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March 1999

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Mon Mar 1 05:22:09 1999

John Buckingham
e-mail address: jbuckngham@aol.com
researching: Buckingham

I am seeking information on Joseph Buckingham, b. circa 1777, or his father, who also may have been named Joseph. They would have lived in the Conewago, Pa vicinity.

Mon Mar 1 06:23:48 1999

Martha L. (Wharton) Hoffman
e-mail address: ehoffman@webtv.net
researching: WHARTON Wharton Wharton

Believe the Wharton family may have been Quakers. Searching for Thomas Wharton b:c1776. Married Jemima Shinn 1827. Warren Co. Ohio. Believe family livedin Pa. or NJ in early 1800's. Jemima may have been a second wife.

Mon Mar 1 09:42:56 1999

Glenda Womack
e-mail address: Ken- Womack@worldnet.att.net
researching: PHELAN

Am looking for Evans/Evane PHELAN who was a Quaker at Wrightborough, Columbia Co., GA. Obtained pass in 1801 to go into Indian Territory. Can locate him in 1829 when he sold land in Bledsoe Co., TN (courthouse was burned so no records)but have lost him there. Father was Thomas Phelan who migrated to TN, IN, OH, IL and then to AR.

Wed Mar 3 02:06:24 1999

Paul Bigelow
e-mail address: pbigelow@javanet.com

I have resurched the above names. These were the families that settled in Pelham, Ma. from 1800-1855 and were Quakers. Most of these families were from Cumberland, RI, Mendon,Ma., and Uxbridge, Ma. Willing to share.

Wed Mar 3 10:08:18 1999

Sandra Stephens
e-mail address: twssls@flash.net
researching: Taylor?

Does anyone have access to meeting records for NC for the period 1780-early 1800's. I have been looking for information re: Peninnah Taylor, married to John Crump in Chatham Co. NC about 1800. Someone told me to search the Quaker records, there might be a clue there?

Wed Mar 3 10:30:51 1999

e-mail address: Lorette2@hotmail.com
researching: Garwood

Hi, List: Am researching the Hezekiah Garwood family from Willingboro, Burlington County, NJ. The second generation Hezekiah Garwood b. 1782, m. twice, second wife was Deborah Champion and d. 3/20/1847. We are trying to find the names of his children. His father, whom he was named after, attended the Burlington Friends Meeting. There is no record of his own attendance at any Quaker Meetings. This family is descended from Samuel Garwood of Burlington County, NJ. If anyone has any information please contact me. I am particularly interested in making a connection between John L. Garwood, b. 1836 in Burl or Camden County, NJ; d. 1936 in Texas, and this family. Thanks so much

Wed Mar 3 16:16:12 1999

e-mail address: s.peters@mciworld.com
researching: Cook,Crane(Crain)

For many years my parents have had an oil painting on thier wall. Lengend handed down with it went as follows: Phebe Cook was a Quaker that came on the mayflower. Of course I believe the mayflower was streching the story. If early quakers did not believe in portraits how can this story be true? The closest I'v come to any relation to her is a ggranddaughter (possibly gg) Phebe Cook Crain. My ggg grandmother. Any help is appreciated. We have no info on the woman in the portrait except her name. Not even sure if its her married name. The portrait is of an older woman with a black bonnett almost covering her face.

Wed Mar 3 16:46:34 1999

JJ Mortensen
e-mail address: Mort@goodnet.com
researching: MERCER

Thomas Mercer(Messer, Masser)b. 1655/Mary Greenaway ThomasMercer (Messer, Masser)b. 1694/Hannah Taylor Robert Mercer (Messer, Masser)b. 1716/Olive Pyle Job Mercer (Messer, Masser)b. 1753/ Margaret Gordon All 4 generations of my Mercer's are from Chester Co., Pa and I'm told they are Quakers. I'm looking for information on Job and Margaret. They were said to have been married in the Old Swedes Church in Wilmington Delware. I would greatly appreciate any direction to help me find dates of their childrens births and information on Margaret Gordon.

Thu Mar 4 06:50:35 1999

Beth Austin
e-mail address: blaustin@worldnet.att.net
researching: Austin, Cloud

What was the name of MMs in the Lunenburg Co.VA area. Have been told John Austin was Quaker. Trying to positively connect my husband's Richard Austin, b. ca. 1790 back through John Austin who m. Fanny Crittenden in Richmond Co., GA in 1788 to Richard Austin who lived in the Wrightsboro MM area,GA., m. Ann Heard, d/o Barnard Heard I have looked through several Quaker books but haven't found a reference. Thanks for any leads you can give. Beth email: blaustin@worldnet.att.net.

