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The Narragansett Historical Register, Volume III.
A magazine devoted to the antiquities, genealogy and historical matter illustrating the History of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. James N. Arnold, Ed.
Narragansett Historical Publishing Co., Hamilton, R. I.
E. L. Freeman & Co., Printers, Central Falls, R. I.

The Yellow Fever in Providence, 1800

p. 136 - 138.

Dr. E. M. Snow, in an elaborate article printed in the Providence Journal in June, 1857, and re-printed in the Journal of September 23d, 1878, after detailing incidents connected with the prevalence of the disease in 1779, at which time there were 36 deaths reported, most of which occurred at the south end of the town and all south of Williams street, goes on to say that 'in the summer of the year 1800 the yellow fever seemed to be confidently expected in Providence, and an order was issued by the Town Council respecting the removal of nuisances on the 12th of May.  As early as the 22d of June a vessel arrived from Jamaica with cases of yellow fever on board, which were sent to the hospital.  Other infected vessels arrive in June and July, but no case occurred among the inhabitants until the 15th of August.  The first case was a Mrs. Taylor, who lived on the west side of Wickenden street, a little north of the present location of the Providence Tool Company.  She died on the 20th of August.'

An old paper found among the effects of Joel Metcalf, Esq., who died November 26th, 1834, and who was a member of the Town Council in the year 1800, contains a list of the names of those who were attacked by the disease, noting the date of attack, date of removal to the hospital of those who were sent there, and date of the death of those who did not recover, which is here presented.   A.H.

[transcriber's note: I'm listing only dates of death for this transcription, and will type the whole list in database format later]

Mrs. Taylor, d. Aug. 21
Elizabeth Whiting, recovered
Joseph Tillinghast, son of John, d. Aug. 22
Mrs. Luther, d. Aug. 21
Joseph Cooke, recovered
Mrs. Earle, d. Aug. 23
Sweet Luther, recovered
Miss Dunn, a child, recovered
Miss Warner, recovered
Patrick Morriss, d. Aug. 23
Jeremiah B. Howell, recovered
Rebekah Carr, d. Aug. 23
Jonathan Eddy, d. Aug. 25
Jeremiah Whiting, recovered
Mrs. Atkins, recovered
Charles Tillinghast, recovered
Wife of Charles Tillinghast, d. Aug. 26
Nancy Briggs, recovered
Richard Hinman, d. Aug. 25
Lucretia Pearce, d. Aug. 26
Mrs. Bogman, d. Sept. 1
Mary Whiting, recovered
Patrick Greatrix, recovered
Jos. Arnold, d. Aug. 31
Thos. Mitchell, recovered
Mrs. Bird, recovered
Amey Read, d. Sept. 1
Lucy Libby, recovered
Hannah Fuller, wife of John, recovered
Mrs. Newell, recovered
Mrs. Sheldon, wife of John, d. Sept. 7
Betsey Stokes, d. Sept. 11
Prince Burrill, d. Sept. 12
wife of Prince Burrill, recovered
Ruth Curtis, d. Sept. 11
Mrs. Warner, wife of John, d. Sept. 10
Stephen Ashton, d. Sept. 8
Amey Tillinghast, recovered
Mrs. Warner, wife of Samuel, d. Sep. 13
Nancy Blinn, recovered
Edward Luther, d. Sept. 12
Edward Dickens, d. Sept. 15
Phebe Hull, d. Sept. 13
Mrs. Dickens, d. Sept. 16
William Olney, son of David, recovered
Mrs. Pearce, d. Sept. 17
Mrs. Dickens, widow, d. Sept. 14
Sally Hull, d. Sept. 17
Polly Godfrey, d. Sept. 20
Eliza Dickens, recovered
Moses, negro, recovered
Mary Tillinghast, d. Sept. 17
Sarah Gibbs, negro, recovered
Mary Fields, d. Sept. 20
Child of E. Congdon, d. Sept. 21
Child of E. Congdon, d. Sept. 23
Mrs. Brown, widow, d. Sept. 19
James Temple, d. Sept. 19
Daniel Bucklin, recovered
Ephraim Congdon, recovered
Mrs. Mitchel [sic], d. Sept. 20
Sally Howe, recovered
Jabez Bucklin, d. Sept. 26
Provy Brown's wife, d. Sept. 19
Mrs. Davis, wife of John, d. Sept. 23
John Stokes, d. Sept. 21
Lydia Eveleth, d. Sept. 22
Betsey Huntington, recovered
Rebecca Luther, d. Oct. 1
Amey Godfrey, d. Sept. 27
John Warner, d. Sept. 26
Mary Stokes, recovered
Mrs. Tillinghast, wife of John, d. Sept. 26
Nancy Newfield, d. Sept. 27
Violet Cook, d. Sept. 28
John Sheldon, d. Sept. 27
Daniel Pearce, d. Sept. 25
Sally Waters, d. Sept. 28
Nancy Waters, recovered
Phebe Sisco, recovered
Mrs. Congdon, recovered
Henry Faulkman, recovered
Joshua Harding, d. Oct. ---
Piney ----, recovered
Thomas Savin, d. Sept. 26
Joshua Penneman (?), d. Oct. 20.

Number of deaths: 52
Sick at hospital: 37
Died at Hospital: 18
Recoveries: 34 - 86   (34 out of 86 listed above)
Out of do - 49
Out of do - 34 - 52"   [not sure what these last two mean]

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