazer) attended in 1882-1883. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Susan Dunaway katsu@orofino-id.com --------------------------------------------------

Tue Oct 24 10:27:50 2000


e-mail address: blucricket@humboldt.net

researching: Joyner

Thank you so much for having this page available to us. I am looking for my great grandparents. Joyn Joyner and Mary Davis. They lived in East Bend, Yadkin Co. NC. I have no middle name or birthdates. Their first born child was in 1871. They had six children. Many of the decsendents are buried in Friends Cemetery, East Bend NC John's father MAY have been Timothy Joyner. Timothy's wife was Frances, no maiden name. Timothy's father was David Joyner. Timothy's mother was Catherine Coe. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Oct 24 10:30:36 2000


e-mail address: blucricket@humboldt.net

researching: Joyner

Opps, that is JOHN Joyner I am looking for. Thank you, Joyce --------------------------------------------------

Tue Oct 24 15:16:08 2000

Richard Edgeworth

e-mail address: RKEdgeworth@msn.com


Hello Friends.......I was wondering if anyone knows of a Meeting House here in(or around) the Tampa Bay, Florida area? The Love of my life and her son are Quakers. They will be moving from PA and I would like to help her find a Family here. Thank you for any help you can provide. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Oct 24 15:18:40 2000

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Thu Oct 26 08:08:39 2000


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Thu Oct 26 08:22:55 2000

Norman K. Huppert Sr

e-mail address: huppertsr@juno.com

researching: Emmons, Asa Emmons, Elisha

Seeking information on: Asa Emmons Born: 30 June, 1808 in Frederick County, Virginia? Married: 18 January 1827, Columbiana County, Ohio Wife: Thirza Wildman Died: 6 February, 1844 Buried: Row 10, North End The Plains Cemetery, "McKinley Cemetery" West Township, Columbiana County, Ohio Son: Elisha Emmons Born: 2 March, 1829 Son: Jesse Emmons Born: 1832 Daughter: Mary A. Emmons Born: 1835 Son: Elias Emmons Born: 28 December, 1836 Son: Levi Emmons Born: 1838 Daughter: Mariam (Mariah)Emmons Born: Unknown Any information about Asa would be greatly appreciated. Norman K. Huppert Sr P.O. Box 311770 Enterprise, AL 36331-1770 huppert@snowhill.com cc: huppertsr@juno.com --------------------------------------------------

Fri Oct 27 10:17:19 2000

S. Newton

e-mail address: sbnewton@earthlink.net

researching: Hodgson, Hodgin, Holaday, Lamb, Lancaster, Powell, Reynolds, Rubottom

Cathy (Sept. 2 query)--I know of a book on Marshburns, and K. Woodrow (Aug.1 query)--I can supply the Cane Creek address--but the email address you gave doesn't work. Ask again if still needed. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Oct 27 16:18:39 2000


e-mail address: norden@lis.net.au

researching: LUMSDEN

My LUMSDEN family where around the SHOTLEY BRIDGE area of COUNTY DURHAM & came to AUSTRALIA around 1857. Has any one any information on this family, & is there a British mailing list for QUAKER research.Many Thanks, Norma --------------------------------------------------

Sun Oct 29 10:50:58 2000

Maryann Richardson

e-mail address: maneg@geotec.net

researching: Beeson

Can any one tell me why my ancester was asked to leave the Quaker Meetings. The phrase "he married out of unity" was what we found. He was Joseph Beeson born dec. 7, 1794 in North Carolina. Rummer said he married an Indian girl. Would this have been "out of unity"? Does anyone know? --------------------------------------------------

Sun Oct 29 12:49:14 2000

Duane White

e-mail address: kcduane@msn.com

researching: Longstreth

I am looking for the family of William Longstreth born in 1801 and married Mary Morrison. They left Bucks County and moved to Meigs County Ohio. He passed away in 1848. This all the information that I have for him . any help would be appreciated. Duane White --------------------------------------------------

Sun Oct 29 23:14:37 2000


e-mail address: mcripe1005@aol.com

researching: pennington, edward b.1667 d.1701 son of "Isaac the Quaker"

I was told we are related to William Penn through this bloodline. I was wondering if you had information to the descendants of Edward. thank you (my great-great grandfather was Samuel B. Pennington, son of Isaac and Mary) --------------------------------------------------

