Whipple Family Graves in Cumberland, RI

Cumberland Historical Cemetery #9
Barton J., son of Barton & Laura A. Whipple 
died Feb. 28, 18?? 
aged 22 years??? (partially buried, very worn)
Barton Whipple 
died Apr. .... (partially buried, very worn)
In Memory of Betsey, wife of Otis Whipple 
died June 1, 1867 
aged 36? years and ? months
In Memory of Otis Whipple 
son of William and Sarah Whipple 
who died May 26, 1853, in the 58th year of his age
In memory of Mrs. Sila, wife of Otis Whipple 
and the daughter of Dexter & Abigail Brown 
she died Oct. 31, 1835, in the 32d year of her age
In memory of Ardelia, daughter of Otis & Sila Whipple 
who died July 25, 1855, in the 22nd year of her age
In memory of Ellen Maria, daughter of Otis & Sila Whipple 
who died April 12, 1856, in the 28th year of her age
Eliza Whipple, wife of William Whipple 
died Sept. 19, 1904, in the 96th year of her age 
The grave holds the dust, the heart holds the memory
William Whipple, died Mar. 28, 1874, 
in the 73rd year of his age 
A good name is a blessed .... (worn)
Emma A., wife of Milton A. Grant and daughter of William & Eliza Whipple died Jan. 16, 18?? 
in the ?? year of her age (partially buried) 

Edwin S. Cook, Dec. 22, 1828 - Feb. 26, 1914 his wife Louisa F. Whipple, April 17, 1833 - April 20, 1916 infant son of Edwin S. and Louisa F. Cook, died Sept. 8, 1859

 Images, information & transcription by Beth Hurd, 2004

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