Fri Mar 5 07:37:03 1999

Mary Alumbaugh
e-mail address: simon@netnitco.net
researching: Strong

Am looking for the Strong family who were Quakers. There is Samuel Strong,whos' brother Daniel Franklin Strong is my gggrandfather who was married to a woman named Catherine who was born in Scotland. Do not know where he was born. Their children were Emma Dore Strong, born Allegheny Co., Pa., 2/16/1863. Died 4/23/1901 in St. Louis, Mo.. Her siblings were Frank and Edward. No dates for births. She married Elliot Edward Emerson. Their children were Edna May, b 7/10/1880;Charles Edwin,b 8/17/1882,d 1/30/1904;Elliot Franklin,b 9/17/1985;Lilly Bell b6/20/1887,d 11/7/1902; George Gershom b 4/1/1890, d 7/10/1897;Lottie Viola b10/22/1893,d 7/6/1910;Earl Roy b 11/17/1900,d 8/24/1901

Fri Mar 5 12:47:24 1999

Frank Strawn Cammack
e-mail address: fcammack@juno.com
researching: CAMMACK

I have traced my family as far as my GGGrandfather James Cammack born 1769 at Mercer Co. West Virginia,His wifes maiden name Carter.I can't find any information about his parents.All records of Virginia were lost in the fire and sacking of the U,S. Capital in 1812. If anyone has any information as how to proceed please let me know. Yous sincerely Frank S.Cammack

Fri Mar 5 21:06:55 1999

Nancy J. Curry
e-mail address: Balmaghie@aol.com
researching: Woolman, Fowler

Is anyone else researching the Quaker name FOWLER? My great great grandfather Enoch WOOLMAN married Anna C. FOWLER. She was born about 1833 in Pennsylvania. This is all I know of her. Any help on the Quaker family FOWLER from Pennsylvania would help. Enoch and Anna first lived in Columbiana County OH, then moved to Hot Springs, ARK about 1871.

Sat Mar 6 09:24:00 1999

Carole s. Meredith
e-mail address: carmere@hoosierlink.net
researching: Springer/Macy

Barnabus Coffin Springer b. 9 Jan.,1793 at New Garden in Guilford Cnty., N.C. m. Mary Ann Foal 1824 d. Rush Cnty.,Ind. 9 Sept.,1840 Looking for his burial place in Rush Cnty.??

Sat Mar 6 12:29:50 1999

Siner, Don
e-mail address: dsiner@ne.uswest.net

I am tracing the Painter family from Evesham Burlington County, NJ. John Painter and Susannah Stratton,David Painter and Martha Faulkner, Thomas Painter and Mary Williams. John and Susannah move to Frederick County, VA around 1758. Live and died int this area. David and Marth move to Ohio and founded Paintersville, Greene County, Ohio (near Xenia). Thomas Painter and Mary Williams lived most of their lives in Painterville, OH, but later moved to Hesper, Winneshiek County, Iowa. All were memebers of the Society of Friends. I have lot of names and dates for the Painter family who originally came from England, however I want to verify some of the information, especially information pertaining to Quaker weddings, births and death records. I am interested in sharing information on this family of Quakers.

Sat Mar 6 20:51:50 1999

Janine Overman
e-mail address: ireland2@airmail.net
researching: Overman

Could anyone tell me if there is a John Overman buried at the Sand Creek Friends Cemetery in Barthlomew County Indiana. I have his death date as march 18 1849. Any answer would be very much appreciated. Thank You

Sun Mar 7 07:57:33 1999

Jim Douthitt
e-mail address: JDouthit@nkcsd.k12.mo.us
researching: Douthit

I am looking for Irish and or English ancestors with this surname or the surname Douthwaite. It is said that,my first known ancestor, John's father was a Quaker living in Coleraine Ireland in the last 1600's. Any information would be greatly appreciated as I have hit a road block in my history.

Sun Mar 7 07:58:47 1999

Jim Douthitt
e-mail address: JDouthit@nkcsd.k12.mo.us
researching: Douthit

I am looking for Irish and or English ancestors with this surname or the surname Douthwaite. It is said that,my first known ancestor, John's father was a Quaker living in Coleraine Ireland in the late 1600's. Any information would be greatly appreciated as I have hit a road block in my history.

Mon Mar 8 14:50:29 1999

Dane Gobel
e-mail address: daveg@mnsinc.com

Has there been any real change in the customs of the Friends since the beginning of the organization?

Tue Mar 9 07:19:04 1999

Walt Brown
e-mail address: brown.walter@nmnh.si.edu
researching: Carver, Townsend, Hall. Also any surname from which the given name 'Seneca' might be derived.

Looking for antecedants of Maria Margaret TOWNSEND, prob b ca 1812 in Delaware or Chester County area of PA or just possibly in adjacent NJ, DE or MD. Married Seneca CARVER (antecedants also unknown) ca 1832. First ch Townsend Hall CARVER, he chr. at Christ Church, Philadelphia, Feb 1833. Their GrCh reported hearing Seneca and Maria "theeing and thouing", so possibly they were of Quaker origins. Does any one recognize these persons? Also welcome would be info on source materials (births, deaths, marriages)for these areas and times? I have a few common books on Chester Co marriages, etc, if someone would like a look-up.

Tue Mar 9 13:07:31 1999

Elisa Williamson
e-mail address: flydad48@aol.com
researching: BUZBY

Looking for Frances Buzby, b 1811. Married Randolph Baldwin, then Charles Crispin. She appears in 1850 Burlington, NJ census, and no where else. She may have married Randolph "out of unity." Their son was named Alfred.

Tue Mar 9 16:28:26 1999

Lauretta Anders
e-mail address: lauretta@netnitco.net
researching: Anders, Clemens, Chambers

Looking for any and all information on the following families: Anders, Charles

Tue Mar 9 17:00:14 1999

Earle Luscombe
e-mail address: ELuscombe@aol.com
researching: Gifford

Seek birth/marriage/death dates for Joseph Gifford,of Little Egg Harbor NJ, Died between 1840-50,info on ancestors if possible.Parents probably Jonathan and Melissa Andrews. Possibly married Rachael Brown Young

Wed Mar 10 11:26:44 1999

Jo Hutcheson
e-mail address: johu@bellsouth.net
researching: GIBBONS, GIBSON

Looking for Nina STANTON who posted a query here last October about George GIBBONS of Beaufort NC. Her email address no longer works. I have some GIBBONS info.

