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June 2000

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Fri Jun 2 05:20:26 2000

Msaggie Green

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Received an article which suggests these names might have been of Quaker origin. They were supposedly living in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Maryland, and/or Pocahontas Co., WV. I have not seen these names listed in my research, but was wondering if any one else had run across them. Names found in the article are: CHRISTIAN DILLEY, JOHN DILLEY, JR., JOHN DILLEY, SR. ELIZABETH ACKLAND, HENRY DILLEY, MARTIN DILLEY, CATHRIN (HIMPIN DILLEY). Any help finding out if these were Quakers would be helpful. Thanks. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Jun 2 09:08:41 2000

Tawsha Hubbard

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researching: Chamness Vestal

Hi, I am looking for anyone that is researching these names. David Vestal b. 16 June 1736 d. 26 Oct 1819 and Sarah Chamness b. 11 Feb 1742 d. 20 Jan 1822 They were members at the Cane Creek in Chatham NC Their daughter Lydia Vestal was my gggggrandmother. Would love to hear from anyone reseaching this line. I found a great web site about the Quaker Chamness family you might want to link to. It is at Dan Chamness is the web master and Chamness researcher. Thank you Tawsha Hubbard --------------------------------------------------

Fri Jun 2 09:50:06 2000

Dr. Michael Williams

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researching: Abraham Williams Margaret Williams Nathan Williams Sarah Hoopes Williams

Would appreciate any information on my great great grandfather Abraham Williams and great great grandmother Margaret (?) Williams. Presumely they were from Fayette County, Pa. Also I would appreciate information about my greatgrand parents Nathan and Sarah Hoopes Williams who were married in 1819 at Short Creek MM Harrison County, Ohio in 1819. They were the parrents of my grandfather Thomas Williams who helped found Hoopeston, Illinois. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Jun 2 14:02:50 2000

Kim Young

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researching: STONE

Searching for the origins of Cuthbert Stone 1758-1844 Inlisted in the militia at St. Mary's Co., MD in 1780 Lay wounded on the Battlefield of Cowpens for 3 days. Married Sallie March 17, 1784 in South Carolina. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Jun 2 14:09:07 2000

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Sat Jun 3 03:07:52 2000

Donna Hague Nakhle

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researching: Hague

HAGUE family history tells of two Hague brothers migrating to New Jersey and then to Bucks Co. Pa then to Chester Co. Pa in the late 1600's to the early 1700's. Francis Hague is the brother we descend from and are seeking information about. This Francis originated in Tracaden (England) according to the Marsden Monthly Meeting records. Does anyone know how I can get a copy of the Marsden Monthly records from the late 1600's? When Francis came to USA he married a Pleasant Pawlin (Millner) in 1700 in Bucks Co. PA> Does anyone have a copy of the records of their marriage? Or does anyone have the names of Pleasant Pawlin's parents? As you can tell, I am in need of direction and any advice on how to obtain these records would be greatly appreciated. Blevins once put some information on the internet about Francis' parents as William Hague and Mary Laurie, can anyone approve this or agree with this conclusion? Many thanks! --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jun 3 20:31:42 2000


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researching: Esther Hubbard, William Fodrea/Fodry

I am looking for the PARENTS and or SIBLINGS of the following people. They are quakers from Guilford Co. N.C. to Wayne Co. Indiana. William Fodrea/Fodry born 6-4-1810 in Guilford Co. North Carolina... Esther Hubbard born 2-22-1812 also of Guilford Co. N.C. They married October 4,1840.. I am assuming in Wayne Co, Indiana..Who are their parents????? I can find no info on William or Esther.. They had the following children all in Wayne Co. Indiana Miriam Martha Stanton Albert Amy ?? I aam looking for the families before William Fodrea/Fodry and Esther Hubbard.. ANY help greatly appreciated.. --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jun 3 20:49:41 2000

Patrick Thornton

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researching: Whitehead; Garrigus

I am searching for Theodore Austin Whitehead, born New York (?) 8-22-1817, father of William Erastus Whitehead, born in Sunman, Indiana on 12-4-1846 --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jun 4 00:26:20 2000

sally dyson

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researching: KENWAY


Sun Jun 4 04:09:51 2000

O.H. "Mac" McCullough

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researching: Hinshaw, vestal

Looking for any information to include parents, siblings etc of Sarah Vestal b: according to LDS IGI 1796 in "Holly Springs Wade Co,NC". There is no Wade Co. but a Wake Co in NC and the Holly Springs community there wasn't settled until 1825. No record in Wake Co of Vestals around the time of her birth. She married Benjamin Hinshaw in Surry Co, NC Nov10,1812 and they subsequently moved to MO. Thanks, Mac McCullough --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jun 4 15:47:59 2000

