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Town of Scituate General Voting List 1898: District 2

Alverson Nelson D Hope  
Andrews Elmer M Hope  
Andrews George F Fiskville  
Battey John A Fiskville  
Battey John, Jr. A Fiskville  
Battey William R Fiskville  
Baker Fred   Fiskville  
Baker Lewis B Fiskville  
Bailey Daniel   Burnt Hill  
Bates Albert J Hope  
Bates John F Bald Hill  
Bates Joseph J Hope  
Beal Alvin H Hope  
Bennett Eli A Hope  
Beuernick Frederick   Fiskville  
Bickerton Charles   Hope  
Bowers James H Hope  
Brayton Charles, Jr. A Hope  
Brayton Frederick E Hope  
Brown Byron   Hope  
Brown George W Hope  
Brown Jeremiah   Hope  
Brown Sheldon   Hope  
Brownell David N Hope  
Buck Fred A Hope  
Budlong Lewis E Barnes  
Budlong Charles E Jackson  
Cahoone Albert B Kent  
Cahoone Jonathan A Kent  
Carter Fred   Hope  
Carter Frank   Hope  
Carter Samuel   Hope  
Carter Samuel, Jr.   Hope  
Carter William   Hope crossed off
Carr Joseph M Hope  
Carr Robert J Hope  
Campbell Norman   Hope  
Capron William H Fiskville  
Ceazer Leander   Jackson  
Chappell Alexander   Fiskville  
Clarke Charles K Jackson  
Clarke John H Hope  
Colvin Ambrose   Hope  
Colvin George A Hope  
Colvin John A Hope  
Colvin John C Hope  
Colvin Leonard T Hope  
Colvin Oliver O Jackson  
Colvin Nathan   Jackson  
Colvin Preston K Hope  
Colvin Samuel A Burnt Hill  
Colvin Sterry   Kent  
Colvin Welcome G Jackson  
Cole Charles, 2d H Hope  
Cole Charles H Hope  
Cole William A Hope  
Conlon Michael   Hope  
Conlon Michael   Hope  
Coty Frank   Hope crossed off
Cooke Alexander B Fiskville  
Cooke John G Hope  
Coyle James   Hope  
Coyle John   Hope  
Coyle Michael   Hope  
Curtis Irving L Hope  
Curtis Myrton A Hope  
Cutler Augustus H Kent  
Devlin Archie   Hope  
Dempsey Michael   Jackson  
Dempsey Michael, 2d   Jackson  
Dempsey Patrick   Jackson  
Derocha Albert   Jackson  
Derocha Edward   Jackson  
Derocha John B Jackson  
Derocha William   Jackson  
Dixon John H Hope  
Donley Joseph   Hope  
Duffy Frank   Hope  
Duffy Owen   Hope  
Duffy Terrence   Hope  
Duffy Thomas E Hope  
Emmons Edwin P Hope  
Fenner John H Potterville  
Fiske Charles L Burnt Hill  
Fiske John S Kent  
Fiske Nathan   Hope  
Field Almond L Kent  
Fish Benoni W Hope  
Fink William   Kent  
Finan John L Fiskville  
Finan Thomas H Fiskville  
Finnegan John C Hope  
Finnegan Thomas   Hope  
Flynn John H Fiskville  
Foley Michael J Fiskville  
Franklin Solomon   Burnt Hill  
Franklin James   Hope  
Gardener Benjamin F Jackson  
Gardener Fred A Hope  
Gardener Joseph W Hope  
Gilbert Joseph   Hope  
Gillot Eli   Fiskville  
Graves George H Hope  
Greene Thomas   Hope  
Greene Peter F Hope  
Groves William D Hope  
Gross George E Hope  
Gross Joseph H Hope  
Gross William   Hope  
Greenhalgh Andrew C Tunk Hill  
Grattage George   Hope  
Hammond Everett S Hope  
Hann Charles   Hope  
Harrington Stephen H Hope  
Hargraves James   Hope  
Hicks William A S. Scituate  
Hopkins Everett D Jackson  
Hopkins Nehemiah S S. Scituate  
Hopkins Walter P S. Scituate  
Hollerook Walter   Bald Hill  
Howarth John T Hope  
Howland Richard G Hope  
Howard George P Burnt Hill  
Howard George H Burnt Hill  
Jackson Edwin O Potterville  
Jenkins Henry   Hope  
Jenkins Joseph   Hope  
Jenkins Robert A Hope  
Jenkins Zephaniah   Hope  
Johnson Albert   Hope  
Johnson A. Lowell   Hope  
Jordan George, 2d H Potterville  
Jordan George W Potterville  
Jordan Isaac B Fiskville  
Jordan James A Hope  
Kent Orrin   Kent  
Keech James   Hope  
Kelley Harden A Hope  
Kelley Patrick   Jackson  