Wed Mar 10 11:28:58 1999

Jo Hutcheson
e-mail address: johu@bellsouth.net
researching: BOAG

Does anyone have information on Jesse BOAG, who is supposedly listed in the Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy? I'm trying to find out where he lived, when, and names of family members. I don't know which volume he's in.

Wed Mar 10 11:51:14 1999

Joan Hardter
e-mail address: IFLEW4U@aol.com
researching: Aaronson, Thorn, Vandegrift, Black, Haines

I am researching the women in my line who were married to the Aaronsons. The men start with Derrick who died in Flushing, N.Y. in 1678. His son John moved to New Jersey, Mansfield Township, or Burlington County. They all remained there for several hundred years. I am trying to find out more about their wives. Mainly Rebecca Haines who married John Areson and had seven children. Know nothing more. Achsah Black married Joseph Aaronson, Oct. 1782.When he died she married Josiah Vandegrift. She was the daughter of Ezra Black and Amy Taylor. Mary Vandegrift married another Joseph and had five children. Know nothing. Jane Thorn married Benjamin Aaronson in 1852 and had twelve children. She died in 1907. Her father was Pierson Thorn and mother was Mary. Thanks for any help

Wed Mar 10 14:30:01 1999

Leatha Spagnuolo
e-mail address: Lmsgreen@aol.com
researching: Hunnicutt,William H., Hunnicutt, James B.,Hunnicutt,Daniel, Hunnicutt,Robert.

I am looking for information on all of these men, William was my gg-grandfather.(Wife Eliza Abbott) James (Wife Peninah Benton) was his father, Daniel(Wife Jane`?) was James's dad, and Robert(Wife Elizabeth Andrews) was Daniels father. William was a Quaker Minister in Tipton CO, Indiana. any and all information on the gentlemen and their wives or children will be most welcome.As we have come up to a dead end on dates and where they came from. Thank you. Leatha Please e mail me direct.

Wed Mar 10 16:58:10 1999

Ken Gibbons
e-mail address: kengib@toolcity.net
researching: STURGIS

Searching in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania for HANNAH STURGIS who was married there 10 May 1760 to GEORG MICHAEL FETTERMAN (aka FEATHERHEAD and VETTERMAN). Who were the parents of HANNAH STUR- GIS? They were Quakers.

Thu Mar 11 04:10:03 1999

Patricia A. Crossett
e-mail address: patricia.a.crossett@m ac.dartmouth.edu
researching: Allen

Looking for solid information about Matthew Allen of Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Early to mid 1700's. Thanks for your help.

Thu Mar 11 18:59:00 1999

Ellen Sills Greene
e-mail address: egreene@blrg.tds.net
researching: Sell

Jonathan Sell, b 17 Mar 1728/29. Became Quaker when married to Sarah Tatem, dtr of John and Sarah (Lord) Tatem, on 6 Jan 1756 in Haddonfield, Gloucester Co, NJ. He helped found the Wrightsboro, GA, Quaker colony in 1768. The family moved from NJ to Stokes Co, NC for a time, then to GA. Would like prior history - his parents, etc. Believe his father was Adam Sell, born outside of colonies before 1700 but need record. His sons, Thomas and John, disowned by Quakers for bearing arms in a warlike manner.

Thu Mar 11 21:26:55 1999

Kurt Pickering
e-mail address: kpickering@tnema.org
researching: Pickering

Joseph F. Pickering is doing a wonderful job of hiding from me. He was, if not Quaker, of Quaker descent. He must have left the faith or been a child of one who did because he served in the Confederate Army. He'd have been born in Virginia about 1845, married a Victoria Orndorff, also from Virginia, in 1869. But they married in Greene County, OH; both of them show up in the 1870 census there but only he does in the 1880 -- despite the fact that they had a son who was born in Missouri in 1876. Anybody know this guy?

Fri Mar 12 16:18:53 1999

Loretta Casella
e-mail address: Lorette2@hotmail.com
researching: GARWOOD, John L.

In my search I've come across the terms "yeoman" and "bondsman" appearing in a will. Please pardon my ignorance if these are commonly understood terms as I'm new to this. What do these terms mean and is there any relationship to being a member of the Friends Society? Any responses are appreciated and I thank you in advance for your help.

Sat Mar 13 09:14:31 1999

Marsha Binkley
e-mail address: mbinkley@complink.net
researching: COPELAND JACOBS

Iam intersted in learning more about my family. My ancestors by these 2 surnames lived in Auglaize Co and Allen Co., Ohio. I was raised as a orphan and am having a difficult time finding family. Joseph P Copeland and his wife Mary Ann English/ Copeland lived in Auglaize Co., Ohio. They had 4 children, Margaret, John Abner, Sarah and Phebe. The time frame was 1841-1915. I'll be thrilled with any clues. Thank You and God Bless Marsha Binkley

Sat Mar 13 18:00:27 1999

Marty Maskey
e-mail address: MMaskey@aol.com

Researching Benjamin Maskey b. 1791 in Pa. married to Nancy Reinhart, had four sons: Joseph, Benjamin, Christian and Eli. Researching Benjamin Frank Kanable b.1877 in Oh. married to Ella or Ellen S. Miller. Had two known children Albert, married to Elizabeth Wright, and Mary. Would like to hear from any one with these surnames

Sat Mar 13 18:45:49 1999

Rachel A. McCarty
e-mail address: db8800@dragonbbs.com
researching: McCarty

To anyone who can help: I found a book where a daughter of Alexander McCarty (abt. 1730- abt. 1800) was defined as "a woman of the Orthodox Quaker faith." Assuming that the guy who did the book in the early 1900's had correct sources for this, would I be right in assuming that her father, Alexander, was also a Quaker? Thanks for any help!