Anna Lee Stangl

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researching: Stewart, Park, Klee or Clay

I am looking for any information on the above surnames. I have an Edward Hill Stewart married to Susannah Clay (Klee) in 1786, Frederick Co., MD -- both were buried in the Richmond Quaker Cemetery in Jefferson Co., Ohio. Their son Mahlon converted to Methodism but married another Quaker woman, Elizabeth Park, 1809. I have no information on her parents. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jun 4 15:56:49 2000

Anna Lee Stangl

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researching: Cox, Butler, Foster, Dicks, Walker

looking for any info on the parents of Sarah Walker b. 26 Sep 1782, d. 11 Oct 1807 Guilford Co., NC, m. Nov 1758 to William Stanley. Their names may have been William and Sarah. also the parents of Martha Butler, b. 27 Aug 1816, d. 2 nov 1865, m. 30 March 1837 in Henry Co., Indiana to Elwood Stanley. The parents may have been James Butler (of Stanton?) and Deborah Johnson. the parents of Abigail Foster b. 7 Feb 1689, m. 8 Nov 1809 to Richard Stanley - possibly named John Foster and Grace Dicks. the predecessors of Latha Julitha Cox born 1779, New Garden NC married 27 Marh 1799 to John Canaday in Lost Creek, Jefferson Co, TN. If these names look familiar to anybody I'd greatly appreciate the help!!! --------------------------------------------------

Mon Jun 5 18:39:07 2000

Paula Czesak

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researching: Hunt Pearson

I am looking regarding my Gr. Gr. Grandmother Mary Ann Hunt. Born about 1828 in Ohio. She married Charles Pearson, born about 1824 could be in Ohio; and had one or two daughters. One daughter my Grandmother was Almira Pearson, born Aug. 20, 1850. I am looking for information as where they lived. It could be Clinton County. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Jun 5 18:53:32 2000

Lauren Maehrlein

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researching: Babcock Browning Kenyon

I'm researching in South County, Rhode Island. I believe that the reason I can't find civil records on so many of my people is because they were Quakers. I know the RI Hist. Soc. has some Quaker records. Any suggestions as to where I can find other info? The names I think are Quakers: Babcock, Browning, Watson --------------------------------------------------

Mon Jun 5 22:28:27 2000

Dale Paxson

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I am The son of Russell Paxson,the son of Horice Paxson of streator Il. Can anyone place my family with a quaker line? --------------------------------------------------

Wed Jun 7 11:05:52 2000

Natalie Burrows

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researching: --------------------------------------------------

Wed Jun 7 11:11:06 2000

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Wed Jun 7 11:11:53 2000

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Wed Jun 7 11:15:17 2000

Natalie Burrows

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researching: Davis

Seek information on connections between the John family and the Davis family - Quakers living in Chester and Northumberland counties, PA, in 18th and early 19th centuries. Eliza John wrote Diary about her family and others. Does anyone know how to obtain this Diary? Thanks for your help. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Jun 7 19:18:58 2000

Robert Efurd

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researching: Don't know

Some of the tombstones on my ancestors graves show a pair of hands shaking. Is this a Quaker symbol?


Thu Jun 8 21:30:05 2000

Robin Kitley Larsen

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researching: Kitley, Senters, Steele, Bachelor

I have found all these names affilliated with Lancaster Pa. Found Kitley in Quaker sites Would you have any Kitleys in your research? I would apprecite any help. Thanks Robin Kitley Larsen --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jun 10 11:58:13 2000

Jeanne Anderson

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researching: Wright

Looking for ancestors of Edward Wright, born early 1800's, probably in Maryland. He moved to Indiana (from census records, shows him & his 2nd wife Martha (Haskett) & children of both marriages, in Wayne Co. In. in 1850 and 1860. Then they were in Hancock Co. in 1870. I know that Edward and Martha were members of Quaker Church in 1840's but don't see anything on him in MMeetings except mention of their marriage in Heiss- Abstr. of Quaker Records, pt.4 (Milford) pg. 71 and also pg. 95. His first marriage was to Sarah McCoy, Barthalomew Co. IN. in 1829. Both marriages produced several children which Iam attempting to research them is my g.grandfather Jesse Wright who married Ann Foust in Rush Co. In. 1882. Anyway, is there any help from anyone out there? Want to find out more about the parents of Edward, his brothers, sisters, etc. Thanks, Jeanne --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jun 10 18:26:47 2000

Earl Noland

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researching: Coles

I'm looking for Daniel Coles parents,I have Daniel b.1715 m.1742 to Dinah Boone b.1722 they were marr. in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., PA --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jun 10 20:14:11 2000