Keenan John   Hope  
King George E Hope  
Kingman Elmer C Kent  
Kingsley Dyer P Hope  
Knight Chester   Hope  
Knight David   Hope  
Knight George R Hope  
Knight Henry A Hope  
Knight Herman H Kent  
Knight Joseph   Hope  
Knight Joseph W Richmond  
Knight Lyman A Kent  
Knight Warren E Hope  
Knight Herbert S (None listed) handwritten
Lambert Nelson   Hope  
Laplume Theophile   Jackson  
Latham William H Hope  
Laroche Orillo   Fiskville  
Laroche Omer   Hope crossed off
Lawton Henry A Bald Hill  
Leach Edwin I Hope  
Leach Everett L Hope  
Leach Warren E Hope  
Lee Thomas   Bald Hill  
Lewis Simeon   Hope  
Limerick Baptiste   Fiskville  
Limerick John   Fiskville  
Limerick Joseph   Jackson  
Lovell George W Barnes  
Lovell Samuel P Hope  
Longtein Joseph   Hope  
Levalley John   (None listed) handwritten
Mathewson Joseph J Fiskville  
Matteson Albert C Hope  
Matteson George W. W. Burnt Hill  
Matteson Morallum M Burnt Hill  
Marshall Albert H Jackson  
McCart Owen   Jackson  
McCart Patrick   Jackson  
McCall John   Hope  
McDonald Joseph   Hope  
McDonald Robert   Hope  
Miette Joseph   Kent  
Mitchell John F Fiskville  
Mitchell Rufus   Hope  
Miller Charles A Hope  
Miller David I Hope  
Moen Arthur E Hope  
Moen Owen, Jr.   Hope  
Moen Owen   Hope  
Mumford Edward S Hope  
Mumford Frederick W Hope  
Mullen Patrick   (None listed) handwritten
Nason Charles H Hope  
Nason John F Hope  
Nason Jefferson   Hope  
Needham Thomas   Hope  
Nichols Arthur R Hope  
O'Rourke Michael   Hope  
O'Rourke Thomas   Hope  
O'Rourke William   Hope  
Paul Thomas   Jackson  
Page Edward F Barnes  
Pierce Edwin O Hope  
Pierce Frank   Jackson  
Pierce Lorenzo E Kent  
Potter G. Welcome   Hope  
Potter Suchet M Hope  
Potter William F Hope  
Price Frank B Hope  
Ralph David   Burnt Hill  
Ralph James K Hope  
Ralph Jeremiah   Hope  
Ralph Samuel   Hope  
Rawlinson Reid C Hope  
Read Henry H Fiskville  
Remington Fred  A Hope  
Remington Thomas J Hope  
Rice Caleb   Fiskville  
Riley George E Hope  
Riley John   Hope  
Riley John E Bald Hill  
Riley John H Hope  
Roe George A Hope  
Robinson Herman   Hope  
Rogers Clarence W Hope  
Round Hernando   Hope  
Salisbury Edwin A Kent  
Salisbury Frederick H Kent  
Saucier Anthony   Hope  
Saucier Louis   Hope  
Sanderson Samuel   Hope  
Sanderson William   Hope  
Scott Thomas   Fiskville  
Seney Charles   Hope crossed off
Sherman John B Hope  
Sigston Charles H Hope  
Smith Charles H Hope  
Smith Daniel   Kent  
Smith John   Jackson  
Smith John C Kent  
Smith Thomas W Hope  
Smith William R Hope  
Snell Charles B Hope  
Spencer Elmer B Hope  
Spencer Fred   Hope  
Spencer Frank   Hope  
Spencer George   Hope  
Spencer James F Hope  
Steere Andrew   S. Scituate  
Tatro Joseph   Jackson  
Taylor Charles, Jr.   Fiskville  
Teboo Joseph   Hope crossed off
Trainor James   Hope  
Turner Samuel   Hope  
Walker Emery   S. Scituate  
Walker Robert H S. Scituate  
Wall William F Jackson  
Walton Peleg A Fiskville  
Watson Russell A Hope  
Waterman Walter E Bald Hill  
West William H Jackson  
West Walter H Kent *Albert
Whitman Alfred Y Kent  
Whitman Benjamin F Kent  
Whitman Fred E Kent  
Whitman Harden E Hope  
Whitman Harden W Hope  
Wheeler John B Jackson  
Williams James S Hope  
Williams Walter E Hope  
Winward Milton   Hope  
Wylie William S Hope  
Yeaw Edgar S Kent  
Yeaw Edwin L Hope  
Yeaw Lewellyn   Kent  
Yeaw Manford E Kent  
Yeaw Rufus L Kent  
Young Daniel E S. Scituate  
Young Eugene L Hope  
Young Marenus C S. Scituate  

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