Sun Mar 14 19:34:21 1999

e-mail address: vfischer@valint.net
researching: Cannon

I am looking for info re: John Calvin cannon. His grandparents were Samuel and Mary Cannon who lived in NorthCarolina. They had 6 children. bothparents died leaving 6 orphans who were raised by Quaker families. Iam interested in finding out the name of the child fromm this group that was the father of John Calvin cannon.

Mon Mar 15 05:12:57 1999

Debby Wilson
e-mail address: debbylw@internet1.net
researching: Arnold Hoag

I am looking for Mary Arnold's ancestors. She was born Sept 6, 1782 at Pawlings, Putnam Co., NY, the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Hoag)Arnold. Mary was a Quaker, belonging to Nine Partners Monthly Meeting, Dutchess Co., NY. She was discharged May 15, 1800 for "marrying out" but reinstated Sept. 21, 1809. Mary married Charles Bristol b. 1776 at New Haven Connecticut. Thank-you!

Mon Mar 15 06:47:20 1999

June Lerch
e-mail address: jlerch@integrityonline4.com
researching: LERCH, VAN LUVANEE

MY-gr-grandfather, Robert O. Van Luvanee, spelled his last name with a seperation. All others have the name connected.Can someone tell me why ? i am searching for any and all information on these very early (1600/1700's)PA settlers and their families. They all have stayed in the Northampton and Bucks CO's and surrounding areas. My father was, SAMUEL EDWARD LERCH, son of, STUART F. and MARY I. (VAN LUVANEE) LERCH.His brother was, JOSEPH -- LERCH.This particular Lerch family lived in Hellertown , Bethlehem and Easton PA. I have no information on these families previous genealocical lines. I would very much appreciate any early connections to the Stuart Lerch and Mary Van Luvanee lines.

Mon Mar 15 11:29:01 1999

Linda Boatwright+
e-mail address: LindaBoatwright@kansascity.c om
researching: Vickers, Knight.

looking for a Peter and Ann Knight vickers

Mon Mar 15 14:24:40 1999

Jewell Chapman
e-mail address: JewellC@aol.com
researching: Chapman(VA & TN), Honeycutt(NC, TN)

My XX or XXXgrandfather John P. Chapman is buried in The Friends Cemetary in Friendsville, TN. He was born March 9, 1798, probably in Wythe Co, VA. He married Sarah MCLin in Blount Co, TN and died in Blount Co, TN.

Mon Mar 15 17:52:10 1999

Jane Clements
e-mail address: janeclements@earthlink.net
researching: Crowl

Looking for direction! and anyone with information on Quaker Crowls from Indiana, Ohio. Specifically Charles Crowl, b. about 1883 to Hattie Emerick and Allen Crowl. Allen died around Charles's birth-date, and Charles and Hattie went to live with a Quaker family - presumably some of Allen's family. Only info I have been able to get on Charles is a very old photo labelled 'Fort Wayne' I haven't been able to find this family on any census/vital records, though. Any help appreciated.

Tue Mar 16 18:28:13 1999

Terry Stoffer
e-mail address: Terralls@aol.com

I am interested in any information about William Winder who married Adah Bradfield. It is believed that they lived in Bucks County, Pa. and were married around 1790 or before. They moved to Columbiana County, Ohio in the early 1800's and were very active in the Sandy Springs Church. He died in 1827 and she died in 1836. Williams' father is believed to be Benjamin Winder and Adahs' Father is believed to be Joseph Bradfield. Any help would be appreciated.

Tue Mar 16 20:05:27 1999

Renee Linscott
e-mail address: renee@y- city.net
researching: Outland, Starbuck, Sands, Elliott, Cammack, Hollingsworth, Hearrell, Tomson, Golden, Dickson, Metcalf, Israel, Palmer, Eveland,Green

I am searching for information for both myself and my husband's family. It seems we both have a long list of Quaker's in our familie. Some of the names I've posted may not be Quaker but most are. My oldest Outland is Thomas and Martha married 2 Nov 1854 at Stillwater MM, Belmont, Ohio. Her parents were George adn Lydia Bailey Starbuck. My oldest Sands is Alexander Sands to married Delilah Burke in 1788 in Baltimore, MD. Elliott is Nancy Elliott born in 1842 in Louden Co. Va. I also have information in an OLD family bible on Allens. Unsure of the connection. Susposedly Nancy was a descendent of Sir Henson Elliott and had a child out of wedlock (my ancestor). Cammack I have back to the Hollingsworth connection thanks to an Uncle. Our Cammack's settled in Iowa but were originally from NC> More info on Cammack family's would be appreciated. Hearrell, Isaac born in 1818 in NC. Haven't been able to connect back farther than that. Fanny Cammack married my g-grandfather Goerge Hearrell (I think). Tomson's may not be Quakers, William Tomson married Mollie Earick in Noble County Ohio in 1850's. Joanna Golden married Alfred Jackson Sands, born 1850, Morgan Cty, oh. Catherine Dickson married Eli Metcalf in 1870's. They were in Guernsey County Ohio and are buried there. Susan Palmer married an Israel any they resided in Carlwick, Muskingum County, Ohio Bonna Belle Eveland married Clarence Linscott in Morgan County Ohio about 1905. They had four sons and one daughter. I have the Linscott side but nothing on the Evelands.