Beryl Doherty

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researching: BELLOWS

Fredrick Bellows was born in Weymouth father was a Samuel Bellows the family came from Dorset am looking in the 1700's 1800's era.Any information about any one researching bellows would be very gratefully received. Yours cincerely Beryl Doherty New Zealand --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jun 11 10:29:16 2000

George V Greene

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researching: Greene,John and Robert

Hi I am trying to find any info on John and Robert Greene They were a Quaker Family of American loyalist background in 1803 This is when they moved to Newfoundland. I am not sure but I think the were from Boston area Thank you for any help or guidence Vinny greene --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jun 11 20:11:24 2000


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researching: Blackburn

I'm running on empty and need any help available! On May 22, 1798 my great-great-great-grandfather John Wallace married Jean(or Jane) Blackburn in Blount County Tennessee. I have searched everywhere for her parents names and his parents names and what state they immigrated from. It could be the Carolina's or maybe Virginia. Can anyone give me a lead as to where I might start? --------------------------------------------------

Mon Jun 12 14:19:28 2000

Cathy Downes

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researching: Baynard, Downes

Searching for information on the Downes family of Queen Anne's County, Caroline County, Kent County and Talbot County on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Married into the Baynard family - many Quaker associations... propably married into other Quaker families. Any information on any of the Downes family greatly appreciated. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Jun 13 11:19:21 2000

eileen vignola

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researching: CAMERON, Henry YOUNG, Elsie and Walter

Looking for any information re: CAMERON family of Philadlphia area. They were owners of txtile mills inthe Frankford section of Philadelphia in the late 1800s to early -mid 1900s. Thank you. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Jun 13 16:02:25 2000

Lee Barnes

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Tue Jun 13 16:09:44 2000

Lee Barnes

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researching: BARNES

Looking for Quaker ancestors who inhabited Huntingdon County PA and adjoining counties from early 1700's to mid 20th century. Family ancestors were in the ironmaking business in that area early on. Any help appreciated --------------------------------------------------

Tue Jun 13 19:56:37 2000

Carol Wells

e-mail address: granny@cp-


Quaker Richard Henderson of Bush River MM, SC, wife Elizabeth. Believe Elizabeth was a Branson; who were her parents? Captain Eli Branson in his will dated 30 May 1796, Abbeville, SC, stated he was 'One of his Majestys Subjects of the King of Great Britain, but now resident of Abbeville District. He left to his children his part of the estate that was willed to him by his Grandfather Benjamin Burden in Virginia. Captain Eli Branson's executors were his wife, Keziah, and Nathaniel Henderson Senior. Need relationships of Hendersons and Bransons. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Jun 16 21:26:58 2000

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Elinor Cook, widow, produced a certificate from Frandly Monthly Meeting in Cheshire, England, for herself and her children directed to Chester Monthly Meeting where it was received on 29th of 1st mo, 1714. Later that year, she married John Fincher of Londongrove and removed there with her children. Early Church Records of Delaware County, Pennsylvania Volume 2 Page 191 Concord Monthly Meeting "Addendum" Henry C. Peden Jr., M.A. John Pitts Launey 1997 R. L. Cooke, III April 27, 1999 The following was written by James Logan, Nov. 18, 1713: By the Commissioners of Property At the request of Elenor Cook, widow, that we would grant her one hundred acres of vacant land in ye County of Chester adjoining to that laid out to [unin] Maxwell for which she has agreed to pay ten pounds in one year with nine months interest for ye same: these are to authorize the [unin] to survey or cause to be surveyed to ye said Elenor Cook ye said quanity of one hundred acres of vacant land in ye place aforesaid and make return thereof into ye Secretaries Office. Which survey in case ye said Elenor fufill ye agreement aforesaid shall be valid, otherwise ye same shall be void as if it had never been made nor this warrant ever granted Given under our hand and ye Seal of ye Province at Philadelphia ye 18th day of November A.D. 1713. Samuel Carpenter R. Hill I. Morris James Logan B. Jacobs Taylor Surveyor General Land Grant for Elinor (Norman) Cook The Albert Cook Myers Collection Chester County Historical Society Provided by Barbara T. Tricebock, Venice, Florida R. L. Cooke, III April 14, 2000 [The Marriage of John Fincher and Elinor Norman] 1st declaration of intention to marry occured June 28, 1714 [4 mo. 28, 1714], at Chester Meeting held at Providence MH. 2nd declaration of intention to marry occured August 30, 1714 [6 mo. 30, 1714] at Chester Meeting held at Newtown MH. John and Elinor married September 1714 [7 mo. 1714], probably at Goshen Meeting to which they belonged, although there is no record. They moved to Londongrove in 1716. John Fincher married a third time, a widower, and in his will, c. 1747, he made no mention of Elinor. Excerpts of an Address, given by Robert L. Cooke, Jr., before the 6th Annual Cook Family Reunion held at Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania August 15, 1953 27th day of 7th mo, 1714. The marriages of John Turner and John Fincher reported accomplished in good order. 30th day of 2nd mo, 1716 Eliner Fincher and John Fincher requested a certificate to Newark. Early Church Records of Delaware County, Pennsylvania Volume 1 Page 95, 98 Chester Monthly Meeting "Minutes" John Pitts Launey F. Edward Wright 1997 R. L. Cooke, III April 27, 1999 Chester Monthly Meeting at Middleton (Women Minutes) 3 month 30, 1715. From Goshen, Elinor Fincher Alce Pennell spoke with the young woman concerning the report that was maid of the Uncivil Carridge which fell out at a time of her marriage after she went home in taking of her garters which is a practice not allowed by Friends. She said she was sorry for what was done and we hope it will be a caution for time to come for others to be a Ware of the Like accusation. The Albert Cook Myers Collection Chester County Historical Society Provided by Barbara T. Tricebock, Venice, Florida R. L. Cooke, III --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jun 17 10:07:55 2000

