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1916 Programs, 2nd Baptist Church, Newport, RI

Scans have been done for all of the church program for May 7, 1916, and part of the one for May 14, 1916. On the cover of both weeks the following are listed:

Rev. Franklin G. McKeever, D. D.
Archibald B. Coggeshall
Superintendent of Bible School
Benjamin B. Coggeshall
Treasurer of the Church
William P. Carr
Treasurer of the Society
Martin E. Bennett
Collector of Pew Rents
Frank G. Kimball
Harry B. Rice

Page two lists the morning and evening worship services. Page three of the first week mentions the following names: Miss Anabelle Jestings; Miss Emily Oxx; Miss Jennie Easton; Miss Helen M. Emery; Earle Patrick; Percy Laurence Bailey, Jr.; William A. Sherman (the Jr. is incorrect); and Mr. & Mrs. H. R. Taber. Page three of the second week mentioned the names above again, along with Miss Jennie Wheaton; Mr. Irving E. Blaine; Albert S. Hayward; Ernest Howe; Mrs. W. F. Haas; and Miss Annie Manuel. The third pages also contain interesting announcements.

Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor

Scanned is the March 18, 1921 program for the church group's presentation of the comedy "When Pineville Center Woke Up" by Reginald Stevens Kimball. Named as participants are: Mrs. Davide P. Stewart; Mrs. Arthur C. Tollefson; Arthur C. Tollefson; David P. Stewart; Ruth Manuel; William A. Sherman; Percy L. Bailey, Jr.; Everett P. Christopher; Dorothy L. Peckham; Pauline Houghton; Irene Thorngram; Emma Beldan; and Henry R. Taber.

Scans and transcription by Susan W. Pieroth, 2004. These documents are made available to the public for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to incorporate any document into any published work (including an internet page), you must first obtain permission from the Newport County RIGenWeb Project.

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