Wed Mar 17 06:16:04 1999

Will Greeley
e-mail address: willg@dow.com
researching: Underground Railroad

Do you know any sources about the role of New England citizens in the "Underground Railroad" used to aid escaping southern slaves? I've read that the New England states were important in the Underground Railroad. The port cities of Protland, Boston and Providence was often a destination of fugitives traveling by ship from Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virginia. From these ports, they continued their journey overland to Canada. Can you refer me to any books about the Underground railroad? Particularly the involvement of New England shipping merchants? Thanks for your help.

Wed Mar 17 09:51:09 1999

e-mail address: lellis148@aol.com
researching: JOHN JONES ELLIS

Am seeking proof of marriage (possibly to Robert ELLIS) of: Mary JOHN b. 12/19/1709 dau. of Samuel & Margaret. Mary Jones b. 4/14/1700 dau. of Thomas & Mary. Source: Chester County MM records of births. TIA Lloyd D. Ellis

Wed Mar 17 11:29:38 1999

margaret dougherty
e-mail address: dougherty@sault.com
researching: fisher

I am trying to verify the parents of my ggggrandfather Amos Fisher and his sister Mary who were born somewhere around 1760 to 1775 in Bucks Co. Pa. or possibly in Va. They may have been the children of Samuel Fisher and Margaret Daws. Samuel was the son of John Fisher and Elizabeth Scarborough born in 1738. I believe Amos was disowned fro marrying out of the Quaker faith to a Catherine Selecman of Occaquan Va.. Would appreciate any information.

Wed Mar 17 18:15:31 1999

Barbara A. Wright
e-mail address: bawright@erols.com

Is there anywhere in the Annapolis, MD area where Middleton MM (OH), Salem MM (OH), Menallen MM (PA) records can be searched? I want to see witnesses at weddings.

Thu Mar 18 13:06:24 1999

Wally Humphries
e-mail address: homegrd@primenet.com

Hello Friends, Does anyone know of a silent meeting in the vicinity of Boise Idaho. Your insight would be greatly appreciated. Regards,

Thu Mar 18 17:34:50 1999

Barbara Chesley
e-mail address: squibb-chesley@mediaone.net
researching: Squibb, Coebourn

I am looking for early Squibb's who were Quakers. Robert Squibb transfered into the Chester MM to marry Mary Coebourn on 19 Aug 1721. Where did he transfer from. My guess is New Jersey,need help with that and descendents other than Nathaniel and William and Martha.

Thu Mar 18 19:45:41 1999

Tom Davis
e-mail address: twd@nctimes.net
researching: Williams

Hello - I'm looking for any information relating to William Williams who lived in Orange County, North Carolina shortly before and perhaps during the Revolution. I'm told that a person by that name was expelled from the Cain Creek MM in the year 1771. My Wm Williams was the son-in-law of Walter and Rebecca Thetford, also of Orange Co., N. C.; and was left property on Stony Creek, which also runs into Haw River, north of Cain Creek. The area is now in Alamance County, having been separated from Orange Co. during the 1840's. Any information relating to the 1771 expulsion from the Cain Creek MM would be appreciated.

Thu Mar 18 19:46:41 1999

e-mail address:


Fri Mar 19 12:11:56 1999

e-mail address: CMCMAN4428@AOL.COM
researching: GASKILL ESTES


Fri Mar 19 12:11:58 1999

e-mail address: CMCMAN4428@AOL.COM
researching: GASKILL ESTES


Sat Mar 20 09:08:36 1999

Martin Fenimore
e-mail address: Martin@Fenimore.com
researching: FENIMORE

I am trying to find the CONSESSIONS AND AGREEMENTS pact signed in 1676 by 150 Quakers. My eighth great grandfather RICHARD FENIMORE, SR signed the document along with William Penn. I have been unable to read the text of this document or prove Richard actually signed it. Richard and many of his descendant were Quakers with some decendants still following the Quaker faith.

Sat Mar 20 14:37:31 1999

Laura Woolschlager
e-mail address: imagew@televar.com
researching: Kirk, Boyd, Cain/Kane, Willkinson/Wilkerson, Pryor/Prior, Fox

Does anyone have indexes of Fairfax MM. I am looking first for the marriage of Mary Boyd to [1]---?---Kirk [2] Cain in Loudoun or Fairfax Co. Second, any documentation of relationships of these families one to another. Thanks in advance for any help. Laura

Sat Mar 20 14:56:34 1999

Kathy Emmons
e-mail address: KLEBass@aol.com

I am looking for information on Jacob Hunt, wife's name unknown, they had two sons William and Robert, who both married sisters,Robert married Elizabeth Woolman and William married Mary Woolman. Any information would be appreciated.

Sun Mar 21 07:46:17 1999

Hank Bartosik
e-mail address: billiehankellvleny@jno.com
researching: See message.

We live on property owned by people who may have been active Quakers. We would like to create a written history about it. Who knows the following from Ellenville, Ulster county in the area of Leurenkill and were they Quakers: John and Sarah Budd; William Woolsey, John G. Gray, Isaac Budd, etc. I'll get more names together if and when it is established that they were Quakers. The term Friends also applies to Quakers, yes? Thanks.