Mon Oct 30 12:53:51 2000

Dariel Norris

e-mail address: dbn547@earthlink.com

researching: Fitzkee

I am not sure what I am looking for other than information on a John Wright Fitzkee & his wife married Margaret Leyburt. He is my great great grandfather. John was in Henry county in 1897-1908. It is not clear but thought that the Fitzkees were of some sort of Amish, Mennonite or Breathern Decent. If anyone has some direction I would be greatly apprecitive. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Oct 30 17:01:51 2000


e-mail address: cjodraw@pacbell.net

researching: Sarah Wright m.Barnabas Ward - Wexford, Ireland

I am looking for information about my ggg grandmother Sarah Wright's family in County Wexford or County Wicklow, Ireland. Sarah(a Quaker) married my ggg grandfather Barnabas Ward (Church of Ireland) and both were disowned by their parents. Barnabas was born in 1783 and probably married Sarah around 1808. I believe Sarah was born in Enniscorthy. They immigrated to Ontario, Canada somtime after 1832. Barnabas died in 1843. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Oct 30 17:02:42 2000


e-mail address: cjodraw@pacbell.net

researching: Sarah Wright m.Barnabas Ward - Wexford, Ireland

I am looking for information about my ggg grandmother Sarah Wright's family in County Wexford or County Wicklow, Ireland. Sarah(a Quaker) married my ggg grandfather Barnabas Ward (Church of Ireland) and both were disowned by their parents. Barnabas was born in 1783 and probably married Sarah around 1808. I believe Sarah was born in Enniscorthy. They immigrated to Ontario, Canada somtime after 1832. Barnabas died in 1843. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Oct 30 17:05:15 2000

Billy R. Bennett

e-mail address: bbennett@frontiernet.net

researching: HASKETT (Hasketh)

Haskett (Hesketh. Looking for info on Anthony Haskett who was born abt 1655 in Perquimans County NC. Father was Thomas mother was Margery Johnson born abt 1632 in Sefton, Lancashsire, England. Many of the heirs were member of the Society of Friends, some records in MM notes. Anyone with knowledge of information on this line either in NC, VA, or England would be most appreciated. Need to break down wall that has prevented locating English background. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Oct 30 22:55:23 2000

Dave Willis

e-mail address: dwillisg@ix.netcom.com

researching: Willis, Bonine, Copeland

In a geneaology of the Bonine family I have seen a reference to "Eagles Notes, Series 3, Vol. 1." The information relates to Quaker families in the York/Lancaster County areas of SE Pennsylvania. Can anyone identify "Eagles Notes" so I can try to find a copy to reference. Note: I'm searching for the parents of Jesse Willis born 1761, joined Quakers around 1784, married to Sarah Copeland. All information and suggestions appreciated. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Oct 31 11:48:20 2000

Joan Cushman

e-mail address:



Tue Oct 31 11:50:57 2000

e-mail address:



Tue Oct 31 12:05:52 2000

Joan Cushman

e-mail address: j.cushman@worldnet.att.net

researching: Whitten, Hobby, Varney, Cartland

Searching for parents and birthplace of Robert Whitten b.1800 m.Dorcas Hobby Varney, 29 may 1828, in Vassalborough, --------------------------------------------------

Tue Oct 31 13:29:12 2000

Mary T. Haines

e-mail address: maryhaines@Juno.com

researching: Chalfant

My ancestors Jesse and Rachel Chalfant and their children Jesse Jr. Ezekiel, Joel and Lydia were rec by cert.in 1821 to Plainfield MM OHIO. I cannot find any other records for Jesse and Rachel. Could their records be found in Quaker records other than W.W Hinshaw's? Were they Hicksites, Orthodox or Conservative after 1821? Do you have a death record for them? I think Lydia m. Abner Williams in Guernsey Co. and Jesse Jr. mm Elizabeth Winders in Ross Co Ohio. Joel went back to PA. What happened to Ezekiel? What happened to Jesse Sr. and Rachel? --------------------------------------------------

Tue Oct 31 15:48:58 2000

Margaret Snyder Pugliese

e-mail address: prova2@ix.netcom.com

researching: HOPKINS, ROBERTS

I am searching for information about Henry W. HOPKINS, b.1868 & his wife Elizabeth C. [last name possibly ROBERTS] b. 1872 in NJ. After marriage they resided in Moorestown, NJ. They had one child, Elizabeth May HOPKINS, 1892/1921. She married Roy Snyder, 1881/1950 & they had one child, Marian Roberts SNYDER b. 1920. She attended Moorestown Friends School. Can anyone tell me where I might find the school records & if they are public? Do the Friends Meetings keep their marriage records, etc at the local meeting? Thanks for your help. Margaret Snyder Pugliese. prova2@ix.netcom.com --------------------------------------------------

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