City of Warwick, Rhode Island
Historical Cemeteries

The master index of the RI Historical Cemeteries Transcription Project Database can be searched by name or by cemetery number. To find all the listings for cemetery WK001, for example, put that code into the search box. Click images below to enlarge.

WK037 MOWRY-KNIGHT-MOTT LOT LONG AVE - APPONAUG ->15 ft. S of tele. pole # 54

WK038 THOMAS TAYLOR LOT POST RD ->15 ft. E of tele. pole # 367

WK039 MARBLE LOT MIDGIT AVE - NAUSAUKET SECTION ->15 ft. E of tele. pole # 10.5

WK040 GOVERNOR GREENE LOT LOVE LANE ->25 ft. W of tele. pole # 3

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