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Town of Scituate General Voting List 1898: District 3

Adams Edward E Rockland  
Adams Gilbert W Potterville  
Adams James M Richmond  
Adams John Q Clayville  
Almy Philip   Richmond  
Angell Albert   Clayville  
Angell Edgar O Clayville  
Angell Fred   Potterville  
Angell Fred A Chopmist  
Angell George A Chopmist  
Angell George T Chopmist  
Angell George H Clayville  
Angell Henry C Rockland  
Angell Philetus   Richmond  
Angell Stephen A Ponaganset  
Angell William B Clayville  
Arnold William H Rockland  
Arndt Fred D Chopmist  
Austin Olney H Rockland  
Austin Samuel W Rockland  
Barnes Alfred   Rockland  
Barnes Alfred F Rockland  
Barnes George T Rockland  
Barnes William   Rockland  
Barden Auldis E S. Scituate  
Barden Elmer W Rockland  
Barden Everett A Westcott  
Barden George R Rockland  
Barden Henry C Richmond  
Barden James A Westcott  
Barden Job W S. Scituate  
Barden William M Ponaganset  
Battey Walter A Rockland  
Bennett Alfred I Richmond  
Bennett Delford H Richmond  
Bennett Hiram W Richmond  
Bennett Manford H Richmond  
Bennett Orrin   Richmond  
Bennett William C Rockland  
Bentley Willie B Clayville  
Belvery Anthony   Westcott  
Belvery Lewis   Westcott  
Blackmar Emery   Westcott  
Blackmar Elmer L Rockland  
Blackmar Fred M Rockland  
Bouten Francis   Ponaganset  
Bowen John, Jr. W Rockland  
Boyden William H Rockland  
Brown Charles W Richmond  
Brown James H Clayville  
Brown Stephen G Clayville  
Brown Walter S Richmond  
Brown William H Richmond  
Brant John   Clayville  
Brant Walter E Clayville  
Brant William H Clayville  
Brant William, Jr. H Potterville  
Bradley John   Ponaganset  
Bradley John L Ponaganset  
Burgess Albert F Clayville  
Burgess Ethan A Clayville  
Burgess Henry A Clayville  
Burlingame John P Richmond  
Burchard Alburtus   Rockland  
Burchard Walter J Clayville  
Capwell David   Rockland  
Capwell Henry N Rockland  
Capwell Seth D Rockland  
Carr Edward C Ponaganset  
Carr Fred C Ponaganset  
Carr Frank   Ponaganset  
Carr Sylvanus   Rockland  
Carlo Petro   Ponaganset  
Cavanaugh Owen   (none listed)  
Campbell George W Ponaganset  
Cherry Moses   Potterville  
Clarke Albert E Clayville  
Clemence William H Richmond  
Clough Lucius L Ponaganset  
Clough Walter F Ponaganset  
Colwell George, Jr. N Ponaganset  
Colwell Henry   Ponaganset  
Cole Edgar I Ponaganset  
Cole George A Richmond  
Cole George W Rockland  
Cole James O Richmond  
Cole Walter E Richmond  
Cooke Amos W Chopmist  
Cooke Abraham   Rockland  
Cooke Henry L Richmond  
Comstock John H Clayville  
Comstock Walter E Clayville  
Corbin John B Rockland  
Corbin Otis A Ponaganset  
Cobb George W Rockland  
Converse George W Richmond  
Cummings Frank G Clayville  
Curtis Alton C Rockland  
Curtis Henry E Clayville  
Curtis Henry S Clayville  
Davis Elisha S Chopmist  
Davenport George W Rockland  
Drake Maxworth D S. Scituate  
Drake M. Barrett   S. Scituate  
Eldrige Samuel   Richmond  
Essex George W Rockland  
Farrow Alfred G Rockland  
Fenner Henry R S. Scituate  
Field Leonard R Richmond  
Ford Joseph G Clayville  
Franklin George W Richmond  
Fuller Frank H Rockland  
Fuller Jared N Chopmist  
Gardiner Henry N Ponaganset  
Gardiner John H Ponaganset  
Gifford John J Ponaganset  
Gifford Richard H. B. Ponaganset  
Gifford William H Ponaganset  
Goodnow E. Frank   Potterville  
Greene Albert R Potterville  
Greatreaks James W S. Scituate  
Grinnell Moses   Rockland  
Hall George P Richmond  
Harris Jencks   Westcott  
Hawkins Alberto   Richmond  
Hawkins Charles P Rockland  
Hawkins George W Rockland  
Hawkins Henry F Richmond  
Hawkins Willard A Rockland  
Harvey George   Rockland  
Harvey Thomas   Rockland  
Hervey James F Richmond  
Hill Alton J Rockland  
Hill Charles G Rockland  
Hill Fred S Rockland  
Hill George E Rockland  
Hill Gilbert S Rockland  
Hill Ora O Westcott  
Hill Ora, Jr. O Westcott  
Hicks Levi L Potterville  
Hicks Walter L Potterville  
Hopkins Emanuel   Westcott  
Hopkins Henry K Rockland  
Hopkins James M Richmond  
Hopkins Leroy K Rockland  
Hopkins Leander   S. Scituate  
Hopkins William H Richmond  
Howard Charles H Rockland  
Hull Lucius   Rockland  
Hurst Thomas J Rockland  
Ingraham Cyrus   Rockland  
Ingraham Cyril   Ponaganset  
Ingraham Royal   Rockland  
Inman Oscar   Richmond  
Inman Ransom   Richmond  
James Waterman   Potterville  
Jacques Fenner   Potterville  
Jacques Fred H Richmond  
Jenkins Robert H Richmond  
Jordan Andrew J Richmond  
Keach George W Rockland  
Kenney Dwight H Clayville  
Kennedy George A Richmond  
King Alonzo R Clayville  
King Charles A Rockland  