Susan McAtee

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researching: Bowne

Hello, I am looking for information on my ancestor, John Bowne, son of William Bowne and Ann unknown. John married Lydia Holmes, daughter of Obadiah Holmes and Katherine Hyde. I am not completely clear on tis, but I thought I read somewhere that John Bowne was a Quaker and because of his beliefs, was sent back to Europe for some length of time. Does anyone know the story on John Bowne? Thank you Susan McAtee --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jun 18 11:08:35 2000

david williams

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Can you tell me or point me in the right direction to find out the etymology of the name "Quaker?" That is, why are the Quakers called such? What in the liturgy of Quaker worship leads to the name? --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jun 18 18:09:55 2000

Sharon Slicer Kincaid

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researching: Kirk, Mendenhall, Cox, Allen, Harlan, Robinson,Duck, Hoope

Hi, I've been searching my family for about 6 months now. I haven't been able to find much on the Slicers. I have found Thomas Slicer born about 1784 and know that he married Debrorah Kirk. But I have not been able to find out who his parents where. I would thankful for any help. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jun 18 20:08:55 2000

Jayleen Morris

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researching: Sneath, Odell, and Underwood/Gillenwater

I have copies of two reports showing that my gg grandmother and great grandmothers were both Friends. My gg grandmother's name was Martha Odell she was born in Morgan County Illnois in 1838. She married James Sneath somewhere in Iowa. My great grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Jones and married Henry U. Sneath in 1884 in Harlan, Missouri. These are my mother's parternal grandparents. On my mothers maternial side we have an Sarah Gillenwater. Her maiden name was Underwood. Does nay of this matach your families. --------------------------------------------------

Wed Jun 21 11:37:01 2000

Sherry Patterson

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Wed Jun 21 12:10:08 2000

Sherry Patterson

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researching: MYERS

Benjamin Myers of Philadelphia and Loudoun Co. VA is my brick wall. I know he had one son by his first wife and I am guessing the next 8 children by his second wife, Elizabeth GEORGE. I am descended from his last son, John George. Ben and Liz were Quaker. He bought 111 acres on Goose Creek in 1789 from Thomas and Lucy Cummings. He took a mtg on 1/2 of the mill owned by Janney and bought and sold various properties. At one point he reserved a parcel of land for a Quaker Meeting House. According to the Philadelphia Gazette he was advertizing properties for sale in parts of PA before moving to Loudoun Co. Is there anyone else in this land connected to this Benjamin? I would like to exchange information with anyone who might be. Sherry --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jun 24 06:55:02 2000


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researching: Albertson

I am researching my Albertson Ancestors. Specifically John Albertson from Davidson Co.NC. He married Rebecca Nugent in 1725. I have hit a brick wall. It was suggested to me that I should check on Quaker ancestry. If anyone has any information regarding these names please e-mail me. Thank You Robbin --------------------------------------------------

Sat Jun 24 06:58:52 2000

Lee Anne Roberts

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researching: Blackburn

I am interested in any information concerning my 3great grandmother Jane (or Jean) Blackburn. The only information we have right now is that she married John Wallace in Blount, Tennessee on May 22, 1798 and was probably from the Carolinas. We think also they they moved to Alabama in 1818 but are buried in Blount, Tennessee. I was delighted to have found their marriage license but that seems to be it. I would love to be able to go back further on Jane and John's family but I'm stuck! Can you help? --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jun 25 08:27:01 2000


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researching: Addison,poston, Small