Sun Mar 21 11:45:19 1999

e-mail address: hoosier@net- link.net
researching: Hancock family from PA>INDIANA

Looking for any info. on a David Hancock born 1798 and married to an Elizabeth. David was living in Sullivan Indiana area around 1820. His children were John W., James L., Harvey H., Francis Marion, and William R. David also had a brother named Isaccher(sp?). Do not know where he came from before settling in Indiana. Family says our Hancocks married into Quakers and lived for sometime in Pennslyvania area.

Sun Mar 21 12:11:10 1999

Martha Gibson Lee
e-mail address: memarle@aol.com

I am looking for some type of record of proof for the marriage of William Lee and Sarah Adams married in Blount County, Tennessee. They married around Jan. 6, 1844. This was William's second marriage. He married first - Sarah Hackney April 6, 1839. Sarah Adams was not a Quaker, but William was. Can anyone help me find proof of William's second marriage to Sarah Adams?

Sun Mar 21 19:18:03 1999

William W. Berkman
e-mail address:

Search billions of records on Ancestry.com

researching: SHERMAN

Looking for parents and ancestors of NELSON SHERMAN born in Peru, Clinton County, New York about 1811-1819. Nelon movd to Rocheter, Olmsted, Minnesota where he was an orhardman and raised a family. Third wife was Susannah Craddok; son was George Nelson Sherman who was born in Rochester, Minnesota. I would appreciate any assistance..willi to exchange family data.

Mon Mar 22 07:13:28 1999

e-mail address: mccotter@cac.net
researching: Bowman

I have an ancestor named Henry P. Bowman who I am researching. Henry was born about 1816 in New York and came to Barry County Michigan in the late 1830"s. He married a Mary Culver and then a Ellen Bresee. Would greatly appreciate any information or leads anyone may have on Henry's ancestors or where in New York he came from. Thank you.

Mon Mar 22 07:14:29 1999

e-mail address: mccotter@cac.net
researching: Bowman

I have an ancestor named Henry P. Bowman who I am researching. Henry was born about 1816 in New York and came to Barry County Michigan in the late 1830's. He married a Mary Culver and then an Ellen Bresee. Would greatly appreciate any information or leads anyone may have on Henry's ancestors or where in New York he came from. Thank you.

Mon Mar 22 09:50:04 1999

Jo H.
e-mail address: johu@bellsouth.net

Where can I find information about black Quakers of the colonial period?

Mon Mar 22 16:07:24 1999

Nancy J. Corbin
e-mail address: njcorbin@tdn.com
researching: Robbins

Anyone have any information to share on the Robbins families from Randolph County, N.C.? My line began there and ended up migrating to Bell/Harlan County Kentucky, then some of them came back to Western North Carolina. Would like to know if they may have belonged to the Quaker denomination in Randolph County, possibly at Back Creek. Any help will be appreciated.

Tue Mar 23 04:30:02 1999

David Rex York
e-mail address: dyork@prodigy.net
researching: York

Hi everybody I have just found that my line of Quaker ancesters are buried in a cemetery at Winthrop Friends Church near Union Grove, NC. Can anybody give me more info on this meeting house. David dyork@prodigy.net

Tue Mar 23 14:37:09 1999

Wayne R. West
e-mail address: MdDgWest@aol.com
researching: JENKINS Oblong mm

Looking for progenitor and any other information about the family of Margaret JENKINS. Margaret was disowned from the Oblong mm in Dutchess Co. NY for marrying out of unity to a Samuel WEST in 1789. She was allowed to rejoin in 1798 and removed to the Danby mm "living in Peru". She was listed in the Peru mm in 1828 as an orthodox at the split. Last mention of her was in the will of Samuel WEST in 1831. Does anyone know where the JENKINS family came from before settling at Oblong?

Wed Mar 24 09:03:35 1999

JaNae Smith
e-mail address: jsat635@directinter.net
researching: COX, SERGENER

The Cox family originated in Wales and Scotland and then migrated to a Quaker colony near Philadelphia in the 1700's. While residing in a Quaker settlement in NC, Joseph Cox (1766- 1851) married Mary Sergener. I am interested in corresponding with any descendents from this couple.

Wed Mar 24 09:23:17 1999

e-mail address: Brokntwig@aol.com
researching: HALL, SUTTON

Greetings Everyone I'm new to the list and am trying to find my 4th great grandfather. I recently discovered that they were Quakers but haven't been able to come up with any other information. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Leslie Henry William HALL B: 1786 England M: 1811 D: 1851 Wife: Mary LEMON B: April 12, 1793 D: June 15, 1872 Their children: Josiah James HALL Mary Lemon HALL Eriza HALL Henry HALL Frederick Lemon HALL Thomas HALL

Wed Mar 24 09:42:48 1999

e-mail address: MooringJ@aol.com

Looking for the above names in regard to the locations of Perquimans, Pasquotank, NC 1600/1725. Nathaniel Albertson 1675; Abigail Bailey 1639; William Charles 1635; Joshua Davis 1724; Samuel Nicholson 1665; Christopher Nicholson 1685; Thomas Overman 1704.

Wed Mar 24 12:50:32 1999

Kathy Goforth Wilds
e-mail address: dwilds@prtcnet.org
researching: Looking for THese Surnames All Seem to have been of Quaker Heritage. Goforth, Burke, Bowles, Ramsey, Burgess. Looking to fine any thing on these family names.