King Isaac F Richmond  
King William H Rockland  
King Willard F Rockland  
Knight Richmond M Richmond  
Lane Thomas A Potterville  
Luther Albert N Rockland  
Luther Harry H Clayville  
Luther John H Clayville  
Luther Wheaton H Rockland  
Mathewson Amasa L Rockland  
Mathewson Everett S Clayville  
Manchester John B Rockland  
Manchester Henry S Rockland  
Mason George T Richmond  
Mason William S Rockland  
Mason Jesse B Rockland  
Malbourne Archibald   Richmond  
Marshall Daniel   Ponaganset  
Miller Giles T Rockland  
Murray G. Frederick   Richmond  
Murray John R Ponaganset  
Murray John F Richmond  
Murray Leonard N Ponaganset  
Murray Robert   Richmond  
Murray Robert H Richmond  
Norcross James   Rockland  
Olney Albert F Rockland  
Olney Charles W Ponaganset  
Olney Fred E Rockland  
Olney John B. S.  Rockland  
Olney Thomas S Rockland  
Olney William A Rockland  
Olney William T Rockland  
Paine Albert E Rockland  
Paine Daniel L Westcott  
Paine George W Chopmist  
Paine Horace R Rockland  
Paine Otis   Rockland  
Paine Sanford A Richmond  
Paine Seril   Rockland  
Parker Almond W Potterville  
Parker Elmer E Rockland  
Parker George E Potterville  
Parker George T Potterville  
Parker Henry H Potterville  
Parker Leonard A Potterville  
Page William R S. Scituate  
Patterson Louis W Rockland  
Paul Bruno   Tunk Hill  
Phillips Darius O Potterville  
Phillips Frank D Potterville  
Phillips Harley C Potterville  
Pierce Benjamin H Clayville  
Pierce Earl S Clayville  
Pierce John F Clayville  
Pierce Walter C Rockland  
Place Herbert C Rockland  
Potter Earl A Potterville  
Potter Fred J Potterville  
Potter George H Potterville  
Potter Joseph F Richmond  
Potter Samuel E Potterville  
Potts Emanuel   S. Scituate  
Randall Charles H Westcott  
Rathbun Byron R Rockland  
Rathbun Raymond A Rockland  
Remington Daniel H Richmond  
Remington George T Richmond  
Robinson Norris W Rockland  
Rogers Charles A Ponaganset  
Rogers Daniel A Ponaganset  
Round George P Richmond  
Round Joseph B Rockland  
Round Richard B Rockland  
Round Sessimon B Richmond  
Round William L Rockland  
Rondeau Joseph   Tunk Hill  
Salisbury Byron E Ponaganset  
Salisbury Elmer L Ponaganset  
Salisbury George L Rockland  
Salisbury Harley P Rockland  
Salisbury Henry B S. Scituate  
Salisbury Ives   Potterville  
Salisbury Irvin I Potterville  
Salisbury Lewis R Ponaganset  
Salisbury Orlando C Potterville  
Salisbury Walter E Ponaganset  
Saunders George W Rockland  
Saunders Sabin A Rockland  
Sayles Hiram B Clayville  
Schmith Henry   Richmond  
Seamans Alva D Potterville  
Shea Dennis   Barnes  
Shippee Elmer E Richmond  
Sherlock James H Rockland  
Slater Ashton   Rockland  
Slater Joseph   S. Scituate  
Slater Samuel   Richmond  
Smith Elmer B Potterville  
Smith Gardener N Barnes  
Smith John B Rockland  
Smith John F Richmond  
Sprague Henry D Rockland  
Steere Andrew J Ponaganset  
Steere Byron L Rockland  
Stewart Frank A Rockland  
Staples Simeon J Rockland  
Stanfield Robert   Ponaganset  
Stone William W Rockland  
Sweeney Thomas F Tunk Hill  
Taylor Nelson   Tunk Hill  
Taylor Nelson, Jr.   Tunk Hill  
Taylor William J S. Scituate  
Vickers Emery F Clayville  
Walker Edwin S Rockland  
Walker Leverett   Rockland  
Warner Charles M Rockland  
Warner Eugene L Rockland  
Warner Everett S Rockland  
Warner Ezekiel H Rockland  
Waterman Raymond E Rockland  
Wells Alfred H Clayville  
Wells Henry A Clayville  
Wells Willard A Clayville  
West Lucien M Richmond  
West Thomas   Rockland  
Whitman Caleb   Rockland  
Whitman Daniel   Ponaganset  
Whitman David   Ponaganset  
Whitman George K Barnes  
Whitman Harris O Rockland  
Whitman Harris, Jr. O Rockland  
Whitman Robert   Ponaganset  
Whitmarsh Charles L Ponaganset  
Whipple John G Clayville  
Whipple Sterry L Clayville  
Wilbur Albert C Potterville  
Wilbur Abner O Richmond  
Wilbur Benjamin   Richmond  
Wilbur Charles   Potterville  
Wilbur Thomas L Potterville  
Williams Charles H Potterville  
Williams Lyman   Rockland  
Williams William H Clayville  
Wilson Jared F Rockland  
Wightman Eugene C Richmond  
Wightman Lorin   Richmond  
Wightman William H Richmond  
Wood Adelbert L Clayville  
Wood Benjamin   Westcott  
Wood Hiram O Clayville  
Woodward Samuel   Kent  
Yeaw Isaac H Richmond  
Yeaw Robert   Richmond  
Yeaw Russell J Westcott  
Young Cyrus   Potterville  
York Daniel W Rockland  

These documents are made available free to the public for non-commercial purposes by the Rhode Island USGenWeb Project. Transcription from the copy in the North Scituate Library, 2003 by Beth Hurd
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