Good Morning, I could sure us an Angel about now. I am researching my Addison family in Hancock, Rush, Shelby, Carthage, Cadiz, Gwenville, Indiana. I am looking for any records regarding Iverson Addison, William Addison, Thomas Addison: The information I have from My Aunt Opal's family records say: " William Addison born? married twice. He had 3 sons and 1 daughter by his first wife, who died in Carthage, Indiana in 1860. William was a store keeper in Carthage in early days. Later he and his second wife moved to Burlington, Indiana, now Arlington, Indiana, north of Carthage. William and his scond wife had no children: I don't know the name of his first Wife. I only have the first name of his second wife and that is Betsy. William and Betsy had: Henry Lindon, Stephen, Harvey, and Mary Ann. Mary Ann she has being born in 1832 and died November 15, 1853. Next is William Addison son of Thomas Addison and Catherine cathon.( Thomas married twice first to Catherine Caton, next to Catherine Smith) William married Miranda Nixon. Miranda Nixton born Aug 16, 1847, died April 5, 1887. My Aunts familr records shows these children born to this union: Martha -b Aug 31, 1864, Woodiard hugh b- June 4, 1867, Elizabeth Catherine b -March 24, 1869, Sarah Ellen b-July 3, 1871 d- March 4, 1945 she married a Winslow, Maria b March 4, 1874, Ruben Irvin b- November 20, 1877 d- March 16, 1878, Bertha A. b- August 25, 1879 d- August 20, 1878, William Thomas b- May 3, 1882. Now the fun part:The Quaker records that are in the family records show: William Addison and Miranda Nixon ( she is the daughter of Thomas Nixon), marriage Novemebr 14, 1863, Rush County, Indiana Walnut Ridge MM: The children of this marriage are: Martha Ann, born 31 Aug 1864, Elizabeth C. Addison, born 24, March 1869, Sarah E. Addison, born 03 July 1871, Mariah Addison born 04 March 1874, Reuben Addison born 20 November 1877 in Rush County, Indiana, Walnut Ridge MM; died Mar 1878 in Rush County, Indiana, next is Bertha A. Addison born 15 August 1879 in Rush County, Indiana, Walnut Ridge MM. The children are different! Any information will keep me from pulling my hair out, and perhps I can get some rest on this gentleman in our family tree. My email is --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jun 25 10:32:22 2000


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researching: White, Frazier, Kelley, Moyle

I have scanned image of severel Quaker Missionaries, probably from Iowa. They served as missionaries with my ancestor who served in the Iowa 34th during the Civil War Mr. & Mrs. S.D. White. He was a Minister. The Whites appear to be a bit younger than my ancestor who was born 1833. Mr. & Mrs. Willis M. Kelley. The Kelleys appear th be about the same age as my ancester who was born in 1833. Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Moyle. The Moyles appear to be about the same age as my ancester who was born in 1833. Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Frazier. These are my ancesters. Let me know if you would like me to email you the image. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jun 25 15:27:16 2000

Joanne Carlsen

e-mail address:

researching: STARR, HILLES

I am trying to contact Joanne Sherman, who sent me a most helpful reply to my query about James Starr and Eleanor Davis and their son James Davis, who married Phebe Hilles in Berks Co., PA in 1828. Apparently the e-mail address I have for her is incorrect, as my messages have been returned. I would very much like to have either an e-mail address or a P.O. address so that I can respond. --------------------------------------------------

Sun Jun 25 16:43:15 2000

Paul Bunnell

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researching: Bunnell Jones

Looking for Any records on Benjamin Bonnell/Bunnell, b.c.1744, possibly Morris Co., NJ. Married Sarah (Sally) Jones, possibly from Bergen Co. NJ before 1779. They became loyalists and fled to NYC in 1779, then after the Rev. War fled to Canada in July 1783. Looking for marriage records and positive parents on both. Thanks --------------------------------------------------

Mon Jun 26 15:10:45 2000

scott hatch

e-mail address:

researching: scott

Looking for parentage of JOESPH SCOTT marred PENINAH COPELAND APRIL-12-1768,CHOWAN COUNTY NC. Peninah born 1732,Chowan co.Were parents of EDWARD SCOTT,born 1791 Any info helpfull,thanks --------------------------------------------------

Mon Jun 26 22:15:36 2000

Edward Bergman

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researching: Hirst and Rushworth

Searching for information on these two families, originally from Yorkshire, England/settling in the Philadelphia area in the late 17th, early 18th century. Also, information on Florence Hirst, born in Philadelphia 1897(?) -- disowned by the meeting in 1913 for eloping(?)with an Irish Catholic immigrant(Mulhearn). Their daughter, born in 1914, was named Florence also. Florence Hirst divorced(?)Mulhearn around 1917 and moved to Baltimore, MD. Rushworth was Florence Hirst's maternal grandfather. --------------------------------------------------

