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      Kenneth S. Carlson
      Reference Archivist
      Office of the Secretary of State Matthew A. Brown
      State Archives Division
      337 Westminster Street
      Providence, RI 02903

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      The Valley Forge Muster Rolls
        The Valley Forge Muster Roll has the names of 30,000 plus men who served at the
        Valley Forge Encampment under General George Washington during the period of Dec 1777 to Jun 1778:

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    Rhode Island Genealogy Resources

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    Personal Genealogy Sites With Rhode Island Ties

      Bob Sweet's Home Page
        contains several Surnames: with Rhode Island ties: Bannister, Daly, Downie, Driden, Harkan, Hopper, Lachye, Leeman, McLaughlin, McLeod, Power, White, Melanson. Cameron, Collins, Condon, Flaherty, Hussen (Hasson), Irvine, James, Maguire, McGuire, McLean, Rogers, Smith, Seely, Shaw, Wilson and Wylie.

      Jackie Bull Rish
        the following Surnames: originate from Wales and England and migrated to the New England area, primarily Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, with some in Vermont and New York:
          Ashton, Bidwell , Boynton, Bull (Ghione), Butterfield, Catlin, Dibble, Dolbiar, D'amico, Eno, Foley, Gaudio, Gaylord, Gillett, Gilso, Greenleaf, Hill, Hopkins, Jone, Kelsey, Ky-Thin, Manning, Mygatt, Peterson, Raymunde, Riola, Smith, Treat, Webster, Welle, Whiting, Wiggins, Wilcocks, Wraske

      Arlan Maguire
        Surnames: Benjamin, Craig, Darling, Davis, Ingebritson, Lewis, Magnussen, Maguire, Money, Peirce, Slater/Slafter
        Immigrant Ancestors Traced To Warwick, Ri., has Several Ties To Rhode Island Surnames:,

      Jay Cary
        Surnames: Cary, Smith, Taylor, Throop

      Linda Dolby
        Surnames: Andrews, Carter, Dawber, Doten, Fish, Kemp, Mcloon

      Fagre Family Genealogy
        I am researching the FAGRE family from Oslo, Norway. I am using the book "Ludwig and Thora: The Times Of Their Lives" as a basis. Any information would be appreciated. I am also willing to share the information that I have.

      Descendants Of John And Margaret Acres Rathbun
        Surnames: Rathbone, Rathbun, Rathburn
        John Rathbone, a native of County Lancashire, England, settled with his wife, Margaret Acres, and children, on Block Island in 1661 as one of the first purchasers and settlers. His name in on Settlers Rock. This site is devoted to John Rathbun and his descendants.

      Rita Jacobs
        Surnames: Battey, Carder, Davis, Greene, Hammond, Westcott
        I Am searching descendants of Robert Davis Who D. 1718 Warwick. Collateral Lines Include Greene, Carder, Westcott, Battey and others. Current on-line database includes some descendatns. Am interested in expanding information on the Davis line. Any inquiries or possible leads are welcome.

      Norman V. James
        Surnames: Babcock, Barber, Barlow, Cannon, Connor, Cooke, Glass, Gordon, Harrington, Hatch, James, King, Lawton, Richards, Shaw, Taber, Walsh, Warren, Webster, Wilcox

      Brenda Bova
        Surnames: Adams, Danforth, Fiske, Masters, Ward, Warren, Whipple

      Anne McLaughlin
        Surnames: Blount, Burt, Lilly, Lindsey, Mcquillan, Nerney, Silk, Tirrell, Wardwell, Wrightington
        Irish and English immigrants to Central Falls and Pawtucket, and Bristol relatives with Mayflower connections.

      J Richard Pelland
        Surnames: GIROUX, Létourneau, Léveillé, Pelland, Théroux, Tougas

      Susan Pieroth
        Surnames: Anthony, Barker, Marble, Pancoast, Sherman, Warren

      Kim Poire
        Surnames: Abbey, Blake, Cadigan, Carter, Chapin, Cooley, Cronin, Deschamps, Doyon, Gilbert, Girardin, Horn, Leroux, Lyster, Mcwilliams, Never, Paradise, Penny, Perkins, Perry, Poire, Rodriquez, Sears, Sexton, Smith, Terry, Totten, Van, Vejvoda, Victor, Walch, Walker, Warren, Wright
        Kim's Genealogy Page contains Providence birth, death, and marriage records, ships and passenger lists, more genealogy information

      Magda Webster Clark
        Surnames:: Webster, Woodmansee, Tucker, Stanton, Barber, Babcock, Kenyon, Crandall, Cottrell, Mumford, Mosher, Devol, Soule, Boss, Larkin, Harvey, Wilkinson, Rogers, Tanner, Worden, Hay, Hunt, Fleming, Boyle

      Martha Womack
        Surnames: Albert, Balch, Burchard, Darling, Hilliard, Johnson, Myers, Rockafeller, Walthers, Wilbor, Wilcox

      Bill Wright
        Surnames: Babcock, Browning, Cross, Greene, Hazard, Hoxsie, Kenyon, Lewis, Rathbun, Segar
        Surnames, families, and information on my book, "Ancestors and Descendants of William Browning Greene and Mary Hoxsie Lewis with Allied Families" and the libraries where the book can be found are all located on my web site

      Thomas Wright
        Surnames: Allen,,Carpenter,Peck, Blackinton, Blackington, Tingley, Robinson, Jenks, Jenckes, Jencks, Brown, Daggett, Thurber, Smith, Richardson,

    If you have a Web Page or Genealogy Site with Rhode Island Ties I would like to add a link to it here, send the information and URL to Arlan Maguire

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    General Genealogy Resources

      Higginson Book Company
        Publishers, Printers, Booksellers that Specialize in Genealogy and History, over 7400 genealogy titles plus histories of most states and counties in the USA
      government documents: Census data, code of federal regulations, Government Printing office access, map, travel, time, and date collections. Dictionaries: Oxford English, Webster's, Logos Foreign language engine


Rhode Island History


Miscellaneous Links

    Kirsten A. Person
      I am looking for Rhode Island settlers who lived in or were natives of the Blackstone Valley area of Massachusetts. Towns include Blackstone, Douglas, Grafton, Hopedale, Mendon, Milford, Millbury, Millville, Northbridge, Sutton, Upton, and Uxbridge, Mass. and the neighboring town of Bellingham, Mass. Would like to receive group sheets or any information available on people associated with these towns to include in an evergrowing database.
        My address is
        Kirsten A. Person, 95 Christian HIll Road, Upton, Mass. 01568
        Thanks for your help!

    Lookups by Bonnie Weber

    I own a few books that I will do lookups in for other researchers

    • Topicgraphical Dictionary of English Imigrants to New England, by Banks.
    • The Winthrop Fleet of 1630, by Banks
    • English Ancestry of the Pilgrim Fathers, by Banks
    • Immigrants to America Apprearing in English Records, by Frank Smith
    • Marriage Notices for the United States, 1785-1794 by Bolton
    • A survey of American Church Records, Volume 1 by Kirkham.

      My original Ancester, Thomas Baker, was the first Minister of the Six Principle Baptist church in North Kingstown, from his ordination until his death in 1710. I have at least 18 Rhode Island Lines and 5 Mayflower Lines.
      Please send your requests by email

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