Goforth Is my Fathers names and since his death we can find out done of his Quaker Past. Grandmother was A Burgess. on my Father side. Burke and Ramsey are on his grandfathers side. Bowles Is My Mothers Side. The only ones I find came from Englad and settled in to N.C. and Then came into KY. any help would be of great help to our family TREE. Kathy Goforth Wilds

Wed Mar 24 20:08:19 1999

Roger Toomey
e-mail address: goodlifegardens@juno.com
researching: HUNT

Looking for DILLON HUNT who married MARY ANNE MASON in IN around 1850. His father may have been URIAH HUNT

Thu Mar 25 07:52:57 1999

sheila gonzales
e-mail address: slcg@gte.net
researching: biggs,hinshaw,stanley,hiatt,jessup,chamness,overman,plummer beals,piggott,hawkins,shaffer,cannaday,williams,allen,mills harrold,beeson,gwin,grubb

hello i would like to hear from people who are researching the following. henry williams born 1800 and wife nancy biggs born aug 1, 1799-jan 1,1892.henry's father joseph williams and sophia thornburg,her father henry thornburg and rachel moon,her father simon moon and loureath humphreys his father jasper james moon,his father james moon and joan burgess. above henry williams and nancy biggs had william c.williams 1840 wife catherine shaffer her dad william shaffer b. aug 6, 1804 and sarah fouts her dad jacob fouts and elizabeth plummer her dad philamon plummer and sophia ring. above rachel moon and henry's children walter b. nov 15,1762 wife mary baldwin,dempsey thornburg oct 27,1801 and jane mills father john mills and mary davis,john mills father aaron mills b.1749 and charity mendenhall there daughter charity mills b.nov 11, 1789 and john gwin b 1784 let share thanks sheila

Thu Mar 25 08:10:22 1999

sheila gonzales
e-mail address: slcg@gte.net
researching: hutchins,stanley,unthank,cox,white,biggs,beals,hiatt,piggott allen,shaffer,fouts,grubbs,mendenhall,humphreys,dixon,sinks plummer,crumley,john,jordan,hawkins,coffin,thornburg,maulsby

hello I have lots of quaker connections would like to hear from plummer and biggs families and hutchins families strangeman hutchins born 1707 henrico va and wife elizabeth cox born henrico his sister catherine hutchins and james stanley there son micajah stanley and barbara walker his brother william stanley and elizabeth walker there child rebecca stanley and joseph unthank there child temple unthank and elizabeth allen orange co nc. her father james allen dianah stewart. his father john allen and rachel stout father peter stout born 1715.john hutchins bborn dec, 23,1738 married alice stanley,son of strangeman hutchins b. 1707 john and alice hutchins child strangeman hutchins born sept 15, 1776 cedar creek MM.h. va died 1840-1850 woolsey,wash, arkansas wife charity williams born 1780 north carolina died 1863 arkansas. with my hinshaw families,that were my snyder family comes in joseph snyder's brother john f.snyder married into the tilnias hinshaw, and the overmans also in the hutchins family above white families,hiatts beals families waiting to hear from ya all thanks sheila

Sat Mar 27 02:31:07 1999

Al Webster
e-mail address: awebster@cgocable.net
researching: Webster Families

I am researching the Websters from Plainfield, New Jersey area in mid 1600's. Progenator of the family in America, William Webster. Some members of this family immigrated to Canada in late 1780's from Hardwick MM. and possibly Muncy MM. in PA.I am researching all lines of the family who marry into the folowing families: Willson,Lundy,Vail,Kester,Cowperthwaite,Shotwell to name a few.Would appreciate hearing from anyone with info on the above. More than willing to share my information

Sat Mar 27 07:28:27 1999

Rae Gordner
e-mail address: rgordner@mail.livenet.net
researching: Powell Crowding

Searching for connections to my maternal ancestors. I do not know if my grandparents married outside the faith. Grandfather JOSIAH BALLENGER POWELL Great Uncle - Benajah Powell both resided in Wilmington Delaware in the late 1890's. Josiah married FLORENCE CROWDING. BElieve the family line traces back to the Burlington NJ area. Found an old letter to my mother (deceased) Rachel Powell which says "our great grandfather's portrait (name unknown to me) is hanging in the Pennsylvania Historical Society where we, the Powell branch will eventually be written up in the Books." this doesn't sound like much to start with, but any help would be appreciated. There are only 2 cousins and myself left in this generation and all others before us have passed over. PLease reply with even the slimmest of help to help build the frame of this puzzle. Thank you.

Sat Mar 27 14:13:20 1999

Glenn Newport
e-mail address: gnewport@pacbell.net
researching: Newport, Cadwalader


Sat Mar 27 14:16:37 1999

Madeleine Henley
e-mail address: DASHJUST@AOL.COM

Am trying to verfy that ancestor, Patrick Henley, arrived new world on ship Welcome in 1680-1682. Am also tring to verify that he is buried in Friend's cemetary - Philadelphia. Have extensive family tree listings for subsequent generations from Randolph County, NC to Indiana-and Oklahoma.