Mon Jun 26 22:42:51 2000


e-mail address:

researching: Addison, Small, Poston, and I'm not sure of the others

Good Day, My name is Lora and I have been researching my Addison's. This is a piece of work that my Aunt Opal wrote. I would like to share this with any other Addison's that might be researching the same ones that I am. If any sound familure please let me know. Thanks to you all!! Lora William Addison lived in North Carolina. He had 3 sons, Iverson Thomas, and William. The 3 boys came to Cadiz, Henry County, Indiana in the 1820's. It was a dense forest at that time. 1. Iverson Addison was born in 1806. He was married once and had 1 son and 2 daughters. He was killed on Dec 27, 1836, while caring a wild hog on his back. He slipped on the ice and broke his neck. His death occurred a short ways south of Cadize and he was buried near Cadig. His son was 9 years old at the time of his death. 2. Thomas Addison was born Aug 16, 1808 He was married twice. Thomas and his first wife had 4 sons and 4 daughters. They lived near Cadiz. His first wife died the latter part of 1841. She was buried near Cadiz. On Sept 10, 1842, Thomas married his second wife. Gathering up his children he had trouble in getting his daughter Margaret who was 8years old, from the people who had her, as they didn't want to give her up. Thomas told them he had come after her and would take her or lose every drop of blood in his veins. He told them he had a good wife and she was willing and wanted him to bring his children home. Thomas had 8 children and his newly wedded wife had 3. This made for a good sized family, but they moved to the northeast corner of Shelby County on an 80 acre farm that Thomas purchased. They had 7 children by Thomas wife who died Aug. 22 1886. Thomas had 1 son at home at that time, Washington. They lived there a few years longer, then Thomas and Washington went to Greenfield and lived with Thomas's daughter Christian Addison Adams. In Nov. of 1894 Washington no in good health drove from Greenfield to Wolf"s Mill Race 3 miles north of Morristown, Ind. And drowned himself. That and old age, finished Thomas Addison who died Dec 15, 1894, past 86 years of age. Thomas and his second wife are buried in the Asbury Cemetery, north of Morristown, Ind. 3. William Addison was married twice. He had 3 sons and 1 daughter by his first wife, who died in Carthage, Ind. In 1860. William was a store keeper in Carthage in early days and sold among other things liquor. Later he and his second wife moved to Burlington, Ind., now Arlington, Ind. North of Cartage. William and his second wife had no children. Thomas Addison b Aug 16, 1808 d Dec 15 1894 mrd first Catherine Calgon - they had 8 children: 1. Jane Addison b Nov 1829 - d Aug. 16, 1907 - married a Snyder 2. John R. Addison b Dec 14, 1832 d March 25, 1915 3. Sarah Ellen Addison b May 31, 1831 d June 1, 1916 - married a Ball 4. Milton Addison b Feb 16, 1834 d Sept 5, 1910 5. Margaret Addison b Aug 6, 1836 d Feb 4, 1906 - married a Ball 6. Wesley Addison b May 28, 1838 d Oct 12, 1906 7. Mary Addison b Oct 6, 1839 d Nov 7, 1917 married a Small 8. William Addison b March 15, 1841 d Sept 1901 Thomas Addison mrd second to Catherine Smith b May 29, 1812 d Aug 22, 1886. They had 7 children. Mrd on Sept 11, 1842. 1. David b 1843 d the summer of 1881 2. Thomas Jefferson b. Nov 29, 1844 d Oct 19, 1916 3. Washington b 1846 d Nov 1894 4. Christian b Dec 6, 1848 d Oct 29, 1914 married a Adams 5. Francis Marion b Dec 14, 1849 d April 28, 1930 6. Catherine b 1852 d in infancy 7. Theodore b Dec 16, 1854 d June 30, 1924 Catherine Smith Galaher Addison's children by her first marriage to Smith - They had 3 children. Emeline Smith Eaton b Jan 10, 1832 d Sept 10, 1898 Jasper Smith b April 21, 1833 -d May 5, 1915 (5children) Samuel Smith b.? Jane Addison mrd Will Snyder They had 9 children 1. Thomas b March 6, 1849 d Dec 4, 1936 2. Infant 3. Mary b April 24, 1851 d Oct 25, 1938 - married a Kiser 4. infant 5. Margaret b.? married a Stump 6. Susan b March 26, 1857 d ? married Willis King 7. Willie b? 8. George b.? 9 John. b.? John R. Addison mrd 1st to Asenath Ball They had 3 children: 1. Sarah C. b. Dec 7, 1853 d.? married a Keaton 2 Mary E. b. Sept 5, 1857 d ? married a Stevens 3. John W. b Dec 23, 1859 John R. Addison mrd 2nd on Oct 26, 1862 to Elizabeth Bentley Willis. They had 5 children. 1. Homer D. b Aug22, 1863 died in infancy 2. Jasper Newton b. Oct 10, 1865 - d? 3. David b. April 21, 1868 - d ? 4. Cornelia b. Dec 11, 1869 d Aug 3, 1947 5. James b. Nov 24, 1875 - d.? Sarah Ellen Addison mrd to George S. Ball b Nov 24, 1831 They had 8 children 1. Millard F. b Dec 18, 1855 - d? 2. Henry Thomas b. July 4, 1857 - d.? 3. Theodore M. b. Feb 24, 1859 - d.? 4. Mary Catherine b. Feb 16, 1861 d.? married a Pinkerman 5. Harriet b. July 6, 1864 married a Copher 6. John Wesley b. July 29, 1866 7. George William b. March 10, 1869 d.? 8. Emily Jane b. Oct 10, 1871 d.? married a Leisure Milton Addison mrd Rachel Ann Moore b. 1845 d. 1933 They had 5 children Mary Emeline b July 16, 1876 d. April 28, 1946 married a Collins Sarah b. March 10, 1878 d. Nov 1943 married a Ramsey Ada Scohronia b. May 1, 1880 d.? married a Poston William b. March 28, 1855 d. Aug 1944 Lilly Leone b. March 28, 1885 d. Feb 4, 1945 William and Lilly are twins Margaret Addison med. Jonathan Ball They had 11 children infant Thelma b. Feb 28, 1859 d ? Cordelia died in infancy Charles b.? Laura b.? married a Pusey Mary Jane b.? married a Bunker Jacob b.? Daniel b.? Rachel b. Nov 20, 1872 married a Sullivan Noah b. Feb 20, 1847 Eli b? Wesley Addison mrd on July 30, 1862 to Elizabeth Haskett They had 7 Children Soloman b.? George b.? Frank b. Jan 17, 1871 Mary b. Jan 7, 1873 Simon b.? Margaret b. Jan 7, 1875 Anna b. mrd Wheeler Shinn 9-16-1895 Mary Addison mrd on Dec 18, 1862 to George Small They had 5 children Rose Ellen b.? Thomas Edison b.? Josiah b. Jan 1, 1862 d. Oct 1938 Martha b. Nov 7, 1863 d.? Mary Evva b. Oct 19, 1864 d.? married a Barnett William Addison mrd Miranda Nixon b. Aug 16, 1847 d. April 5, 1887 They had 8 children Martha b. Aug 31, 1864 -d ? Woodiard Hugh b. June 4, 1867 d.? Elizabeth Catherine b. March 24, 1869 d.? married a Wiggins Sarah Ellen b. July July 3, 1871 d. March 1945 married a Winslow Maria b. March 4, 1874 d.? Ruben Irvin b. Nov 20, 1877 d. March 16, 1878 Bertha A. b. Aug 25, 1879 d. Aug 20, 1878 William Thomas b. May 3, 1882 d.? David Addison mrd Melinda Bassell b. 1855 d. 1893 they had 2 children Etta b. 1874 d. 1936 married a Wrotten Minnie b. 1875 d. 1914 married a Lloyd Thomas Jefferson Addison mrd Miranda Elizabeth Cathron b. may 30, 1851 d.? April 22, 1928 They had 5 children William A. b. 1867 d. April 10, 1948 Della Catherine b. 1869 d. 1926 married a Gates Orlando F. b. Oct 22, 1873 d.? Charley T. b. Feb 19, 1879 d.? Ruth b. Jan 29, 1885 d. March 5, 1952 married a Lee Christian Addison mrd Oliver Adams b. April 20, 1848 d. Dec 27, 1923 They had 3 children Dora b. April 24, 1872 d. Feb 6, 1937 married a Wolf Letha b. July 1, 1876 d. 1955 married a Smith Lena b. April 25, 1886 d. 1972 married a Howard Francis Marion Addison mrd Sarah Frances Morgan b. Feb 10, 1856 d. July 23, 1933 They had 6 children. Thomas b. March 15, 1876 d. June 7, 1950 married Merle F. Gordon Nellie b. Aug 26, 1879 d. June 10, 1943 married Arna Bumdy Susie b. April 14, 1884 d. July 28, 1896 never married Walter C. b. March 14, 1886 d. Dec 22, 1951 married a Lillie Thurman M. b. Sept 7, 1888 d. Aug 5, 1956 married a Mildred Fred b. Feb 6, 1892 mrd Lenora Kasler Theodore Addison mrd Catherine Smith b. 1842 d. 1908 They had no children William Addison mrd Betsy ? they had 4 children Henry Lindon b.? Stephen b.? Harvey b.? Mary Ann 1832 d. Nov 15, 1853 Henry Lindon Addison mrd ? they had 10 children 1. William Thomas b.? 2. Josephine b? MARRIED a Throwbridge 5. Nancy b.? married a Sullivan 6. John Lewis b.? 7. Silas Emmory b.? 8. Charles Willard b.? 9. Marshall b.? 10. George Dallas b.? Stephen Addison 7 or 8 children lived in Northern Missouri Harvey J. Addison mrd ? they had 5 children Clifton Harvey b.? Bertha b.? married a Jessup Myrtle died at age 14 Ida b.married a Wise Daliah b.? Married a Ericson Mary Ann Never Married died at age 21 Lonnie Addison the blacksmith at Spiceland was the son of William Thomas Addison, the grandson of Henry Lindon Addison. If this connects with you, please let me know. Lora I know Some of the Addison's were Quakers from the Rush County, Indiana, Walnut Ridge MM, however, I'm not sure which ones. In addition I don't know if the other surnames were. --------------------------------------------------