Sat Mar 27 19:34:04 1999

Harry La Verne Brownell
e-mail address: brownell@myhome.net
researching: Brownell, Dawley, Messenger, Barnes, Ross

We are looking for information on the above families

Sat Mar 27 22:56:01 1999

Julius E. DRONE
e-mail address: julius76@earthlink.net

Sun Mar 28 10:12:09 1999

e-mail address: gjhwh@webtv.net
researching: Jones, Billingsley

Looking for Isaac Newton Jones, b. in Pennsylvania in 1832. His father was born in Pennsylvania and his mother was born in Maryland. I do not know the names of these parents. Isaac married Mary Elizabeth Billingsley who was born in 1837 in Ohio. Her parents were born Maryland. Need their names also. They are listed in the 1880 Iowa Census with children: 1. Henrietta, age 11 2. Evelina, age 8 3. Arthur Thomas, age 5 4.J. (Joshua) R., age 2 The family movedto Louisiana in the late 1880's. Thank you.

Sun Mar 28 18:17:16 1999

lynn ary
e-mail address: fayeandjoe@taconic.net

I am looking for information about the HUNT family - I know they were living in Greene Co. OHIO in the 1850's or before and married into the HOOVER family. The HAINES family I belong to goes back to Richard and Margaret but I have no dates until their great granddaughter - Hannah who married into the OGLESBY/OGLESBEE family (Alexander) - he was born 1734-1794 and Hannah and ALexander had 9 children - two brothers I am related to - Aaron and Isaiah. Aaron 1763- 1825 married Susanne Emmons (lived in Fredrick Co. VIRGINIA but ended up in Greene Co. OHIO. Isaiah married Phoebe Painter (1768-1848) they too began in Fredrick Co. VA and ended up in Ohio. Phoebe's parents John Painter born 1736 and Susannah Stratton born 1739. John's parents were John Sr and Hannah Braddock Pain. Any information - would be helpful and appreciated

Sun Mar 28 18:55:20 1999

Miles Gordon
e-mail address: milesg@perth.igs.net
researching: Bettle

Seeking info on Lt John Bettle, Loyalist with West Jersey Volunteers. Sailed, with his wife, in 1783 to New Brunswick, Canada. Who were his parents. what was his wife's maiden name? Where did they live prior to emigrating? Any information would be much appreciated.

Mon Mar 29 09:51:07 1999

Joan HArdter
e-mail address: IFLEW4U@aol.com

I am now trying to research the women who have married into my main line--AARONSON. JANE THORN b. 1835, MARY VANDEGFRIT no dates, ACHSAH BLACK born 1764 and REBECCA HAINES no dates but married Joseph Aaronson by 1762 so probably born about 1740/41. Any information on these women would be of great help!!

Tue Mar 30 08:00:55 1999

sheila gonzales
e-mail address: slcg@gte.net
researching: thornburg,moon,williams,fouts,biggs,covalt,chamness,cole shaffer,stanley,humphries,mills,burgess,grubbs,beeson,allen stout,dicks,wakefield,hhiatt,hornaday,cannaday,strode,bryant bundy,newby,newlin,gibson,pope,macy,crumley,john,coffin frazier,hawkins,pusey,dixon,warren,horser,thornburg,fouts vestal,williams,fluke,overman,hinshaw,clayton,hodgin,delp snyder,maulsby,blount, belman,small,stubbs,beals,baldwin, jenkins,stanfield,greenstreet,stockett,plummer,maris,hoover sinks,younce,gwin,hayworth

hello i would like to talk with people researching henry thornburg and wife rachel moon they had sophia thornburg .she married joseph williams (parents unknown) they had henry williams born sept 1800 died sept 2, 1877 who married nancy biggs born aug 31,1799 she died jan 1, 1892 her father was willis biggs/also his name could be joseph willis biggs he fought in the war of 1812 fort seneca in ohio and died there.nancy and henry williams child henry c.williams born 18440 died aug 7, 1918 dublin indiana he married catherine shaffer born dec 27,1846 died jan 22, 1902 her father william shaffer and sarah fouts his father frederick shaffer and mary crumley. sarah fouts above father jacob fouts and elizabeth plummer born 1784 randolph co north carolina her father philamon plummer and sophia ring have more on philamon. above nancy biggs and henry williams children matthew williams and emily louisa cory,joseph williams and susan wright obed williams born sept 11, 1836 died aug 24, 1920 he married christina covalt and second mary cannaday bborn sep 1, 1853 died july 23, 1935 her father enos cannaday and hannah chamness her father anthony chamness and sarah cole can anyone out there help me with these families? snail mail 2503 pleasant colony st perris,calif 92571 thanks so much sheila

Wed Mar 31 07:21:59 1999

Bernadine Smith
e-mail address: bernie@discover.net
researching: Mary KELLY

Searching for info on Mary Kelly b. abt. 1747 Hunterdon Co. N.J. d. 1827 Union Twp. Clinton Co. Ohio. marr. John SIMCOCK,14 Nov. 1771 Hunterdon Co. N.J.

Wed Mar 31 20:40:57 1999

Richard D. Mackneer Sr.
e-mail address: mack@always-online.com
researching: Andrew McNare Andrew Mcnair McNear

Need info on Andrew M'Nare or McNair. Who he was married to Their childrens names , and what year did he leave Philadelphia, and where did they miagrate to? Thanks

Wed Mar 31 20:42:45 1999

Richard D. Mackneer Sr.
e-mail address: mack@always-online.com
researching: Andrew McNare Andrew Mcnair McNear

Need info on Andrew M'Nare or McNair. Who he was married to Their childrens names , and what year did he leave Philadelphia, and where did they miagrate to? Thanks

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