Tue Jun 27 06:49:23 2000

Dawn Hoke

e-mail address:

researching: MULL/COX

My great-great-great grandmother, Julia Ann/Juliann/\Julyann, was a Quaker. She was a member of the Quaker church at West Grove in Harrison Co., OH. She was b. in VA and d. in Harrison Co., OH in 1906. She was marr. to Elisha Cox in 1852, Harrison Co., OH. I am trying to find the names of her parents, who were also possible Quakers. Does anyone know if the West Grove Quaker chuch in Harrison Co., OH still exists? If so, I would like to write to them to see if they have any information regarding this family. Any information anyone might have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Dawn --------------------------------------------------

Tue Jun 27 16:58:43 2000

Alan Siegal

e-mail address:

researching: none

I recently saw a movie in which the term "thee" is used for "you." I realized it was the second time I have seen the device used with reference to the Friends, and it started my wheels turning. In one of the movies, as well as on a post on this board, non-Quakers spoke of "theeing and thouing", yet in the movies, nobody ever used "thou" as a subjective pronoun. Only "thee" was used, both as subject and object. Furthermore, it was conjugated not to the second person, but the third. I would expect "thou go" or "thou goest", but the term used was "thee goes." I will not be surprised to learn that a formal form was used. Americans, like all Anglophones, are probably the only Europeans for whom an honorific "you" has fallen into disuse, and the idea that it could be resurrected by people who found it useful or necessary for their lifestyle seems realistic. However, I will be amazed to learn that the actual forms used are equivalent to "him go" rather than "he goes." Can someone tell me if the old form was used and, if it was indeed reformed (corrupted seems unkind when speaking of people of another time) to use forms such as "thee goes". Thank you. -Alan Siegal, lover of language and all it represents Queens, New York --------------------------------------------------

Wed Jun 28 14:07:31 2000

Grace Allen

e-mail address:

researching: Simcock, Kinsman, Dutton,Routh, Rogers

John Simcock was Provincial Councillor from Chester Co. under Wm. Penn from 1682-1700. Am searching him and the above named descendants mentioned . Any information greatly appreciated.


Thu Jun 29 12:03:36 2000

Lyndon Hart

e-mail address:

researching: STANTON, LEEDS

I am looking for the parents of Amy Stanton who married Jonathan Leeds in June 1755 in NJ. Also looking for the maiden name of their son Daniel's (1760-1851) wife Ann. They lived in Burlington, Gloucester, Atlantic co. area in Southern N.J. Thanks for any information. --------------------------------------------------

Thu Jun 29 17:46:06 2000

Mary Smith Fleming

e-mail address:

researching: White, Keener, Switzer,Stuart

White, Keener, Switzer, Stuart: These Quakers seemed to have originated in Ohio, moved to Randolph, Indiana and finally settled in Iowa. If you have information on these surnames please contact --------------------------------------------------

Thu Jun 29 20:51:52 2000

steven fenton

e-mail address:

researching: Fenton, Steer, Hollingsworth

Does anyone happen to know if the list exists of who the actual signers were of the Concessions and Agreements? I know the document burned in 1686 - only 10 years after it was signed, but I am wondering if a copy has been found and if there is a list of these signers. --------------------------------------------------

Fri Jun 30 21:33:19 2000

Mary Kathryn Jones Boland

e-mail address:

researching: Bales Beals Jones?

Quaker connection? Lydia A. Bales/Beals b.abt 1817 Ohio m. Aug 27, 1835/37? to Emery I. Jones b. abt 1816 Pa. Married Fulton Ill. In Lee Co. Iowa 1840 census. In LaSalle Co. Ill 1850 Census. Thanks any help appreciated. Kathy --------------------------------------------------

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